Back to School 1 Crossword

What are the different areas called that we play in?
How many seconds should we wash our hands for?
A place which is out of bounds
The doors of the classroom need to be
We are having these in class rather than the hall every day
We can't play this game as it is unsafe
We have everything we need to work in our ________
When we have this lesson, we wear ______ all day
When equipment goes out of your zone, you have to ______ and ask an adult.
We follow these rules to keep us _______
We can use this to wash our hands instead of soap
When we finish with an item, it gets put in the
coats and bags are hung on the back of my
We shouldn't shout or _______ as this can spread germs

Lab Safety Crossword

Lab Safety Crossword

we wear this so we can protect our eyes
we have to keep our eyes open for 10-15 seconds on this, so we can drain the chemicals out
Wear this so you don't get chemicals on your clothes
Use this when a test tube gets really hot
the position we light a Bunsen burner from
When we want to smell something we don't put our nose in it, instead we _________
Never pick up _______ with your hands
Don't wear __________ during lab or you'll fall
always work with a ____ while doing a lab.
never wear this "fashionable" product
always has to be tied back
pull, aim, squeeze, sweep
what we use when a person is on fire
what we do to CALL the teacher when there is an emergency
when there are chemicals on our body we us a

Kitchen Safety Crossword

Kitchen Safety Crossword

do not use food from cans that are leaking, bulged or _______________
Extinguish a grease _______ with baking soda.
Make sure matchse are out by running water over them before you ______ them away
A safety hazard that is cause by hot objects are _______
____________ occur when something is on the floor that shouldn't be
When handling hot pans, be sure to use ___________ holders and not damp dish towels or wash cloths
Handle all ___________ equipment with dry hands
When tasting food, never pu the tasting ________- back into the food
____________ objects and knives should be stored seperately to prevent cuts.
Cutting boards need to be scrubbed thoroughly with a cleanser containing _____________.
Keep _____ foods above 140 degrees until serving time.
You should ________ all accidents that happen in the class to the teacher.
Always wash _____________ before cooking and if you touch something with germs.
Do not buy food in ________ jars or jars with bulging lids
Tilt ______ of pots and pans towards you so that steam will not burn your hands or face
Proper first-aid for severe bleeding is _______ pressure.
_____________ knives are dangerous because they require more pressure to cut foods.
Keep these cold and do not buy cracked or soiled ones. ______
Always use a cutting ___________ to cut your foods on while cooking.
The type of burn where the skin is red and blisters form is called a ___________ degree burn.
One of three rules to remember about keeping food safe it to keep it _______.
Fo an electrial fire, use a _____________ fire extinguisher.
You should do this immediately when food is spilledo nthe floor. _______ up
Always ________ matches away from you and hold them upright so the flame burns more slowly.
An ounce of _______ is worth a pound of cure
This may happen to an electrical circuit if too many applliances are used at the same time.
A type of safety hazard that is cause by share objects is ____________
One way to keep food safe is to keep _______ foods _______. (same word)
Learn to cut ________ from you when cutting food or peeling vegetables.

Personal Hygiene Crossword

Personal Hygiene Crossword

I do this once a day to remove food in between my teeth.
I put clean clothes on every day, especially this!
I never do this into my hands. I use a tissue whenever possible.
I do this before eating, after using the bathroom, sneezing or playing with pets.
Keep this neat by styling and brushing.
I clean these often so I don't get wax in them.
Keeping my body __________ is an important part of staying healthy.
Always get your beauty _________.
Do this to avoid gingivitis, cavities and bad breath.
I trim these weekly. I keep them short and clean.
Doing this every day or two is a must, and always after sports practice or playing outside.
I always use this when I wash my hands and body.
My hair always smells so fresh and clean when I use ______________.
I always try to keep fresh ____________ in my purse.
It's also nice to keep a ______________ in my purse.
Before you go to bed don't forget to wash your _________.

coping Skills Crossword

coping Skills Crossword

Something you do to get your mind and body active; to stay healthy
Please _________ your name at the top of the paper.
Your learn how to do this inside the lines on your paper when your are little
You can write your thoughts in this place
You go to the theater to watch this
When words come out of your mouth
You watch this after you finish your homework and before bed time
You use your ear buds to listen to
When you are sleepy in the middle of the day during the summer you take a
When your room is messy you need it ________it
You can do this with your hands or a machine to make clothes
when you sit in a quiet place by yourself to focus on calming down
Some times you do this when you are mad, sad or even happy
It takes less muscles in your face to do this; opposite of frown
You use your legs to do this
You need money to go to the mall and do this activity
You need a book to do this activity
you go outside and plant a
an artist likes to
Not your family
inhale then exhale
you do this at church, when your are in trouble and just before you eat
Beyonce can sing and
Sometimes you just need to play a fun board
You __________ a cake in the oven
When someone is crying that you care about you may want to give them a

Workplace Safety Crossword

Workplace Safety Crossword

You must be 16 years old to work on a ___________ site
__________ hazards are germs that come from living things
Helps you learn the policies, rules, and procedures to help do your job safely
. Someone who works closely with you on a day-today basis and makes sure you follow safety rules
_____________ Health and Safety Act
A biological hazard often found in hospitals
Someone who helps other people and works without pay
What you do frequently to your hands before working with food
Things that should be followed in order to stay safe
Minor injury that could result from picking up heavy boxes
It is your ______________ to work safely and report hazards
Hand protection needed when working with food, chemicals, etc.
What you do when you don’t understand instructions or if you think your work is unsafe
To avoid a serious shock, this should never be mixed with water
Workplace ___________ Materials Information System (WHMIS)
Head protection
What you wear in a science lab to protect your eyes from chemicals

Infection Control Crossword Puzzle

Infection Control Crossword Puzzle

Should be trimmed and clean at all times
This level of precautions relates to all aspects of resident care
These precautions include gowns, gloves, masks, sometimes eyewear
PPE to remove first
The pathogen against which alcohol hand sanitizer is ineffective
The number one intervention to break the chain of infection
You should wash your hands for at least this many seconds
Hepatitis B & C and HIV are spread by this
Extremely small drops of liquid, such as occurs with a sneeze. Can carry infectious organisms
The separation of infected persons from others
Type of disease which can be carried on very small droplets or dust particles that float in the air (Chickenpox, measles, TB)
Type of precaution to use for pathogens can be transferred by direct contact (hand or skin-to-skin) or indirect contact (touching surfaces or items in room)
Residents with _________ are more likely to get UTI
You should perform hand ____________ between care of every resident
_______ care at least twice a day reduces the risk of a resident developing pneumonia
The name of the virus that causes respiratory infections typically between the months of October and April. Have you taken the vaccine against it this year?
After washing hands, turn off the faucet with a _________ paper towel.
Wash your hands immediately after removing ___________
What is a common bacteria that is antibiotic resistant?
Hands must be ___________ if they are visibly soiled, or if there has been contact with blood or body fluids
Most health-care-associated infections are transmitted to patients by _________
The overuse and misuse of antibiotics causes antibiotic _________________.
Who is responsible for cleanliness within the workplace?
____________ is your body’s first line of defense against infection
Be sure reusable equipment is ____________ before you use it on another patient
Never ______ needles after use.

Food Handler Crossword

Food Handler Crossword

How much bleach per one gallon?
After you handle trash or garbage you should?
If you eat food that has unsafe germs you could get?
41 degrees to 140 degrees is the ___ ___?
To kill germs you?
What is found in dairy, poultry, and eggs and can cause serious illness?
You should wash your hands before putting these on?
When working you should wear a ___ net.
___ causes food borne illness.
Tiny worms that live in fish and meat are called ___?
Rat baits and chemicals are ___ and should be kept away from food.
Reheated foods, stuffed meats and poultry should be cooked at ___?
Is a disease you can get by eating worms in pork that was raw or uncooked.
Found in raw or uncooked ground meats
In Oregon you only have __ hours to thaw foods.
In Oregon you must have your food at ___ degrees in two hours.
You should heat food very quickly when its being ___?
Do not thaw food at room temperture or in ___ water.
___ packages or Jelly, candy or sugar can be reserved.
When hand washing dishes you have to 1)Scrape 2)Wash 3)___ 4)Sanitize 5)Air Dry
When Commercial dish washing you have to 1)Scrape 2)___ 3)Air Dry
Liquids in foods that a sick person touches is called a ___?
A virus a person can have without knowing is called ___?
Cut large toasts and turkey into pieces no larger than ___?
___ only when on break and wash your hands thoroughly when done?
___ and clothes need to be cleaned and neat.
If you have loose bowels you need to talk to manager and go___?
A sanitizer (state checker) will ___ the sanitize bowl first.
After eating you ___ to wash your hands



An immersion probe is an example of a
Hazards that make food unsafe are biological, physical and
Reduces pathogens on a surface to safe levels.
The first-in, first-out system is known as this
Four types of pathogens that can contaminate food and cause foodborne illness are bacteria, viruses, fungi and
The ice-point method or boiling-point method is used to do this
Visible soil
Worn when handling ready to eat foods
Tiny, harmful lifeforms that cannot be seen, touched or smelled are known as
Total seconds needed to properly wash hands
Bacteria needs six conditions to grow. What is the abbreviation for them?
This bacteria is linked to poultry and eggs, meat, and dairy products
This bacteria is linked to ready-to-eat foods and beverages
Raw or undercooked ground meat is linked to this bacteria...
. Foods that are easily contaminated by hands, such as salads containing TCS food is linked to which bacteria?

CPR Crossword

CPR Crossword

A first aid procedure that supplies oxygen and blood to the body until normal function resumes.
When performing CPR this needs to be pinched to make sure airflow travels to the lungs of the victim.
When performing CPR this part of the body needs to be tilted back in order to open the airway.
30 of these are given during CPR.
2 of these are given during CPR.
If someone is in need of CPR and have by lying there for more than ____ minutes, brain death is probable.
If you start performing CPR within the first _____ minutes, brain damage is unlikely.
The Department of Health requires that the ambulance service reaches 75% of category A (life-threatening) calls within ________ minutes.
This type of CPR is used by doing compression's only until help arrives.
This is used when a person is unconscious, has a heartbeat, but is not breathing.
A portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm.
If an INFANT is lying on the floor with no heartbeat and is not breathing, it is most likely because of a ___________ issue.
If an ADULT is lying on the floor with no heartbeat and is not breathing, it is most likely because of a ___________ issue.
The right depth and rate of compression's will help _______ flow to the brain.
When preparing for possible CPR, the very first thing you do when you come upon someone whom you believe to be unconscious is check for __________________.

Crisscrossed Kitchen Crossword

Crisscrossed Kitchen Crossword

When washing your hands, you should always use _____ and water.
Never put sharp items or _____ in he dishwasher to soak.
Never use your apron or a _____ to remove hot items from the oven, stovetop, or microwave.
Water and this item never go together. Make sure hands are dry before plugging in appliances.
Objects that could catch fire easily are considered?
Falls, cuts, electrical shock, and _____ are the main types of kitchen accidents.
To put out a grease fire inside a skillet, place a _____ lid on top.
Doing this to an appliance cord is unsafe and could enable fraying of the cord.
Never use this to put out a greaes fire.
What kitchen tool should you always use when cutting items?
It is not safe to wear long or _____ clothing while cooking.
Never use these to clean up broken glass.
Always use one of these to remove hot items from the oven, stovetop, or microwave.
Never consume raw or undercooked _____ in the FACS kitchen.
You should use a _____ to obtain hard to reach items.
Before you try to pry foods out of the toaster, _____ it.
Every kitchen should have one of these.
When removing the lid of a pot or pan, tilt the lid _____ from you to avoid getting a steam burn.
Always keep your knives _____. They are safer than dull knives.
How should cupboard doors and drawers be kept to avoid accidents?
A knife _____ is a great item to use to store sharp knives.
Pot and pan handles sould be turned toward the _____ of the stovetop.
Long _____ should be kept tied back when cooking.
These should be cleaned up immediately