Appalachian Plateau Crossword Puzzle

Direction used to tell where the Appalachian Plateau is in Georgia.
The size of this region compared to the other regions.
An important industry in this region.
What is mined for in this region?
What region is this region bordered by?
What is inside this region?
Where do birds like to nest in the plateau?
What is the type of sedimentary rock this region is underlaid with?
What is a native orchid found in the Appalachian Plateau?
What animal lives in the caves under the plateaus?

Georgia Geography Crossword

Georgia Geography Crossword

The Earth is divided into_______
Georgia is divided into five ______
These mountains are Georgia's highest and wettest
In 1828 gold was discovered here
This river begins in the Blue Ridge Mountains and flows southwest
Converting water into energy
This river flows souteast and is the natural boundery between Georgia and South Carolina
These are located along Georgia's coast line and are popular destinations for tourists
High rises that are connected in a line
This marks the part of the state where elevation begins to drastically drop towards sea level
This physical feature's name comes from the Seminole word meaning "land of the trembling earth"
This is the state's smallest region and located in the northwest corner of Georgia
This region is located in the northeast corner of Georgia
Georgia's highest peak
The tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi river
A two mile long and 1000 feet deep gorge
The Piedmont region is in what part of Georgia?
This region's climate is similar to the Blue Ridge region, with slightly less rainfall
The carpet capital of the world
The name means "foot of the mountains"
This Piedmont region is known for its ____ which only found elsewhere in New Mexico
What percent of the population lives in the Piedmont region
The largest region
The Coastal Plain as good _____
Summer tends to be _____ in the Coastal Region

Physical Features in Georgia Crossword

Physical Features in Georgia  Crossword

Part of a country ex.Blue ridge is a...
Large part of the Earth ex.South America is a...
A region near the Blue Ridge
Natural boundary between South Carolina and Georgia
Parallel shore away from high tides
In the Blue Ridge region,a mountain
Natural boundary of Georhua and Alabama
Natural boundary, separates Piedmont and Costal Plains
Above Costal Plains and under Ridge and Valley
Swamp in the Coastal Plains
Above the ridge valley
Mountain, same name as the region it's in
Under Peidmont,Okefenokee swamp is located here
Separates a region, country,or state
Tallest peak in Georgia (in the Appalachians)
What region of the U.S is Georgia in?
What Continent is Georgia in?
What is the Plateau used for?
Ellijay is also know as the...
Is the okefenokee a river or swamp?
How many states have barrier islands
What is the largest region
What is the second largest region
What region the the T.A.G corner

SS8G1 The student will describe Georgia with regard to physical featuers and location. Crossword

SS8G1 The student will describe Georgia with regard to physical featuers and location. Crossword

What divides the earth in half?
We live in the piedmont ______.
What is the U.S.A?
Which region has blue mountains?
What has low valleys and high ridges?
What is in the northwestern corner of Georgia?
Whats in central Georgia?
What is in south georgia and has flat land?
This separates the piedmont and coastal plain.
What is 700 square mils of freshwater?
This protects georgia from strong storms.
This brings georgia lots of tourists.
What begins in the blue ridge and flows into lake lanier?
What forms the border of south carolina?

Georgia Geography Crossword

Georgia Geography Crossword

What region is Georgia in
What nation is is Georgia in
What hemisphere is Georgia in?
The smallest region in Georgia
First Gold rush in 1828
Mining, farming, textile/carpet manufactures
Most populated, contains the capital
Largest region that was once underwater
The Appalachian Plateau's natural resource is____
The Blue Ridge Mountains have the most ______
Long term weather
What region is Savanna in
What region is Georgia's capitol in?
A drop in elevation
2nd largest freshwater lake in the US
Bordered by Valley & Ridges and The Blue Ridge Mountains
Used transportation, power, drinking water and recreation
Close to Savanna used for transportation, power, drinking water and recreation
Protect the mainland from hurricanes
Border state of South of Georgia
Border state west of Georgia
What city in on the Fall Line **HInt: A___**
The Okefenokee swamp is also know as the "land of the____"
The Coastal plains were once
The Okefenokee Swamp is home to
What separates the North and the South
What separates the East and West
What mountain is in the Appalachian Plateau
Tallest Mountain in Georgia ___ Bald
Piedmont has what most famous fruit

Georgia Geography Crossword

Georgia Geography Crossword

The state we are located in
The largest of the three Northern Regions.
The region where the Appalachian Mountains end, in North Georgia.
The most industrial geographical region.
The largest of the five regions in Georgia.
The region in between the Appalachian Plateau and the Blue Ridge.
The "line" that marks a dramatic elevation in between The Piedmont and Coastal Plain.
The swamp that is located in The Coastal Plain and is the second largest fresh water swamp in The U.S.
The River that creates a natural boarder between South Carolina and Georgia.
The islands of the coast of Georgia.
The main drinking water scource provided by a river. Starts in Brastown Bald.
The state that boarders Georgia to the west.
The state that boarders Georgia to the northeast.
The state that boarders Georgia to the East.
The state that boarders Georgia to the northwest.
The state that boarders Georgia to the south.
Abreviation for the country Georgia is located in.
Which coast is Georgia located on?
Is Georgia located in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere?
Is Georgia located in the Western or Eastern Hemisphere?
Which Contenent is Georgia located on?
What planet is Georgia located on?
The Ocean that boarders Georgia to the East.
The capital of Georgia.
One of the first inhabited cities in Georgia.
The most popular island of the barrier islands.
The most uninhabbited island of the barrier islands.
The island under Saint Simon's.
The city located on the Fall line closest to the Atlantic Ocean.

Georgia: Regions & Features Crossword

Georgia: Regions & Features Crossword

Drop of elevation in the middle of Georgia
Elevation drop is located where?
Brasstown Bald is located in which region?
Barrier islands protected people from which country?
What's the least important river to European settlers?
Which region of Georgia has the largest city?
What's the largest city in Georgia?
Which region is Georgia located in?
Georgia's located in which hemisphere(s)?
Which is Georgia's smallest region?
The Blue Ridge Mountains have a lot of...?
Which region includes the most carpet manufacturing?
What's the Coastal Plain's most important way of transportation of goods?
What physical feature contains 1000 species of plants/animals?
Which feature was used as a place to build forts?
What is climate?
The Blue Ridge Mountains are what of the Appalachian Mountains?
The Chattahoochee is a major transport for?
The Appalachian Plateau has narrow valleys and ?
Georgia's largest region?
What continent is Georgia located in?
Where was the first site of the gold rush?
Appalachian Mts. is the most important region for?
Blue Ridge Mountains are the southernmost?
The Savannah river gets?

Georgia studies puzzle Crossword

Georgia studies puzzle Crossword

Which region occupys 3/5 of the states land and contains the okefenokee swamp?
Which word describes rain, sleet, snow, or hail?
Which region means "Foot of the mountain", has red clay soil, has granite base, and contains the city of Atlanta?
Which is the smallest region of Georgia that contains the northwest corner, coal, and the TAG corner?
Which physical feature of Georgia seperates the Piedmont/Coastal Plains and has elevation drops?
Which river contains the border between Georgia and South Carolina?
Which region of Georgia contains the north east part of the state of Georgia, the appalachian trail, Amicalola falls, and Helen?
Which physical feature of Georgia is located in the coastal plains, has endangered plants and animals, is the largest freshwater in Georgia, and means land of the trembeling earth?
Which group of islands in Georgia protect the state of Georgia from tornados, hurricanes, or enemies?
Which river contains the border between Georgia/Alabama and provides lots of water supply for Georgia?
what word describes the day to day changes in temperature, precipitation, and wind?
What word describes the type of weather a region has over a period of time?
Which region has wide valleys, narrow ridges, crops, textiles, and apples?
What term describes a period of below average precipitation in a region that results in water shortages?
Which term describes an imaginary line drawn around the earth that has equall distances from both poles dividing the earth into north and south hemispheres?

Unit 1 Georgia Studies Crossword

Unit 1 Georgia Studies Crossword

Soft drink company that originated in Georgia biggest in world
Foothills of the mountains, holds Georgia's Capital
Georgia's Capital
The river that divides Georgia and South Carolina
Finish Georgia's Motto Wisdom, Justice, and
The line that separates Coastal Plains and Piedmont
Georgia's Smallest Region
One of Georgia's Deep water Ports
Georgia's Biggest Swamp
The biggest Granite Mountain in Georgia(Major tourist attraction)
The chain of Islands that are off the coast of Savannah
Biggest airport in the world locaed in Atlanta
The river that divides Alabama and Georgia
Huge airline that originted in Georgia
Georgia's current Govrnor
How many counties does Georgia have
Highest point in Georgia
Major tourist attraction, Georgia's NBA team
Huge chain of hardware stores that began in Georgia
Carpet capital of the world
17,800 miles of travel in state
Main city railway
What type of climate does Georgia have
What reason does Georgia's climate attract a lot of business
What is the wettest season in Georgia
What is the coldest month in Georgia
What is the driest month in Georgia
How many tornadoes appear in Georgia a year
What is the state bird of Georgia
Georgia's nickname is known as the Empire of the
State that borders Georgia to the south
The Appalachian Plateau connects Georgia to Alabama and
What is the A in TAG
What is the Professional NFL team that plays for Georgia

SS8G1 Regions of Georgia Crossword

SS8G1 Regions of Georgia Crossword

We live in the Northern and Western ______________
Highest mountain range in Georgia
Northwest Georgia, Part of Appalachain mountain chain
Central Georgia, Most populated region, Known for its Red Clay
South Georgia, Flat land
Natural Boundary between Peidmont and Coastal plain
Located in Coastal plains, Attracts tourist
This mountain chain begins in Northern georgia
Forms the Eastern border of Georgia, is a river
Georgia has a mild ______, warm summers and cold winters; affecs agriculture, industry, and tourism
The ___________ _________ block major hurricanes and strong storms
The smallest region of Georgia is the _________________ ____________
We live in the peidmont __________

SS8G1 Crossword

SS8G1 Crossword

a mountain chain that stretches from Georgia to Maine
Georgia’s smallest region located in the northeastern corner of the state.
- several island off Georgia’s coast; inhabited by Native Americans; the Spanish built several missions on these islands.
a name for a group of mountains located in the Appalachian chain; characterized by a “blue” haze that surrounds their peaks.
Georgia’s largest region which makes up 3/5 of the state.
- the world’s largest land masses.
- important Georgia river that forms part of the western boundary of the state.
a composite of prevailing weather conditions of a location.
a geographic boundary that separates the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions; named for decrease in elevation
lines of latitude and longitude that divide the earth into halves.
Georgia’s climate, which is characterized by hot summers and mild winters.
a land mass inhabited by people who share a common territory and government.
pitch, tar, and resin that is taken from pine trees and used in ship building.
- the largest swamp in North America; located in southeastern Georgia.
- Georgia’s most populated region known for its red clay; also known as “foot of the mountains”
- major river that is used for trade and makes up Georgia’s eastern border with South Carolina
Georgia region characterized by low open valleys and narrow ridges