NCA Crossword

Nickname for Elementary PE teacher
Annual school scrapbook
Subject Mr. Bennett and Mr. Anderlik teach
The "A" in NCA
Chief Academic Officer last name
NCA Mascot
Newest campus name
Warrior Campus Road
Nickname of baseball field (2 wds)
Seniors and Kindergartners have this every year
Weekly Wednesday event
NCA is committed to teaching __________ truth.
Part of NCA's mission is to develop a ____________ character for their students and staff.
NCA mascot name

Ash Wednesday Crossword

Ash Wednesday Crossword

Ash Wednesday is not a holy day of ___________________________.
The priest marks each worshipper on the forehead and says, "Remember you are ____________ and unto ____________ you shall return."
The ashes used in this ceremony are made by burning the remains of the palms blessed on this day of the previous year.
The ashes also symbolize death and so remind us of our ___________________.
Ash Wednesday occurs this many days before Easter, not including Sundays.
Ash Wednesday is the first day of this Liturgical Season.
Ashes are a symbol of penance made sacramental by the blessing of the Church, and they help us to develop a spirit of humility and ______________________.
Lent is a season of _____________, reflection, and fasting, which prepares us for Christ's Resurrection on Easter Sunday, and through which we attain redemption.
This is required on Ash Wednesday.
This is also required on Ash Wednesday.
The signing is done with ashes because ashes are a biblical symbol of _______________ and penance.
The priest, dipping his thumb into blessed ashes, marks the forehead with this.

Yearbook Vocabulary Crossword

Yearbook Vocabulary Crossword

Final Pages of the yearbook
A list of the technical printing information about the yearbook, including price, number of copies, colors, fonts, photography company and awards won by previous year's book.
Listing of the pages containing the opening, sections, index and closing. The contents is usually printed on the front end sheet or in the opening, but not on the title page
The story. Every spread should contain a story, also called a copy block. Alternatives to traditional narrative copy include lists, quotes, personal narratives, surveys and other material that accurately tells the story
Outside of the yearbook which protects the printed pages
Refers both to the topics featured on individual spreads and on the topics are highlighted
A spread used to separate each of the sections of the yearbook
Heavier sheets of paper which hold the pages of the yearbook to the cover
Eight pages on one side of a signature.
The page number and the topic of a spread placed as a unit traditionally at the bottom left and bottom right of the spread
Printing in magenta, cyan, yellow, and black
Front cover of the yearbook which includes the name of the book
Elements such as color, white space, rule lines, gray screens, large initial letters and special type treatments which enhance the books design
A complete alphabetical listing of all students, teachers, advertisers, topics and events covered in the yearbook.
A page-by-page listing of the yearbook's contents.
The first two or four pages of the yearbook which introduce the theme
A traditional yearbook is typically broken into six sections: student life, academics, organi
A 16 page grouping made up of two 8 page flats
Area of the yearbook connecting the front and back covers
A "mini-theme" used as a section title
Printing in one additional color besides black
Two facing or side by side pages in the yearbook such a 2 and 3, 4 and 5, 6 and 7, etc
A verbal statement and a visual look which tie all parts of the yearbook together.
Page one of the yearbook

Physical Education Crossword

Physical Education Crossword

Shorts Color
Shirt Color
Roll Call
Number of Make ups per absence
Best way to contact my PE teacher
My PE teacher's name
A Male PE teachers name
A Male PE teacher's name
A Female PE teacher's name
What I use to enter my fitness scores
Where I go for rentals
How many points to I get for a non dress
Push up test measures...
Sit up test measures....
Jumping Jacks and Stretching
Second unit
Laps to equal a mile
The heart system
My favorite class
There are how many fitness tests per semester?

College Knowledge Crossword

College Knowledge Crossword

What college students must pay to attend class
People who have graduated from college are now that college's ________
Highest degree you can receive in graduate school
Traditionally a four-year degree
General financial aid application
College student's focus of study
Reward for completion of a college program
On campus student living buildings
Academic record
A place on campus to buy textbooks
Students on Honor Rolls receive good _______
The last exam you take in a course
A course you must take before being able to take a different course
Hands on science classes
Campus staff who can assist you in choosing your coursework and major (2words)
A person/thing that represents a college especially at sporting events
Money for college you don't have to pay back
Money borrowed for college you must repay
First -year college student
A class you can take that is not required by your major or minor
Groups you belong to outside of class, such as sporting teams, clubs and organizations.
A temporary job, usually in the field of your major

Pride and Prejudice Crossword

Pride and Prejudice  Crossword

Who is Elizabeth Bennetts male counterpart?
What is mr. Darcy's first name?
The ball at ___________ is where Elizabeth and Darcy first meet.
Who is Elizabeth's closest friend who also is the daughter of sir William Lucas?
Who is Mrs. Bennetts sister?
What is Elizabeth's sister, Charlotte, nicknamed?
Mr. Bennetts property is __________meaning his daughters can't inherit it
Lydia's friend mr Denny introduces the girls to who?
Mr. Collins is a clergyman for who?
Who is Mrs. Bennets brother?
Lady Catherine owns what mansion?
Who is the author of pride and prejudice?
How many daughters do the Bennets have?
In chapter 3, mr. Darcy is described as a fine, tall person, ________features, and a noble mien
Who is the character who is full of pride and is the 2nd daughter of mr. Bennet?
Who propose to Elizabeth early on and desired for her to be his wife?
Who is renting Netherfield?
Mrs. Bennet thinks ________ is very important in a marriage
The business of Mrs. Bennets life was to get her daughters what?
How many times did mr. Bingley dance with Jane?
In chapter 7 did Jane take the horse or the carriage to visit Netherfield ?
During her second visit at Lady Catherine's mansion,Elizabeth is forced to play what instrument
Because Mr. Wickham cannot have Elizabeth he wishes to win over _________
What is Darcy's sisters name?
What is the name of Mr. Darcy's estate?
Which Bennet sister eloped with Mr. Wickham?
Who found Mr. Wickham and Lydia?
Where do the Bennett's live?
Which Bennett sister doesn't like social events?
What is the name of the Bennet estate?

Harry Styles Crossword

Harry Styles Crossword

Boy band in which Harry Styles was a member of
Harry's mom
Harry's sister
Song Harry performed for his X Factor audition
First solo song?
Birthday is in which month?
First television appearance was on what show?
Christopher Nolan movie in which Harry was featured in
Harry's middle name?
Where did Harry work before he was famous?
What was the name of the band Harry was in before 1D?
Harry's favorite movie?
Harry's favorite food?
Harry has an abnormal number of ________
Where is Harry from?
First album
Second album
Third album
Fourth album
Fifth album

The Pigman Crossword

The Pigman Crossword

Mr. Pignati's wife went where?
Nick name for Miss Reillen
Friend of Norton
Friend of Dennis
Bathroom __________
The first place John and Lorraine went with Mr. Pignati
Who's Mr. Pignati's friend at the zoo
Nickname for Mr.Pignati
What did they use to talk to Mr. Pignati for the first time?
What does John call his father?
What is Norton's nickname?
Mr. Pignati's first name is ________
What's is the pigman's last name?
What does Mr. Pignati feed Bobo
Who is the male main character
Who is the female main character
What language did Lorraine say she had a test on?
What does John want to be when he grows up?
What does Lorraine what to be when she grows up?
What is another name for a warning that Lorraine uses?

Principles of the Constitution Crossword

Principles of the Constitution Crossword

Law-making Branch
Law-enforcing Branch
Law-interpreting Branch
In Congress, 1 of 100
First 10 Amendments
1st says: say what you want (2 wds.)
2nd says: right to ___ (2 wds.)
Law of the Land
3rd says: they can't stay
Half of Congress: 1 of 3
Half of Congress: 2 of 3
Half of Congress: 3 of 3
Before it alaw
Change to the Constitution
Simply, doc to search your stuff
5th says: right to remain __
Type of court for 6th
Type of court for 7th
President of the Senate
Powers given to the fed. gvmnt.
Powers given to the States
8th says: no unusual __
Gvmt. pay for what they take away (2 wds.)
Intro to Constitution
"...provide for the common __"
" the blessings of __"
"1st Constitution"?
Chief Executive; commander-in-Chief, ...
"People Rule": 1 of 2
Principle of shared power between fed gvmt & states
Greatest power of Sup. Court: 1 of 2
Greatest power of Sup. Court: 2 of 2
Full Faith and __
__ & Proper: The Elastic Clause
Powers shared by nat. & state gvmts.
To approve an Amendment
The R of RAPPS
6th says: right to a __
__ Clause: nothing higher than Constitution
"People Rule": 2 of 2

F•R•I•E•N•D•S Crossword

F•R•I•E•N•D•S Crossword

What does Ross yell at Rachel when they were breaking up?
What does Ross yell while trying to move the couch?
Joeys other name?
One of Phoebe's other names?
Janice's catch phrase
Ross dressed up as the
Monica's nickname from her parents
Joey's catch phrase
Name of the coffee shop they hang out in
Mikes "new" name
What is the name of Joey's boat?
Where does Chandler tell Jancie he is going?
Julia Roberts guest starred as a girl with what nickname?
Phoebe's most popular song.
Rachel's childhood dogs name.
Ross had a monkey named?
What kid of point was it according to Joey.
What did Phoebe's brother name his son?
Ross claimed to have what but Rachel thought it meant salmon skin roll.
Who lived below Rachel and Monica?
Joey taught Rachel how to say this Italian phrase.
Chandler and Ross had a song in college named?
Joey named his chair what?
What number did Monica say most when teaching Chandler about the female zones?
One of Monica's exboyfriends?
What did Rachel say was Chandler's job for them to loose the apartment?
What is Rachel and Monica's apartment number?
Ross teaches this technique to Chandler to get out of cuddling at night with Janice.



A number representing the average value of the accumulated final grades earned in courses over time.
Periods of instruction into which an academic year is often divided.
An undergraduate academic degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study lasting around 4 years (120 Credits).
A degree granted after a two-year course of study (60 Credits), especially by a community college.
An indivudal subject or class taken at the college.
The grounds and buildings where a college or university is located.
Units that a school uses to indicate that a student has completed and passed courses that are required for a degree.
The head of a division of a college or university.
A division of a school, made up of faculty and support staff, that gives instruction in a particular field of study.
To withdraw from a course.
To register or enter a school or course as a participant.
Not required to do something that other students may be required to do.
A school's teaching and administrative staff who is responsible for designing programs of study.
An amount of money charged by colleges and universities, in addition to their tuition, to cover costs of services such as libraries and computer technology.
A student in the first year of college.
A score or mark indicating a student's academic performance on an exam, paper or in a course.
A student in the third year of college / university.
The academic subject area that a student chooses to focus on during his or her undergraduate studies.
An academic subject area that a student chooses to have a secondary focus on during their undergraduate studies.
A required course that must be completed before a student is allowed to enroll in a more advanced one.
A student in the fourth year of college / university.
A student in the second year of high school or college / university.