Paul Crossword

How many days was Saul Blinded
What was Paul's original name
What was the name of the man Jesus told Saul to visit
What was given to Saul from Anaias
What made Saul change into Paul
What book in the bible is Saul's conversion in
The Acts are in the _______________
How many books are in the Bible
What did Jesus Appear as to Saul
Was Paul a martyr

New Testament Crossword Puzzle

New Testament Crossword Puzzle

God’s self-communication where He reveals the mystery of his plan (Article 1).
The gift of the Holy Spirit that helped humans begin to write biblical books (Article 1).
The Abbreviation for the Book of Jude is __________ (Catholic Study Bible).
The doctrine that says scriptures are free of error (Article 1).
Jesus revealed himself through this with His chosen people (Article 1).
Col is the abbreviation for which book in the New Testament (Catholic Study Bible).
The ________________ fulfils the promises of God made in the Old Testament (Article 2).
The ________________ are the literal and spiritual senses (Article 7).
A biblical scholar who is attempting to interpret biblical text (Article 7).
The people who decided which written scriptures would be included in the Bible (Article 2).
What word means “to become flesh” in Latin (Article 8)?
The field of study that biblical exegetes study is called ________________ (Article 7).
Which book comes first: 1 John or 2 Peter?
The Church’s teaching office, that consists of all bishops (Article 1).
An agreement between humans or between God and a human, where mutual commitments are made (Article 2).
What is the name of the books that eventually replaced scrolls (Article 2)?
What is the abbreviation for the Book of James (Catholic Study Bible)?
The study of Christianity is also known as _______________ (Introduction PowerPoint).
Eph is the abbreviation for which New Testament book (Catholic Study Bible)?
Refers to the process of passing on the Gospel message (Article 1).
The connections of individual doctrines with the whole of revelation (Article 7).
The sense of Scripture that is what the words actually mean (Article 7).
The sense of Scripture where the Church encourages to act based on the information we learn in Scripture (Article 7).
The approach to Biblical interpretation that pays attention to the context to understand all senses of Scripture (Article 7).
The last book of the New Testament.

Saul to Paul Word Search

Saul to Paul Word Search
Word Search


World Religions Crossword

World Religions Crossword

The major religion of India
Founder of Buddism
The holy book for Judaism
Holy book of Christianity
Holy book of Islam
Began in Palistine around 2000 BC
Prophet of Islam
Many Gods
One God
Belief Jesus is the son of God
Belief in Islam
To be reborn
Eightfold Path to Enlightenment is found in this religion
Four Noble ____________
A social class system found in India

Sessions 7-11 Acts 5-9 Early church Crossword

Sessions 7-11 Acts 5-9 Early church Crossword

writers of the first four books of the Old Testament were called
the group of Jewish who religious leaders whofeared and persecuted
a Jewish zealot (fanatic) who persecuted and killed early Christians
a Jewish couple who sold their land to give money to the early church but lied and died
Saul's name was changed to this after his conversion on the road to Damascus
the first Christian martyr who was stoned but whose face lit up and he smiled while being stoned
a disciple who was instructed by the Holy Spirit to go into the desert where he would find an Ethiopian king to convert
fisherman who was the apostle Jesus called the Rock and who healed the paralyzed man Aneneas
a beloved woman who was taking care of many widows in Joppa and who was raised from the dead by Peter
people living in the Holy Land who were not Jews but were loved and taught by Jesus and his disciples

Paul's conversion Crossword

Paul's conversion Crossword

By what name is Saul better known?
To which city was Saul going? (Acts 9 v 5)
Who spoke to Saul on the road?
Saul was blind for how many days?
Saul came from T-----. (Acts 9 v 11)
Who healed Saul? (Acts 9 v 11)
When Saul was healed, it felt like ------ fell from his eyes. (Acts 9 v 18)
Saul got -------- as soon as he was healed. (Acts 9 v 18)
Where did Saul go to preach about Jesus? (Acts 9 v 20
In what was Saul put to help him escape from Damascus? (Acts 9 v 25)
Before Saul became a Christian, he was a -------? (Philemon 3 v 5)
At the beginning of the story, who was Saul trying to arrest?
What did Saul see on the road to Damascus? (Acts 9 v 3)
When Saul left Damascus, where did he go next? (Acts 9 v 28)

Pentecost Crossword

Pentecost Crossword

The eleven followers of Jesus
Visited the apostles when they were scared
Jesus promised to send the _______ _________.
How did the Holy Spirit present himself?
The event in which the apostles were fill with the Holy Spirit.
The ______ was an effect of Pentecost.
Addressed a crowd and made them realize their sin
What did the apostles feel before the tongues of fire appeared on their heads?
How many days after Jesus' Resurrection did the Holy Spirit arrive?
The Holy Spirit ________ the Church.
The Holy Spirit has never ________ the Church.
How many apostles were there during Pentecost?

World Religions Crossword

World Religions Crossword

Founder of Christianity
Founder of Buddhism
Founder of Islam
Led Jews out of Egypt in the Exodus
Founder of Judaism
Islamic name for god
Many forms of one god; only polytheistic religion
Ten commandments are the moral and religious code
Q'uran/ Koran
one Islamic holy city
New Testament
Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path
Holy Book for Christians
Spread Buddhism to Asia
Knowledge that all thoughts and actions result in future consequences
another word for pilgrimage;____ to mecca
Belief there is no supernatural
Worship of nature spirits
Does not worship any god
Belief in one god
Belief in more than one god
Life and teachings of Jesus
Another name for Old Testament
Judaism god
Holy book of Hinduism
Rebirth based upon karma
Where Islam originated
Where HInduism originated and is found now
Where Judaism is found now
Another name for Judaism god
Another holy city of Islam

Matthew 28:16-20 Review Crossword

Matthew 28:16-20 Review Crossword

How many disciples traveled to Galilee?
Where specifically in Galilee did the disciples go?
What did the disciples do when they saw Jesus? _________ Him
What did Jesus say He has in heaven and on earth? All _________
Who did Jesus tell His followers to make disciples of? All _________
What were they supposed to do in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
How often did Jesus say He would be with His disciples?
How long did Jesus say He would be with the disciples? to the _______ of the age.
What were the disciples to teach the new disciples to obey all of?
What word means "Good News"?
What book of the Bible was our lesson from?
Which of the two divisions of the Bible was our lesson from? _______ Testament

Saul becomes Paul Crossword

Saul becomes Paul Crossword

Who held coats at Stephen's death
What was Saul's new name?
What city did Paul visit in this week's lesson?
What physical problem happened to Paul on way to Damascus?
What is oneof our student's name?
What is another student's name?
Who prayed for Paul?
Who was the voice that Paul heard?
Who was Saul hunting?
Where are our pastors today?
Student with a Bible name

St Paul Crossword

St Paul Crossword

Town St Paul was born in.
How many days was he blinded for?
What was the name of the man who gave him his sight back?
When St Paul could have escaped jail, he instead preached to the...
St Paul's name before he was christian.
St Paul's family guild was making and repairing...
Way of death.
Who ordered him to be killed?
Around how long did St Paul live for?
Saint he shares a feast day with.
Year the canonization process began in.
Feast day.
What he did to Christians earlier in his life.
St Paul's religion before he was christian.
The book of the bible his miracles were mentioned in.
St Paul did not believe Jesus was really the...