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be on time

Employability Skills Word Search

Employability Skills Word Search
Word Search

Willing to Learn
Work Experience
Time Management

Unit 3 and 4 study guide Crossword

Unit 3 and 4 study guide Crossword

to give up something to resolve a conflict
clash of ideas or values
the choice between two or more possibilites
the steps one takes to make the best decision
to look closely and judge
the course of action one decides to take at the end of the decision-making proccess
anything a person has or uses to reach a goal
a decision or plan that can be changed
a computerized career information delivery system
the instructional background and skills needed to qualify for employment
the prospect for the future of a job or career
the jobs that beginners start with to train them for higher level jobs
the computer network system through which information can be shared on the World Wide Web
a task one is expected to perform on the job
occupational information network compiled by the United States Department of Lab labor
a book used for researching the most common careers in the United States
jobs requiring less than 35-40 hours a week
a special skill, knowledge, or ability that enables a person to perform a particular jo
jobs or careers belonging to the same group on the basis of similar knowledge and skills
to find out more by reading and talking to people
jobs that last for limited period of time
doing a job without pay to gain experience
the environment of the workplace

Unit 6: Employment Skills Crossword

Unit 6: Employment Skills Crossword

A person applying for a job
Amount of money taken from an employee's gross pay for taxes, insurance, Social Security, and other benefits.
Treating someone unfairly because of his or her race or religion
The person who hires someone to do a job
A formal meeting between an employer and job applicant about a job opening
A resource that involves communicating information with others
Being on time for work
A person who will give a favorable report of a job applicant to the employer
A short, written description of an applicant's personal data, education, and experience related to a job
Fixed amount of money earned, regardless of hours worked

Job Search Crossword

Job Search Crossword

A form to be completed when applying for a job
Where you keep your money
Making sure you have enough money to cover all your costs
Qualification from University
Qualification from high school or college
Someone who works for a company or organisation
Having a job is to be ................
a building where products are made
being truthful
vacation time
time of work
you need this to drive a car
where the administration for the company is done
you need to be on this when you start a job to get paid
when you leave work for good
the ability to complete a special task
this is deducted from your wages and paid to Inland Revenue
where goods are stored
If an employer wants people who will turn up when they are expected, it means they want someone who is .....?
Way to get to work

Educational and Career Exploration Crossword

Educational and Career Exploration Crossword

A trainee engages in learning an occupation under the guidance and direction of a skilled worker; a 3-4 year training program on-the- job training with related technical instruction.
Advising, Placement, and Retention System – an assessment-advising program designed to identify the basic skill levels of students as they enter two-year institutions.
Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery – is a test developed and maintained by the United States Department of Defense.
Achieved after completion of a curriculum meeting the demands of a 4- year college program.
A written statement that is accepted as proof of certain facts; often relating to the attainment of specific skills.
Postsecondary career, educational and financial planning site; provides comprehensive information in a web-based format of middle and high school students, parents, and counselors. This site includes comparative information about all of North Carolina’s two and four year postsecondary institutions, financial aid, and application services. This program is a partnership among the University of North Carolina General Administration, the College Foundation of North Carolina, and the State Educational Assistance Authority.
A postsecondary school where a student might receive a bachelor’s degree, master’s, or doctoral degree in a specific discipline.
Type of college with up to 2-year programs leading to certificates, diplomas, or associate degrees.
Paid employment with an educational component provided in a career-technical class and supervised by school personnel.
A pathway, which a student selects in high school.
End-of- course assessment.
A purpose/objective.
Allows the student the opportunity to observe and participate in activities related to a career field; supervised by school personnel and related to the student’s career choice. (May be paid or unpaid)
A short-term experience that allows the student to follow an experienced worker and see the day-to- day activities of a particular career.
An advanced 2-year program completed after attainment of a bachelor’s degree.
A certified, experienced, skilled craftsperson that has successfully completed an apprenticeship program.
Special skills may be developed through educational programs in the armed services.
Paid employment that is not supervised by school personnel; may or may not be related to the student’s career choice.
Education after high school.
A privately owned school that operates for profit for those seeking vocational training.
Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test: A practice test that measures the critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills that students need to do college-level work.
Education and training provided by an employer that usually takes place at a work site.
Scholastic Aptitude Test – a test that measures the critical thinking mathematical, reasoning, and writing skills students need to do college-level work.
(CTSO-Career and Technical Student Organization) Vocational student organization; nonprofit, national organization with state and local chapters that exist to develop leadership skills and good citizenship among members; each organization is composed of vocational students interested in a specific occupational area.
Practices used to prepare for learning and assessment of subject matter.
Practices used to prepare for learning and assessment of subject matter.
An academic record; an official record of grades earned during a high school career.
Vocational Competency Achievement Tracking System is a competency-based instructional management system that focuses on the individual student and tracks his/her achievement in relation to a predetermined set of core competencies.
A contribution of free labor, usually to a non-profit organization.

Exploring Careers Crossword

Exploring Careers  Crossword

knowing one's own thoughts, feelings, and actions
the different ways people naturally think and learn
favorite activities
a skill that has been developed
an individual's feelings, actions, habits, and thoughts
the potential a person has for learning a skill
the ability to perform a task due to training and experience
ideas a person lives by
the things about work that are important to a person
values that reflect the importance of money in a person's happiness
what a person does for pay
a set of related job skills and experiences
a work history of one or more jobs in the same of related fields of interests
working at least 40 hours per week
the way a person uses his or her time, energy, and other resources
the ways people make make, buy, and sell goods and services
items that people sell
activities people do for others for a fee
all the world's economies and how they are linked
the need for workers and the kind of work available to them
all people over the age of 16 who work or are seeking work
the buying and selling of goods and services via the internet
equal emplyment opportunity for all, regardless of gender
a change over a period of time
a group of people who work together to set goals and make decisions to solve problems and put ideas into action
a wide varietyof workers with different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and skills in the work place
a flexible work arragement that allows 2 part time employees to divide one full-time job
using outside resources to preform activities traditionally handled by internal company staff
working at home for a company
a work schedule that allows workers to choose work hours that fit their particular needs
designing and constructing structures that enclose space to meet human needs
building structures

Education and Training Crossword

Education and Training Crossword

A program in which a person learns to do a certain job by working with a skilled worker
A certificate of completion awarded to a person after successfully completing a required set of college courses in both general and specific areas
A certificate of completion awarded to a person after completing a program of study in a particular area, usually lasting two years.
Unit of measurement that schools use to determine whether students are progressing toward graduation
A course that is not required but can be chosen by students according to their interests.
Methods of paying for education/training, such as grants, scholarships, etc.
A document stating that a person has passed a five-part test in the areas of writing, social studies, science, reading, and math.
A program of study beyond a bachelor's degree
A temporary paid or unpaid position that involves direct work experience in a career field.
Learning on the Job
Any education or training following high school.
A course that is required before another course can be taken
The fee that colleges charge to take their classes
A course or program that teaches job skills

Resume Writing Crossword

Resume Writing Crossword

someone who applies for a job
a form of on-the-job training
a meeting at which someone is asked questions to see if he is a good match for a job
right for a work environment; businesslike
a summary of professional accomplishments
to put together
the level and degree of schooling
knowledge gained from what one has been through
a certain ability
a form that leaves space for information to be filled in

Words That Matter: Unit 1 Entrepreneurship Crossword

Words That Matter: Unit 1 Entrepreneurship Crossword

Entrepreneurs from the 1800s who invented the phonograph
Computer company launched by Stephen Wozniak and Steve Jobs
A big reward of entrepreneurship is being self - __________________
Providing products, services and jobs has a positive effect on this
A _____________ entrepreneur starts successful businesses repeatedly
Program that provides on-the-job training in a business setting
Another word for 1 Down
One of two partners who started successful motorcycle company in 1903
Organization that makes money by providing products or services
Business that adopts practices aimed at improving the environment (2 words)
Entrepreneur Russell Simmons' record company (2 words)
Someone who creates and runs a business
When you are your own boss, you can make your own ____________
Person who works in a business owned by someone else
Personality train that makes you sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others
Having _________ skills means you can listen well, write well, and speak well
Personality trait that gives you the desire to learn and ask questions
Natural ability to do a particular type of work or activity well
Personality trait that means you are truthful and sincere with others
Experienced person who provides guidance and shares knowledge
Ability that is learned through training and practice
Picture of what you want the future to be
Having _______ skills means you know how to persuade, motivate and lead others
Self-_____________ is evaluating your strengths and weaknesses
Practice that gives employees opportunities to be creative and try out new ideas
Way of thinking about something that affects how you feel about it
Personality trait that enables you to take risks in spite of possible losses
Personality trait that gives you the ability to stay focused and meet deadlines

Work Ethics Vocabulary Crossword

Work Ethics Vocabulary Crossword

the power to perform or accomplish what individual can do
working without mistake
showing up to work everyday
they way you think and feel about certain topics or life in general, your general outlook on life
the manner of conducting oneself
trusting others with personal and private information
the results of your behavior
a suggestion for how you should do better
a polite or helpful comment
the mode of thinking - about any subject, context, or problem- in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing it
how a person reacts to their job including their values, attitudes, and behavior at the job site
doing what you say you're going to do
step in making better choices, how to make good choices
a person who works well with other associates and pitches in when needed
to work jointly with others
the positive way of getting your message across
the event or factor that causes stress
to spread rumors or talk about private matters of others
the ability to do something well
the quality of being fair and truthful
ability to take independent action
the power or opportunity to do something before others do
showing admiration; proper courtey
the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something
the response or change in the body caused by any emotional, physical, social or economic factor
arriving or doing something at the expected or planned time
the amount of work done
being competent in any endeavor; able to finish what you try
following laws, being ethical, having good work ethics, and having the skills to do your work