Extra Credit (Archery/Ping Pong) Crossword

How many essential tips were there to shooting a bow & arrow
What grip is most commonly used by European players
Archery was adopted as a sport for the first time & played at what event
This is similar to paint ball and laser tag
If you are left-handed your draw hand would be which hand
You are awarded how many points for hitting the center in Archery
Ping pong is also known as
Another name for a ping pong racket
Nets are how tall
Pen Hold Grip is commonly used by who
When hit the ball will sink faster
Ball rises
This is allowed in tennis but not ping pong
Archery became an event in the modern Olympics in what year
When you are serving your the ball must be held in your hand
USATT changed scoring rules in what year
The USA men's archery didnt win individual gold medals in 1980 because
What is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado
What building has the most stories?
What ping pong player served in Vietnam & met Ronald Reagan

Volleyball Word Search

Volleyball Word Search
Word Search

vertical jump
double hit
knee pads
quick hit
weak side
side out
sky ball
top spin

Tennis, anyone? Crossword

Tennis, anyone? Crossword

This is the court surface for the French Open
A ball served in bounds and untouched by the opponent's racket
Relates to the act of winning a game in which the opponent served
This is the court surface for Wimbledon
When the server has served to two serves out of bounds on the same point
A point that is played over due to some sort of interference
A serve that touches the net tape and falls into the proper square and is served over
The next point won after the score is "deuce"
Term for when the score is 40/40
The person credited for introducing tennis to the U.S.
Illegal foot movement before a service
A serve that lands out of bounds or is not served properly
Scoring term when a player wins 4 points before opponent with a min. 2 point lead
The act of hitting balls back and forth over net - Includes all shots but the serve
Scoring term: The first player to win 6 games with a min. 2-game lead
Second cue/phase of the FH/BH Volley
A ball hit sufficiently high to pass over the outstretched arm position of the net player
To hit the ball in the air before it has bounced on the court
The major tennis tournament played in New York

Volleyball - Crossword Puzzle

Volleyball - Crossword Puzzle

The players at the front court are used for offensive play while the back court is used for _________ play.
A fault, where as for example, scooping, lifting, or carrying. (Two words)
If the game goes all the way up to 5 sets, how much points is needed to win?
The _____ team to win 25 points with a two point lead wins the set.
Main responsibility is to set up the ball for players; the play maker.
Who invented volleyball?
A player playing the ball is at fault when they _____ the net.
Number of positions.
What was volleyball initially named as?
Maximum number of contact a team can have with the ball.
Was designed to be an alternative to the game of basketball.
The amount of time you must serve within before the referee's blows the whistle.
Where was volleyball invented?
A ball landing on the ________ line is considered "in".
In order to start the game after the whistle blows the ball has to be ______.
Two ways of serving are underhand serve and ________ serve.

Volleyball Crossword

Volleyball Crossword

Who created Volleyball
How many positions on a court?
What is the maximum number of hits for a team before it goes over the net.
What is the line called, that divides front and back court?
An action that may be performed by any player in the front row
How many times may a player touch the ball until it returns?
Each set is played to ________ points, except the last set which is played to fifteen points
Which direction do the players rotate?
How long does the server have to serve?
What type of Hit is it when the ball hits off your inner arm?
A fault which the ball comes to rest momentarily in the hands or arms
A fault in which a player touches the ball twice in succession
A ball that lands in the boundaries is considered __.
A serve that your opponent cannot pass; this results immediately in a point.



Bump, set, ________ !
Who passes the ball to the spiker?
The players rotate in a ____________ direction.
How many players are on the court at a time?
There are a limited amount of _______ touches per team.
At 24 points, it is ________ ________.
__________ can be performed by any player in the front row.
How many service attempts are allowed?
A team must win by at least _____ points.
A serve must be served from behind the ______ _______.
The ball is a _______ ________ when it touches the floor.
It is called an ______ when the opposing team fails to hit off of a serve.
What position does the serveroccupy?
Volleyball was invented in ________.
What can't you spike behind?

Tennis crossword puzzle

Tennis crossword puzzle

Not a loser but a ______
Tournament played in England and on grass
Hit out of the air
Tournament played in New York and on a hard court
Makes you consistent
Best sport ever!!
Not doubles but....
Six games is equal to a ___
What shot you start the point with
What you use to hit the ball
Four of these equals one game
What the ball goes over
Game,set, _____
Another word for zero when calling our the score
The ball is in if it hits the ____
When your serve hits the net and still goes in
Backhand or a forehand are ___________
The part of the racket you hold on to
Tennis is ___
Major tournament played on clay or dirt
Not a backhand but a ________
Two people playing against two people
When the score is 40 all
The bottom of the racket
What your kiss after you swing
The line you recover to
Two Handed ________
Not the Deuce side but the __ side
When your opponent can't touch your serve

Volleyball Crossword

Volleyball Crossword

How many points does a team need to win
What direction does the teams rotate
The team is allowed to hit the ball ___ times before passing
The more advanced serve in volleyball is the ____ serve
The skill used to pass with your forearms is called
Worn to protect the knees
Jump, Float and Underhand are all types of..
whats the minimum amount of players
How many games are in one match
The winning team will be the first to have 25 points and a___point advantage
When a player hits the ball twice it is called
_____ is when any player contacts the net during play
What does a libero do
A playoff game is considered a match when only___ set is played
The front zone is the area between the _______and attack line

Pickleball Crossword

Pickleball Crossword

The serve must be made ______________
the first serve of each side-out is made from the ______ -hand court
points are scored only by the _______ _________
games are normally played to ________ points
when the ball is served, the receiving team must let it _________ before returning
The double bounce rule ____________ the serve and volley advantage and extends rallies
the ___-________ zone is the court area within 7 feet on both sides of the net
the non-volley zone is the commonly referred as the _________
a ball contacting any line, except the non-volley zone line on a serve is consider __
a serve contacting the non-volley zone line is a ______ and a fault
a ______ is any action that stops play because of a rule violation
a fault occurs when: a ________ does not land within the confines of the receiving court
players use a ____ toss to determine who will serve first
you should start in an _______ stance
you can hit the ball forehand or __________
if the ball hits the net it switches to the ______ teams ball
if it lands ___________ the service court it is illegal
after you hit a ball you should finish in a statue of _______ stand
the serve will be served __________ to the other side
the 3rd number called out is the ______ ________

Table Tennis Crossword

Table Tennis Crossword

Table tennis likely began as a social hobby in this country.
Early pioneers may have referred to table tennis as?
If the serve is legal except it touches the net, it is called a?
The period during which the ball is in play?
A rally of which the result is not scored
A rally of which the result is scored?
The hand carrying the racket
The hand not carrying the racket.
If a player or anything a player wears or carries touches the ball in play.
The player due to strike the ball first in a rally.
The player due to strike the ball second in a rally.
The person appointed to control a match.
Shall be regarded as extending indefinitely in both directions.
They dominated the sport for much of the 50's and 60's
The ball should be this color.
A modern table is 9 ft.
A modern table is 5 ft.
The ____________ is 6 inches high.
Each player serves _________ points in a row.
Table tennis became an _______________ event in the 1980's.

Physical Education Vocabulary Crossword

Physical Education Vocabulary Crossword

curl ups are an activity that help with
push ups and weight training build your
Too improve your _____________ you can run for more than 20 minutes.
A fitness component that measures how limber one is
Getting a hit that the defense did not commit an error on
When a fielder makes a mistake
The runner gets to 1st base on a base hit
The runner gets to 2nd base on a base hit
The runner gets to home plate on a base hit
When the ball is thrown to the batter to hit by the pitcher underhand
The Server must stand with both feet behind this
The first serve in a game is always made from the
In paddle tennis the served ball must land _______ in the blue boundaries
Usually the second pass made from hitting the ball over the head
Called out on the first serve in paddle tennis
When one team has more than 6 players on one half of the field. It is a penalty
the circle around the goal. The goalie's area
The term used in both Lacrosse and soccer who guards the goal
An area where the ball in soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey lands to make a score
a hard hit downward in volleyball
A serve in volleyball
a successful hit
joining you fingers and hitting the ball with your forearm
Bouncing the ball up and down the court with one hand
2 points scored when jumping off one foot close to the basket
Moving in a circle with one foot "nailed" to the floor in basketball
moving with the basketball when not dribbling
The part of the foot used to dribble a soccer ball
Another name for Frisbee
When throwing a ball you step with your_____ foot
An Olympic sport that combines both basketball and soccer elements
An object that you jump over in track
An anaerobic activity performed in track
A dense led ball that a person pushes in a ring