valleys and ridges Crossword

the original mining industry in this region
today's industry
the hot and wet climate in this region
contain very fertile soil that is good for agriculture
contains thin acidic soil that is good for forestry
the region between the Appalachian Plateau and Blue Ridge
the process by which the surface of the earth gets worn down
these collided millions of years ago to form the valleys and ridges
eroded quickly to create the valleys
rock that eroded very slowly and created the ridges

Weathering and Erosion Word Search

Weathering and Erosion Word Search
Word Search

physical weathering
chemical weathering
frost wedging
carbonic acid
acid rain

Rocks, Weathering, and Erosion Crossword

Rocks, Weathering, and Erosion Crossword

The process by which natural forces break down rocks.
When weathered materials are carried away.
__________ rocks are formed from shells, fossils, pebbles, and sand.
__________ rocks are formed when other rock types are changed by the heat and pressure under earths surface.
__________ rocks are formed when magma cools and solidifies.
The breaking of ricks by physical force.
the breakdown of rocks by chemical reactions changing their composition.
The freezing and thawing of water in cracks of rocks that causes rocks to split
When fertile land becomes desert like, often in result of a drought.
A large mass of ice that moves over land causing erosion.
Rain that causes weathering because it contains sulfuric acid.
When two objects collide causing damage.
Particles of rock and soil that are eroded ad deposited and form sedimentary rocks.

Physical Features in Georgia Crossword

Physical Features in Georgia  Crossword

Part of a country ex.Blue ridge is a...
Large part of the Earth ex.South America is a...
A region near the Blue Ridge
Natural boundary between South Carolina and Georgia
Parallel shore away from high tides
In the Blue Ridge region,a mountain
Natural boundary of Georhua and Alabama
Natural boundary, separates Piedmont and Costal Plains
Above Costal Plains and under Ridge and Valley
Swamp in the Coastal Plains
Above the ridge valley
Mountain, same name as the region it's in
Under Peidmont,Okefenokee swamp is located here
Separates a region, country,or state
Tallest peak in Georgia (in the Appalachians)
What region of the U.S is Georgia in?
What Continent is Georgia in?
What is the Plateau used for?
Ellijay is also know as the...
Is the okefenokee a river or swamp?
How many states have barrier islands
What is the largest region
What is the second largest region
What region the the T.A.G corner

Georgia Geography Crossword

Georgia Geography Crossword

The state we are located in
The largest of the three Northern Regions.
The region where the Appalachian Mountains end, in North Georgia.
The most industrial geographical region.
The largest of the five regions in Georgia.
The region in between the Appalachian Plateau and the Blue Ridge.
The "line" that marks a dramatic elevation in between The Piedmont and Coastal Plain.
The swamp that is located in The Coastal Plain and is the second largest fresh water swamp in The U.S.
The River that creates a natural boarder between South Carolina and Georgia.
The islands of the coast of Georgia.
The main drinking water scource provided by a river. Starts in Brastown Bald.
The state that boarders Georgia to the west.
The state that boarders Georgia to the northeast.
The state that boarders Georgia to the East.
The state that boarders Georgia to the northwest.
The state that boarders Georgia to the south.
Abreviation for the country Georgia is located in.
Which coast is Georgia located on?
Is Georgia located in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere?
Is Georgia located in the Western or Eastern Hemisphere?
Which Contenent is Georgia located on?
What planet is Georgia located on?
The Ocean that boarders Georgia to the East.
The capital of Georgia.
One of the first inhabited cities in Georgia.
The most popular island of the barrier islands.
The most uninhabbited island of the barrier islands.
The island under Saint Simon's.
The city located on the Fall line closest to the Atlantic Ocean.

Georgia: Regions & Features Crossword

Georgia: Regions & Features Crossword

Drop of elevation in the middle of Georgia
Elevation drop is located where?
Brasstown Bald is located in which region?
Barrier islands protected people from which country?
What's the least important river to European settlers?
Which region of Georgia has the largest city?
What's the largest city in Georgia?
Which region is Georgia located in?
Georgia's located in which hemisphere(s)?
Which is Georgia's smallest region?
The Blue Ridge Mountains have a lot of...?
Which region includes the most carpet manufacturing?
What's the Coastal Plain's most important way of transportation of goods?
What physical feature contains 1000 species of plants/animals?
Which feature was used as a place to build forts?
What is climate?
The Blue Ridge Mountains are what of the Appalachian Mountains?
The Chattahoochee is a major transport for?
The Appalachian Plateau has narrow valleys and ?
Georgia's largest region?
What continent is Georgia located in?
Where was the first site of the gold rush?
Appalachian Mts. is the most important region for?
Blue Ridge Mountains are the southernmost?
The Savannah river gets?

Georgia studies puzzle Crossword

Georgia studies puzzle Crossword

Which region occupys 3/5 of the states land and contains the okefenokee swamp?
Which word describes rain, sleet, snow, or hail?
Which region means "Foot of the mountain", has red clay soil, has granite base, and contains the city of Atlanta?
Which is the smallest region of Georgia that contains the northwest corner, coal, and the TAG corner?
Which physical feature of Georgia seperates the Piedmont/Coastal Plains and has elevation drops?
Which river contains the border between Georgia and South Carolina?
Which region of Georgia contains the north east part of the state of Georgia, the appalachian trail, Amicalola falls, and Helen?
Which physical feature of Georgia is located in the coastal plains, has endangered plants and animals, is the largest freshwater in Georgia, and means land of the trembeling earth?
Which group of islands in Georgia protect the state of Georgia from tornados, hurricanes, or enemies?
Which river contains the border between Georgia/Alabama and provides lots of water supply for Georgia?
what word describes the day to day changes in temperature, precipitation, and wind?
What word describes the type of weather a region has over a period of time?
Which region has wide valleys, narrow ridges, crops, textiles, and apples?
What term describes a period of below average precipitation in a region that results in water shortages?
Which term describes an imaginary line drawn around the earth that has equall distances from both poles dividing the earth into north and south hemispheres?

SS8G1 Regions of Georgia Crossword

SS8G1 Regions of Georgia Crossword

We live in the Northern and Western ______________
Highest mountain range in Georgia
Northwest Georgia, Part of Appalachain mountain chain
Central Georgia, Most populated region, Known for its Red Clay
South Georgia, Flat land
Natural Boundary between Peidmont and Coastal plain
Located in Coastal plains, Attracts tourist
This mountain chain begins in Northern georgia
Forms the Eastern border of Georgia, is a river
Georgia has a mild ______, warm summers and cold winters; affecs agriculture, industry, and tourism
The ___________ _________ block major hurricanes and strong storms
The smallest region of Georgia is the _________________ ____________
We live in the peidmont __________



Largest particle dries quicl;y and texture is rough and gritty.
Relative proportions of sand, silt, and clay
What the soil is composed of air, water, nutrients, and orgainic matter
the proccess by which the surface of the earth is worn away by the action of water, glaciers, winds, waves, ext.
How much water the soil will allow through
Depends on how many pores and the size of the pores
influenced by the amount of proteins present in the soil
used to identify different types of soil
the break down of rock and minerals by rain, acid, salt, wind, and temperature into sediments
Medium sized particles, texture is smooth and powdery when dry and slippery when wet.
smallest particle; smooth and hard as stone when dry and sticky when wet
Mixture of sand, silt, and clay. Best type of soil for growing plants.
soil layers; more mature soil has more horizons
Mixture of rock, minerals, and organiz matter
living particles in soil
non living particles in soil
Mostly made of decaying leaves, twigs, and animal remains/waste
loose soil that is rich in organic material needed by plants
rich in minerals that are wased down in minerals that are wased downfrom topsoil by rain
slightly broken up rock. plants roots cannot go through this layer. Mostly inorganic.
also knowthe parent material. unweathered solid rock bneath all layers.
the extraction of valuable minerals or geological materials from the earth.
a natrual material with a high concentation of metals and valuable materials that can be extracted for a profit.
when a mine is no longer being used, the land should be restored to its former state or better.
minerals or substances that occur in nature and can be used for economic gain.
a natural resource that can be replaced quickly enough so that we will not run out
hydrocarbons created from the remains of formerly living organisms used for energy.
a natrual resource that we need to use carefully because it cannot be replaced quickly and we will run out.

Weathering & Erosion Crossword

Weathering & Erosion Crossword

the breakdown of rocks into smaller particles
small particles of rock that break off another rock
the type of weathering in which the composition stays the same
the type of weathering in which the composition of the rock changes
what water does when it freezes
the release of pressure that causes a rock to break
when sediments collide and break
the name of the rock that caves form in
the most important cause of chemical weathering
when oxygen combines with iron in a rock and forms iron oxide(rust)
examples of organisms that release acids to chemically weather rocks
decayed plant an animal material found in soil
when the bedrock matches the soil
when the bedrock does NOT match the soil
the process by which weathered sediments are transported
another name for gravity erosion
the force behind most types of erosion
a smaller stream running into a larger one
an area of land that drains to a specific stream/water body
a v-shaped valley is formed by this
when sediments are dissolved in water
when small minerals are carried within water
a u-shaped lake that forms when a meander is cut off from the rest of a stream/river
wind blows loose sediment against rocks
a U-shaped valley is made by this
a rock deposited by a glacier that does not match the surrounding rock in the area
the shape of rocks eroded by water
the shape of rocks eroded by gravity
you find these on rocks carried by glaciers

Weathering, Erosion and Soil Crossword

Weathering, Erosion and Soil Crossword

process of erosion where windblown particles scrape against rock surfaces and wear them away
unweathered solid parent rock
all of Earth's organisms and the environment in which they live
type of weathering where rocks and minerals undergo changes in their composition due to chemical reactions
process by which productive land becomes a desert
removal and transport of weathered material
the settling of eroded material
process that occurs when water repeatedly freezes and thaws in cracks in rocks
erosion that occurs when a channel widens and deepens
weathering where big rocks break down into smaller pieces
erosion where water runs down the side of a slope carving a small stream
pieces of rock that are moved and deposited
loose covering of weathered rock overlying bedrock
distinct layer in soil
section of soil with many distinct layers
the change in elevation of the Earth's crust
the most influential factor in soil formation
soil whose parent material is local
soil whose parent material has moved far from its source
steep slopes have this kind of soil
they help break down organic material and helps increase water holding capacity
regardless of the type of soil, they all need this to develop
decreasing surface area, _____________ chances of chemical weathering
row of trees planted perpendicular to the wind
type of erosion that creates unsorted deposits
chemical weathering due to oxygen
weathering where outer layers seem to peel away like an onion
type of weathering that is favored in cold and dry climate
type of erosion that can defy gravity