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Drugs Crossword


What's a particular drug that comes in a pill, tablet and capsule form? Ecstasy
What's Marijuana classification? Hallucinogen
What's Methamphetamines also known as? Meth
What is one way Cocaine is taken? Inhaled
An effect drug users will experience? Hallucinates
Rohypnol classification? Depressant
A street name for this drug is; Coke Cocaine
This drug is legal Alcohol
Roofies is a street name for this drug Rohypnol
Research shows this drug may help cancer patients Marijuana
Date rape drug, 3 letters GHB
What is a person known as who regularly consumes drugs? Addict
Marijuana is known as.. Weed
Many drugs can cause this medical illness that negativity affects how you feel Depression
This type of drug can cause a person to see or hear things that are not real Hallucinations
Consuming too much alcohol is called? Drunk
Too much drugs taken at the one time is called? Overdose
The place to help someone with a strong drug addiction Rehab
When someone feels ill because they have stopped taking an addictive drug Withdrawal
A physical need to do something regularly, such as drugs Habit

Alcohol Crossword


The type of alcohol in alcoholic beverages ethanol
when the body is poisoned by a substance and mental control is reduced intoxication
drinking 5 or more alcoholic drinks in one sitting binge drinking
dependence in which a person believes that a drug is needed psychological
the excessive use of alcohol alcohol abuse
severe reaction to an alcohol overdose alcohol poisoning
a drug that slows the nervous system depressant
the process of learning to live an alcohol free life recovery
an addict dependent on alcohol alcoholic
the chemical action of yeast on sugars fermentation
dependence in which the user has a chemical need for a drug physiological
disease of having physical and psychological dependence on drinks alcoholism

Tobacco Crossword


An addictive drug found in tobacco leaves and in all tobacco products. Nicotine
Capable of causing a user to develop intense cravings. Addictive
A thick, oily, dark liquid that forms when tobacco burns. Tar
passages through which air enters and spreads through the lungs. Bronchi
a poisonous, colorless, odorless gas. carbon Minoxide
ground tobacco that is chewed or inhaled through the nose. Smokeless Tobacco
a condition in which passages in the lungs become swollen and irritated eventually losing their elasticity. COPD
a process in which the body needs more and more of a drug to get the same effect. Tolerance
a type of addiction in which the body itself feels a direct need for a drug. Physical Dependence
Physical and psychological reactions that occur when someone stops using an addictive substance Withdrawal
Products that assist a person in breaking a tobacco habit. NRT
a return to the use of a drug after attempting to stop. Relapse
Environmental tobacco smoke Secondhand Smoke
smoke that comes directly from a burning cigarette, pipe, or cigar. Sidestream Smoke
smoke that is exhaled by a smoker. Mainstream Smoke
A nonsmoker who breathes in secondhand smoke Passive Smoker
pressure you feel to go along with harmful behaviors or beliefs of others your age. Negative Peer Pressure

DRUGS and ALCHOL Crossword


5 or more drinks in one night binge-drinking
a cancer causing substance carcinogen
a drug that decreases body systems depressant
when a person is addicted, quitting in one day cold-turkey
using a drug to feel normal addiction
effects you feel when getting sober withdrawal
needing to increase the dose of a drug to feel the same effect tolerance
a beverage that contains caffeine coffee
way gasoline, aerosol sprays and glue are taken into the body inhalants
marijuana, alcohol and tobacco are considered to be this type of drug gateway
a type of stimulant amphetamine
when alcohol controls an individual's life alcoholism
a drug that increases body systems stimulant
use of an illegal drug abuse
a stimulant that can produce a strong and quick addiction cocaine

Substance abuse Crossword


cannabis, especially as smoked in cigarettes. Marijuana
the use of a drug for purposes for which it was not intended Drugmisuse
Beer, vodka, whiskey Alcohol
the habitual taking of addictive or illegal drugs for no medical reason Drugabuse
physical dependence on the continued supply of a drug Addiction
drug made from leaves of the coca plant ; stimulant and painkiller Cocaine
Drugs sold without a prescription Overthecounter
body's ability to become used to a drug's effect; requiring larger doses to get the same feeling Tolerance
Using a drug, as prescribed for medical reasons Druguse
Physical effects when your body does not have the drug. Withdrawal
Substance other than food or water that can effect the body when taken. Drug

Mental Health, Conflict Resolution & Safety Crossword


______ ______ includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mental Health
It's important to maintain good ________ ______ in order to encourage the healing of our mental health. Physical Health
A conflict inside oneself often referred to as an ________ ________. Internal Conflict
________ ________ is conflict that occurs outside of the person. External Conflict
the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells. Skin Cancer
overindulgence in or dependence on an addictive substance, especially alcohol or drugs. Substance Abuse
__________ _______ can be anything from on yourself to talking to a friend. Distracted Driving
include your air quality, water source, food source and quality, electromagnetic fields and sounds/visual pollution. Environmental Factors
___ _______ can negatively impact your personal environmental health. Air Quality
an acronym for Electromagnetic Field Exposure. EMF
Visual "_____" increases stress. A cluttered, dirty, or confusing environment can cause us to feel worried, sad, or helpless. Noise
refers to the freedom from physical harm and threat of physical harm, and freedom from hostility, aggression, harassment, and devaluation by others. Personal Safety
includes the right to worry about being victimized as well as actual incidents. Safety
social pressure by members of one's peer group to take certain action, adopt certain values, or otherwise conform in order to be accepted. Peer Pressure
are the rules that govern which actions are right and which are wrong. Morals
In some situations, just ______ __ without a lot of arguing and explaining is the best response. Saying NO
_______ use remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. Tobacco
_______ is one of the most addictive drugs there is. Alcohol
One of the most important things to remember when talking about mental health is that ________ is possible. Recovery
__________ factors, such as genes or brain chemistry can contribute to mental health. Biological
Peoples actions such as _______ ______ and getting enough sleep has been proven to help enhance and improve our mental wellbeing. Healthy Eating
Wearing _________, not only prevents you from getting sunburns, but also protects from the damage to your skin the sun can cause. Sunscreen
____-____ use of high levels of pesticides can cause birth defects, nerve damage, and cancer. Long-term
Poor air quality can lead to the development of chronic conditions like ______ and allergies. Asthma
Our environment affects our _________ as well as our physical health. Emotional
the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Values
______ ________ can often be an action of peer pressure. Sexual Activity
(BPA) a chemical often used in plastic water bottles, appears to mimic the effects of estrogen and may interfere with hormone levels and increase human risk for reproductive disorders Bisphenol A
UVR causes __________. A cloudy area on or within the lens of the eye that reduces vision. Cataracts
Smoking, drinking, or using _____ more than usual are all signs to look for when dealing with mental health issues. Drugs



caused by certain kinds of drugs, these can be distortions in sights and sounds, like seeing or hearing things that are not real hallucinations
when people can't stop using a drug no matter how much they want to, they are addicted
many club drugs can cause hyperthermia a sharp increase in body temperature
Why do young people drink alcohol? Stress
.......... is not an opioid drug Acetaminophen
............ is stimulant drug Alcohol
It's official name is MDMA, but most people call this drug....... ecstasy
It's when the effects of a drug suddenly return days or weeks after a person used the drug Flashback
It's a life giving part of the air we breathe, and something that many drugs reduce the body's supply of Oxygen
People who abuse methamphetamine or Ritalin might feel like they have these crawling under their skin Bugs
A roof can do this under the weight of snow, human veins can do it from heroin injections collapse
This 'CLUB DRUG' is so strong that there is a risk of losing muscle control even before a user has finished injecting it Ketamine
Drugs change the ........ in ways that make quitting hard, even for those who want to. brain

Drug unit Crossword


A substance other than food that changes the way the body or mind functions. Drug A
The incorrect use of a prescription or OTC drug. Drug misuse
The intentional use of a drug without medical or health reasons. Drug abuse
The amount of a drug that is taken at one time. Dose
Written order from a licensed health professional. Prescription drugs
Drug with registered name or trademark given to a drug by pharmaceutical company. Brand-name drug
Drug that contains the same active ingredients as a brand name drug. Generic-name drug
Drug that can be purchased without a prescription in the stores such as grocery stores or drug stores. Over-the counter
A package that is sealed to assure the buyer that the package has not been opened previously. Tamper resistant package
An unwanted body change that is not related to the main purpose of a drug. Side effect
A measure of the amount of alcohol in a beverage. Proof
The amount of alcohol in a persons blood. Blood alcohol concentration
Substance that is poisonous Toxin
An activity in which a person is forced to participate in a dangerous or demeaning act to become a member of a club or group. Hazing activity
Consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time. Binge drinking
Disease of the liver caused by chronic damage to liver cells. Cirrhosis
A period in which a person cannot remember what has happened. Black out
A disease in which there is physical and psychological dependence on alcohol. Alcoholism
Refusing to admit a problem. Denial
Severe form of alcohol withdrawal syndrome in which there are hallucinations and muscle convulsions. Delirium tremens syndrome
Stimulant drug found in tobacco products. Nicotine
An herbal plant that is grown for its leaves and contains nicotine. Tobacco
A chemical that is know to cause cancer. Carcinogen
Sticky,thick fluid that is formed when tobacco is burned. Tar
Odorless,tasteless,gas. Carbon monoxide
Condition in which the alveoli lose most of their ability to function. Emphysema
Exhaled mainstream smoke and sidesteeam smoke. Second hand smoke
Tobacco product made firm powdered tobacco leaves and stems that is snorted or placed between the gums or teeth. Snuff
Abnormal cells in the mouth that appear as white patches of tissue. Leukoplakia
Worn on the skin of the upper body or arms. Nicotine patch
Chemicals that affect mood and behavior when inhaled Inhalants
Drier leaves and tops of the cannabis plant. Marijuana
Illegal psychoactive drug that has a stimulating effect and the ability to cause hallucinations. Ecstasy
Used to describe the drugs that often are available at raves,which are large ,all -night dance parties attended by teens and young adults. Club drugs
Group of drugs that speed up the activities of the central nervous system. Stimulants
White powder extracted from the leaves of a cocoa plant. Cocaine
Group of drugs that slow down,or depress the central nervous system and relieve pain. Narcotics

Drug Crossword Puzzle


Being dependent on drugs Addiction
Setting a regular tendency for something that is hard to give up Habit
people who drink alcohol everyday creating an addiction Alcoholic
Quitting a habit completely Cold turkey
Serving or dose of a substance Hit
A weed cigarette Joint
Taking a large amount of drugs in one sitting Overdose
To continue to do drugs after quitting' going back to old habits Relapse
Another name for Marijuana and weed Mary Jane
Hallucinating as a side effect of drugs Trip
A place to stay at to quit habits and addiction Rehab
A round medicine that is a drug that comes in a prescription bottle Pill
A drug that comes from the hemp plant' people usually smoke it. Marijuana
Also known as "acid " and is a drug LSD
Drug used by body builders Steroids

Drugs and Alcohol Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

A stimulant that can produce a strong and quick addiction cocaine
a drug that increases body systems stimulant
a cancer causing substance carcinogen
needing to increase the dose of a drug to feel the same effect tolerance
when alcohol controls someones life alcoholism
a drug that decreases body systems depressant
5 or more drinks in one night bingedrinking
using a drug to feel normal addiction
when being addicted, quitting in one day coldturkey
use of an illegal drug abuse
the way gas, aerosol sprays, & glues are taken into the body inhalants
marijuana, alcohol, & tobacco are considered to be this type of drug gateway
a beverage that contains caffeine coffee
a type of stimulant amphetamine
symptoms that occur when one abruptly quit withdrawal