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Economics Chapter 1 and 2 Crossword Puzzle

Economics Chapter 1 and 2 Crossword Puzzle

Decisions by an individual about what to do and what not to do
Anything that can be used to produce something else
What you have to give up in order to get what you want
When you compare the costs with the benefits of doing something
Decisions based on the additional benefit versus the additional cost
An economic situation when no individual would be better off doing something different
When everyone gets his or her fair share
If the opportunity cost of producing the good is lower for that individual than for other people
When an individual can do an activity better than other people
A form of trade when people directly exchange goods or services that they have for goods or services that they want

Pharmacy Week Puzzle Crossword

Pharmacy Week Puzzle Crossword

Pharmacy Network
Low cost alternative
Online claim approval
Brand Name Zithromax
Medication for Alzheimers
President of PerformRx
Pharmacist designation
Pharmacy Contact
Class of drugs
Our Claims Processor
Contracted pharmacies
Brand Name Omeprazole
Needs Approval
Where Prescriptions are filled
Handles our newsletter
Review of Pharmacy claims
Inhaler for Asthma
Agreement to provide services

Digital Photography: Terms Review Crossword

Digital Photography: Terms Review Crossword

The size of the opening in the lens determining the depth of focus.
A graph that helps illustrate the dark, light, and color values captured by the camera sensor.
A setting that helps determine how sensitive your camera is to light
Two words used to describe a type of photograph that is taken using a slow shutter speed to achieve artistic blur.
This mode is ideal because it allows you to control all aspects of shooting quality.
A common problem seen in under lit images with an ISO that is too high.
This file format is best for true photographers to shoot in because it preserves the highest quality without
Better photo compositions can be achieved when an image is divided into 3 parts horizontally and vertically.
This setting determines how long or short your cameras capture time is.
This eye-opening allows you to preview your image.
The screen on the back of your camera that allows you to view settings and preview images.
A setting you'll need to adjust based on the temperature of your light source.
Your camera's storage.
A common image file type that is universally readable but does not preserve all captured image data.
This determines the sharpness of an object based on the adjustment made directly to the lens.
An idea that suggests a subject's nose should be pointed toward the empty space in the frame.
A discipline of photography that emphasizes detail normally not recognized.
A discipline of photography that focuses on an individual and captures their essences.
A phrase that often appears as an acronym and the name to which we give the type of cameras we use in this class.

Laboratory Professionals Week Crossword

Laboratory Professionals Week Crossword

Chocolate, Yellow or Black?
You get the point
Stop the germ spread
All the better to see you
Round and round it goes
Not a 'Vampire'
Can't live without it
When you need it, we make sure it's right for you
Not your average Q-tip!
Right now!
Lab person in the know
Has wings
Not a type of TV
Phlebotomists love to find them!
Component of blood
A little 'buggy' department
The department that likes both red and white
Pocket purse of hemoglobin
Some Lab garbage
Point of one end, plunger on the other
A little Lab gift
Yes, we can read wht the Doctor wrote on it...usually!
We have parts without the person
The pee patch
Our color is blue!
What we don't do, someone else will

Decision Making Skills Crossword

Decision Making Skills Crossword

These help measure your progress toward goals. They also help you determine whether or not you have achieved your goals.
Any item you have available to help you, such as money, a car, tools, time and information. (2 words)
A long term goal can be broken down so it is easier to achieve.
Something you want to have or achieve.
The end result of a choice.
Anything available to help you carry out your decisions.
A step by step method to guide your thinking when you need to make a planned decision. (3 words)
Something you plan to achieve in the near future. (3 words)
These include personal qualities and characteristics as well as the support you receive from others to help you achieve your goals. (2 words)
The type of decision made every day without much thought. (2 words)
Something you plan that will take longer to complete. (3 words)
In this type of decision you use more time and energy to make the best choice. (2 words)
Something that stands in the way as you try to reach a goal.
Ideals and beliefs that are considered important by everyone in the group. (2 words)
A choice.
All the ideals and beliefs that are important to you.
To plan or estimate ideas for the future.
Carrying out your plan of action.

Expressions, Idioms, and Proverbs Crossword

Expressions, Idioms, and Proverbs Crossword

Jane is an artist in a family of doctors. She's the black _ _ _ _ _ of the family.
I hate parties. I always feel like a _ _ _ _ out of water.
She's so dumb. She's got nothing between her _ _ _ _..
Forget him! Boys like him are a dime a _ _ _ _ _ !
Just do it! _ _ _ _ the bullet!
My class is uncontrollable, they're completely out of _ _ _ _ .
You can't make tea?! It's not rocket _ _ _ _ _ _ _ !
Ugh! I've had it! That's the _ _ _ _ _ that breaks my back!
I'm sneezing a lot, but I think I'm just a little under the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .
Don't worry about it now. We'll cross that _ _ _ _ _ _ when we get to it.
I try not to make assumptions but ... a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is worth a thousand words!
The new iPhone costs an _ _ _ and a leg!
Don't be upset! There's no use crying over spilt _ _ _ _ !
It'll get better -- every _ _ _ _ _ has a silver lining.
John is on thin _ _ _ with his parents; they're really upset with him.
Go for it! Fortune favors the _ _ _ _ !
Kate is my best friend. We see eye to _ _ _ on almost everything.
Don't mind what she said. Take everything with a _ _ _ _ _ of salt.
It's a surprise party so don't spill the _ _ _ _ _ !
Don't give up yet -- it's not over 'til the fat lady _ _ _ _ _ !

The Roman Republic Crossword Puzzle

The Roman Republic Crossword Puzzle

Government in which citizens choose their leaders
Powerful upper-class citizens of ancient Rome
Poor and lower-class citizens of ancient Rome
Heads of the ancient Rome Republic
Refuse consent (say no to)
Roman officials elected to protect the lower class
Divisions of Roman soldiers
Roman soldiers
Large Roman estates
Ancient Roman tax collecters
Absolute ruler of a state
Group of three people who rule with equal power
Handled daily problems of the government
Groups of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose.
The legislation that stood at the foundation of Roman law
Roman military boarding device used in naval warfare
A region of Western Europe during the Iron Age
The undersurface of a person's foot
Greek infantry formation
Roman public square
A piece of land almost surrounded by water or projecting out into a body of water
A native of ancient Etruria
A state formally cooperating with another for a military or other purpose, typically by treaty
Skilled workers
A way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination
The center or capital city of the ancient Carthaginian civilization
A region producing large quantities of corn
A series of three wars fought between Rome and Carthage
A short descriptive literary sketch that neatly encapsulates someone or something
Roman general, statesman, and historian
A person's or a people's native land
Crops sold in the market
A person who makes changes to something in order to improve it
Became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar
Without purpose or effect; pointless

Laundry Cheat Sheet Crossword

Laundry Cheat Sheet  Crossword

The __________ of a lemon helps to cut through the oil in tomato sauces.
If you don't have stain removal sprays, using ____________ and rubbing usually does the trick.
It is better to deal with a stain when it is ____________.
The homemade stain remover we made in class used dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and __________ __________?
When you get ink on your clothes, try ___________ to remove it before washing.
This can freshen bad smelling towels, but it usually causes color fading.
Putting a stain in the dryer will ______ the stain and make it harder to remove later.
This can freshen the smell of towels WITHOUT color fading.
Gently rubbing a stain with this can help to loosen the stain.
Always check the garment's __________ ___________ to make sure it is not Dry Clean Only instructions.
It is easier to remove mud and __________ after it dries and hardens.
From Class Discussion: Grease can be removed with this common kitchen cleaner.
Warm water will remove this water-based product.
AVOID hot water on this type of stain.

Macbeth Act III Crossword Puzzle

Macbeth Act III Crossword Puzzle

Who does Banquo suspect of killing Duncan?
In addition to Banquo, Macbeth wants this person killed?
"I'm very afraid of him." To whom is Macbeth referring?
Macbeth feels as if his mind is full of this.
"Come night and blindfold the kindhearted day" is an example of this literary device.
Because the light went out, who escapes the murderers?
At the banquet, who is seated in Macbeth's chair?
Banquo's character serves as a _____________to Macbeth's character.
Lady Macbeth tells the guests Macbeth has had these since childhood.
Macbeth has placed one of these in the home of each of the Lords.
Who refused to come to the banquet?
"We're still just beginners when it comes to crime" is an example of this literary device.
Who does Macbeth plan to go see to learn his destiny?
Goddess of Witchcraft
one of Macbeth's tragic flaws
Hectate instructs the Weird Sisters to create a new _________ that will trick Macbeth.
This Scottish nobleman believes Macbeth is guilty of ALL the murders.
Whose birthright and throne did Macbeth steal?
Who does Macduff ask to help him form an alliance to overthrow Macbeth?
Who was unaware of the plan to kill Banquo?
Whose manhood does Macbeth question?
"Banquo's safe?" is an example of this literary device.
Act III is the _________ of the play; Macbeth has reached his highest point and his downfall begins.
Macbeth is jealous of this person who sleeps well.
The repercussions of acting on ambition without moral constraint is one of the play's main ____________.
When Macbeth states, "I have walked so far into this river of blood....it would be hard to go back" he admits that he has reached the what?
With whom is Hectate angry?

College Terminology Crossword Puzzle

College Terminology Crossword Puzzle

Federal Application for Student Aid
The cost of attendance
Financial assistance that help students and parents pay for school
The online or paper form you complete to apply to a school
Free money you may receive to pay for school
The academic rank you receive after the completion of a college program
Associate of Arts Degree
Master of Arts Degree
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Points awarded after completing or passing a class
The period of the year in which students attend school
A half of term in school
A list that shows the times within a week particular classes are offered.
The teaching staff
A type of counselor who works with students at the college level
The outline of a class
A record of students work, showing classes taken and grades earned
California State University
A student at a college or university who has not earned a Bachelors Degree yet
A student who attends college in the state they live in