Livius Training 10th Anniversary Crossword

Fill in the Blank word for one of our courses. Managing Water ______ Safely
What racecourse was Livius established at?
What was Livius Named after?
How may days is a First Aid At Work course?
What is our brand colour?
What is the business park called we are situated on?
Who is the latest addition to our team?
Which other town shares the postcode HG5?
The countryside of Yorkshire has acquired which common nickname?
What is the name of our Director?
How many years has Livius been going?

Shakespeare Crossword

Shakespeare Crossword

17th-century London theatre for Shakespeare’s acting company
In which play would you find the quote, “A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life”?
Shakespeare play featuring daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia
Who is the Queen of Fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
From which play does a ghost chillingly call out to the main character: "Remember me"?
In which play would you find the quote, "If music be the food of love, play on"
How many children did Shakespeare have?
Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 154 ____
Name of the town Shakespeare was born
Name of Shakespeare's wife
"Shall I compare thee to a ____'s day" - Sonnet 18 opening line
Name of the play with the characters Iago, Desdemona and Cassio
Where in Italy is Romeo and Juliet set in?
What is the global campaign name for British Council's celebration of Shakespeare's 400th anniversary?
Which month is Shakespeare Day set in?

Night : Elie Wiesel Crossword

Night : Elie Wiesel Crossword

What were the German secret police called?
Where was Elie Wiesel was born?
How many people did they pack into the convoys?
What was the name of the women screaming on the train?
What was the name of Elie's father?
Who first warned everyone about the Holocaust? (His tutor)
How old was Elie when he first arrived in Birkenau?
What major camp did Elie go to that was located in Poland?
What food were given at the camps?
What did Elie inherit from his father?
Elie's father died of what disease?
How many other siblings does Elie have?
Elie had surgery on his what?
Jews had to wear the yellow
What was Elie’s younger sister’s name
The blank was used to separate the weak from the healthy
During the selection this doctor told the prisoners to go left Or right
They burned people in a what
What did they tatoo on the prisoners to identify them instead of names
The dentist was checking for only one thing; Elie was marked for this.
The prisoners walked here from Auschwitz
What was Elie’s dad’s last word
Number of people who survived the train ride to Buchenwald
Who guarded the concentration camps
Known as Auschwitz ll

Twilight book 1 Crossword

Twilight book 1 Crossword

The main character's father
The place where the main character meets the love of her life
Main characters boyfriends name
Edward's family's last name
What Edward does while Bella sleeps
The year Edward was made into a vampire
Bella trips and falls a lot she is..
The speed that Edward drives
The kind of blood the Cullens drink
Edwards' fathers' name
The name of the person trying to kill Bella
James' mate
The event where James meets Bella
Bella's fan (besides Edward)
School event Bella does not go to
What can Bella not do
Kind of car Edward drives
Bella always takes Edward by..
Strongest member of the Cullens
Place Bella used to live
Bella's residence w/ her dad
Edward is a ...
Bella and Edward (blank) eachother

The Giver Crossword

The Giver Crossword

Who is the main character?
What is Jonas' father's job?
What is Jonas' sister's name?
What is Jonas' bestfriend's name?
Jonas has been selected to be the?
Jonas gets training from?
How old is Jonas?
How old is Lily?
Who is the author?
What age do you recieve a bike?
What was Jonas' first memory?
What is the name of the baby staying with Jonas?
What is The Giver's daughter's name?
How many children can be in one family unit?

Brian's Winter Crossword

Brian's Winter Crossword

What is another word for the wild animals that Brian hunted?
What is a word for 'to slowly move away'?
What is a word for 'physical or mental suffering'?
What is a word for 'to relight'?
What is a word for 'to develop'?
What was Brian's latest war bow was called?
To abruptly move
Fill in the blank "But in reality, the bear was not his primary ___"
Brian was " absolutely ___ to see it fly in a clean line".
Fill in the blank. "He would eat moose, of course, but he had found that the __ meat was the best"
What did Brian decide to make after seeing that the rabbits increase the feet by going hair?
Fill in the blank. "He prepared for hunting by putting his hatchet and knife on his belt and one of his ___ lighters in his pocket."
Fill in the blank. "Pulling what-a ____ of some kind?
Fill in the blank. "David ____ the dogs and they set off in snowshoes."
Brian soon found out that the popping sound was ____ Smallhorn shooting a moose.
Brain heard popping on some nights. Trees froze outside, then sap was ___, but exploding the trees due to the pressure.
Fill in the blank. "He had ___ camp and spend all the next day cleaning the shelter, bringing more wood, retaining his snowshoes, checking a bowstring, and sharpening his hatchet and knife.
A small hill or mountain
Fill in the blank. What gun did Brian find on the plane? a survival .22 ___
What was Brian trying to do until he left?
What was the last weapon Brian used before blacking out from attacking the moose?
What noise did Brian's bow make?
The untanned hide of animals.
What sound did owls make at night?
What sounds did the bear make when it attacked Brian?
What what is the name of a dog that is powerful and heavy coated?
What is the word used for a device used for catching game?
A fixed portion

Oliver Twist Crossword

Oliver Twist Crossword

What is the author's last name who wrote Oliver Twist?
What point of view is this story written?
Oliver has to ask his master for more of what?
What character falls deathly ill in the countryside?
Who is shot in an attempted burglary?
What is Nancy's profession?
Which character’s real name is Edward Leeford?
After Oliver's mother died what did Mrs. Mann steal from his mother?
Who was lurking in Mr. Brownlow's window with Monks?
Where was Oliver born?
What happened to Oliver's mother shortly after his birth?
What kind of mission was Oliver sent on with two other boys?
Where does Monks die?
What was Fagin's punishment?
How does Fagin die?
Oliver was what until he was nine years old?
When Oliver turned nine he went back where?
Who kidnaps Oliver and brings him back to Fagin while Oliver is delivering the books?
Who was Oliver's nurse, employed by Mr. Brownlow?

Declaration of Independence Crossword

Declaration of Independence Crossword

Who has the first and the biggest signature on the Declaration of Independence?
Who was the oldest person to sign the Declaration of Indepencence?
Who wrote the Preamble?
Who was the last person to sign the Declaration of Independence?
What crime were the signers commit when they signed the Declaration Independence?
How many people signed the Declaration of Independence
What year was the Declaration of Independence written?
What was the age difference between the youngest and oldest signer?
What day celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence?
Who wrote everything but the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence?
How many days did it take to write the Declaration of Independence?
How many grievances were there in the List of Grievances?
How many signers were from England?
Who helped write the Declaration of Independence but did not sign it?
What was the average age of the signers?
What state had the most amount of signers?
What state had the least amount of signers?
What day was the Declaration of Independence actually signed?
What person was the List of Grievances written about?
How many colonies were there when the Declaration of Independence was written?
How many people who signed the Declaration of Independence became president?
What is the name of the opening statement of the Declaration of Independence?
What future president did not sign the Declaration of Independence?
Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Where was the Declaration of Independence during World War 2?
Who was the only person to live to the 50th anniversary of the signing?
How many signers died on the 50th anniversary of the signing?
What city has the Declaration of Independence been in since December 12. 1952?
What city rioted after George Washington read the Declaration of Independence in City Hall?
How many signers were educated at Harvard University?

Crossword 18

	Crossword 18

With which country India hold naval training?
Who of the following introduces Universal Real-Time Payment Tracking?
Which search engine acquires GIF Search Platform Tenor recently?
India's first Insect Museum was opened in ___________.
This company opens the Garage in Hyderabad recently.
With which state, AAI signs a MoU under Corporate Social Responsibilities?
This government starts 'green budget' for controlling pollution.
ISRO and __________ has tied up for the production of space-grade lithium-ion cells
Which county did Ravi Shastri play for?
The nickname of Glenn McGrath is what?
India won its first Olympic hockey gold in...?
When was the first cricket Test match played?
Which military has successfully tested its latest intercontinental ballistic missile 'SARMAT' recently?
Government had decided to sell ___________% stake in Air India?
Which state celebrates Utkal Dibasa on April 1st?
Recently, the twin Beidou-3MEO satellites was launched by __________.
Which has to Send First Mission To Study 'Heart' Of Mars?
The first mega food park of Rajasthan has come up in _____________.
Reserve Bank of India Imposes Rs 58.9 Cr Penalty for this bank recently.
Which of the following Launches Exclusive Credit Card for Doctors?

Teen Wolf Crossword

Teen Wolf Crossword

Who is the Alpha in season 1?
What is Jackson Whittmore's first form after receiving a werewolf bite?
What family did Kate Argent try to wipe out?
What is Scott McCall's final form?
What is Stiles's real name?
Who is the true head of the Argent clan after Victoria died?
What is the name of Allison's grandfather?
What did Scott, Allison, and Stiles steal from Gerard in Abomination (Season 2, Episode 4)?
Who was the Maid of Gévaudan?
What kind of creature is Kate Argent after season 1?
What is Jennifer's real name?
Which Alpha from the Alpha Pack first tried to kill the Darach?
What is the name of the the hunter Gerard attempted to train in Season 6 of Teen Wolf?
What kind of creature did the Dread Doctors create?
Which Hale woman survived the series?
Whose body was found in the woods at the beginning at the beginning of Teen Wolf?
What main character was arrested first for murder?
What is the name of the Hale pack symbol?
Which main character first fell victim to the Wild Hunt?
Who is the oldest Alpha shown?
Who is the head Alpha of the Alpha Pack
Who saves Isaac from the Alpha Pack at the beginning of Season 3?
What is the name of Peter Hale's daughter?
What three things cannot be hidden? "The Sun, the moon, and the _."
Who was Derek Hale's first beta?
Which beta werewolf is Derek Hale forced to kill by the Alpha Pack?
Who kills Kate Argent?
Who does Stiles Stilinski intern with?
What kind of supernatural creature is Deputy Jordan Parrish?
Who is the the Benefactor?
Who killed Lydia's grandmother?
What is the name of the mental institution that Stiles and Lydia are committed to?
What is a lone werewolf called?
Who was the alpha of the Hale Pack before the fire?
What did Chris Argent shoot Scott with the first time they met?
What is Stiles's possessed by?
What subject did Adrien Harris teach?
What is another name of wolfsbane
What is the name of the Darach's first sacrifice?
What is the name of Derek Hale's first love?
What substance kills Oni?
What is Kira?
Which twin is killed by the Oni?
Who is Scott's only bitten beta?
What was Lydia's grandmother's nickname for her?
What sport do several main characters play?
Where was Derek de-aged?
Who does Kira leave Beacon Hills to learn from?
Who is Malia's mother?
What is the weapon of choice for the Wild Hunt?

What made me the way I am Crossword

What made me the way I am Crossword

What was Summer's' mothers name?
Where did Summers dad come from?
what was summers mum good at?
Where was the free festival?
What did Lucy and her parents travel round in?
Summers parents joined a?
What kind of village did Summers dad come from?
What was Summers dad?
In which country did Summer travel round?
What was Summers dad's name?