Puzzle for the girls Crossword

What is the name of Annie's little sister?
What is mommy's name?
What is the name of Granny and PopPop's dog?
What is the name of our dog?
What is daddy's name?
What is the name of April's big sister?
Who lives with Grandmama?
What kind of animal is Ellie May?
Who is married to Joe Joe?
Who lives with Granny?
What do you call daddy's mother?
What is the color of mommy's car?
How many people live in your house?
What color is daddy's truck?
What is the name of Grandmama and Joe Joe's light colored dog?
What is the name of Grandmama and Joe Joe's dark colored dog?
What do we ride for fun and exercise?
What color is an apple?
What color is an orange?
How old is April?
How old is Annie?

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Crossword

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Crossword

What is Christopher's rat called?
What is Mr Shears's first name?
Where did Christopher live with his dad at the start of the book?
Where does Christophers mum live with Mr Shears?
Who is Christophers teacher?
What is Christopher good at?
What colour does Christopher not like?
What is the name of the dog who is killed?
Who is Christophers neighbour who invites him over for a drink?
What disability does Christopher have?
How old is Christopher
What helps Christopher stay calm?

Great Expectations Crossword

Great Expectations Crossword

What is Pip's last name?
Pip lives with his ________.
What is Joe's job?
Pip meets the convict in a __________.
What is the name of the girl who moves in to take care of Mrs. Joe?
Pip is to go play at the house of ______ ___________.
The young girl that lives with Miss Havisham is _______.
Miss Havisham always wears a _______ _____.
The stranger in the pub stirs his drink with a ____.
During his second visit, Estella allows Pip to give her a ____.
Miss Havisham arranges to make Pip Joe's __________.
The other laborer that works with Joe.
The lawyer.
Pip is to become a _________.
The pale young gentlemen.
The nickname Herbert gives to Pip.
Pip's fellow student, who later marries Estella.
Jagger's housekeeper and Estella's birth mother.
Wopsle moves to London to become an _____.
Orlick becomes a ______ at MIss Havisham's house.
Estella tells Pip that she has no _____.
Pip learns his benefactor to be the convict, ________.
Magwitch's former partner in crime.
Miss Havisham caught on ____ and Pip saved her.
Magwitch is Estella's ______.
Orlick is responsible for the _____ of Mrs. Joe.
___ takes care of Pip when he falls ill.
Joe tells Pip that Orlick is now in ____.
Biddy and Joe get _______.
Pip and Estella leave the garden holding _____.
Orlick tries to ____ Pip.

Bridge to terabithia Crossword

Bridge to terabithia  Crossword

The name of Leslie's dog
The name of the bully leslie and jess face
The music teacher at lark creek elementary
How old is jess
What colour do jess and Leslie paint the living room
Jess takes Leslie to ____________ on easter
What is the name of the family who used to live in Leslie's house
Who is Jess and Leslie's Teacher
The name of the student who believes he's the fastest kid in 5 grade
What form of revenge do Jess and Leslie use
Jess puts all his money into what for maybelle

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Crossword

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Crossword

What color does Christopher hate?
Until what prime number (in thousands) does Christopher know by brain? How old is Christopher?
How old is Christopher?
What animal did Christopher find dead?
Who was the owner of the dead animal?
How was the dog killed? (Weapon)
What was the name of the dog?
How many letters did Christopher's mom write to him?
What does Christopher suffer from?
What pet animal does Christopher have in the beginning of the book?
What is Christopher's favorite subject?
What did Christopher's dad tell Christopher what happened to his mom?
Where did Christopher find the letters from his Mom?
Who was Christopher's mom having an affair with?
What is the name of Christopher's teacher?
Who killed Wellington?
How does Christopher feel about knowing who killed the dog?
What breed of dog was Wellington?
What is the Authors First Name?
What fictional mystery character does Christopher like?
What occupation does Christopher want to be when he's older?
When Christopher sees 4 yellow cars in a row on the same day, what's this day called?
What outdoor (wet) activity does Christopher not like to do?
Where did Christopher's mom move to?
What caused Christopher's Mom to move away?
Who does Christopher want to live with after hearing who killed the dog?
How does Christopher plan to get to London?
Who was trying to take Christopher back home, once he heard his Father was looking for him?
What did Christopher and his Mom do once they saw each other?
What is the name of Christopher's new Golden Retriever?
What does Christopher feel like he can do now that he wrote a book and found his mom?

The Giver Crossword

The Giver Crossword

Who is the main character?
What is Jonas' father's job?
What is Jonas' sister's name?
What is Jonas' bestfriend's name?
Jonas has been selected to be the?
Jonas gets training from?
How old is Jonas?
How old is Lily?
Who is the author?
What age do you recieve a bike?
What was Jonas' first memory?
What is the name of the baby staying with Jonas?
What is The Giver's daughter's name?
How many children can be in one family unit?

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Crossword

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Crossword

What was the maid called?
How old did people think Bruno was?
How old is Bruno's sister?
How old is Bruno?
Who was the man that was incharge of Father?
What is Bruno?
What happened to Bruno on the tyre swing?
What does Bruno like to slide down?
What is Bruno's siters name?
What was the place in the distance?
What type of camp was the camp?
Who wrote this book?
What protected the camp?
What was in Bruno's garden?
What was the waiter called?
Where did Bruno used to live?
Who worked in the concentration camps?
What was on the Jews armbands?

Great Expectations Crossword

Great Expectations Crossword

what was the nickname that Jaggers gave to Bently Drummle
Jaggers housemaid
how many guineys did Pip recieve from Miss Havisham
how old was dickens when his father was put into prison
Who was the woman that stayed with Charles until he died
Lived in a castle
Whom does Wemmick marry?
how did Dickens die?
Charles was one of how many siblings?
Queen that was said to love Dickens' books
Who is Pip's tutor
What profession is Pip born into
What is the name of the other convict, who dies as a result of a fight
Who attacked Ms. Joe
Which family member raised Pip "by hand"
Of shore Prisons
What is the name of Wemmick's house
Who kidnapped Pip late in the story
What is Pip's birth name (first)
Pip’s best friend
what was Dickens’ mother's name
who married Estella
Pip returned home when his sister…?
Joe’s second wife
what event happened 5 years before Dickens’ death
what did Mr. Wopsle become halfway thought the story
what was the name of the 18 year old actress Dickens stayed with
Miss Havisham's adopted daughter
how many novels did Dickens write
what did Pip steal from Joe's Forge
Pip is badly hurt after what happened at Miss Havisham's
What name did Herbert give Pip
who handles all of Pip's affairs
where the beginning of the book takes place
where does Pip go to live
who was Pip's benifactor
this didn't matter as long as you had wealth and status
where did Dickens get his first job publishing his stories
what type of fiction is Great Expectations
the format that Great Expectations was originally printed in
how old is Pip at the beginning of the story
poor areas in London
who was rowing the boat other than Herbert
what is the name of Miss Havisham's estate
where does Pip find Estella in the last chapter
for how many months did Pip go to Miss Haisham's
Pumblechook is Pip's
Dickens is buried here
Drummle died as a result of mistreating what animal
how did Estella make Pip feel when they first met

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Crossword

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Crossword

Who did Harry and his two friends thinnk was acting suspicous?
Who is the author of this book?
What did Harry live under for years?
Who first tells Harry that he is a wizard?
What was guarding the Sorcerer's stone?
When Harry was a baby who's house did he live in?
Who killed Harrys parents?
Where was Harry when he realized he could be a wizard?
What symbol/shape is the scar on Harry's forhead?
Did Harry ever know about wizardery before he knew he was a wizard?
How did Harry feel about attending Hogwarts Schoolof Witchcraftand Wizardry?
What is the main characters first name?
What was Severus Snape planning to steal?
Who were Harrys main friends?
How old was Harry when he realized he was a wizard?
What is the most popular sport played at his school?
Whats Harrys cousins name?
What is the main characters last name?
What was the three headed dogs name?
What reptile could Harry talk to?



Who is my mommy?
Who is my daddy?
What will I drink from?
What will I eat?
Where does mommy & daddy take me to swing?
What is in my bottle?
I sleep in this.
Mommy, Daddy & Me do this.
Why do I need a diaper?
Why do my gums hurt?
What am I sucking on?
How will I get around the house?
I also like my
How do I keep warm?
Am I a girl or a ?
Am I a boy or a ?
My first word
My second word
My third word
Who watches me sometimes?
I love my
My grandma & grandpa are
Used to rub on my sore gums
I play with my toys in this
Mommy puts my diapers & wipes in this
Used to clean my ears
Mommy does this to put me to sleep
Mommy & daddy's mother
Mommy & daddy's father
I like



What is Goku's fathers name?
What is Goku's sons name?
Who is Chichi?
What are Goku's favorite colors?
What planet are Super Saiyans from?
What is Goku's real name?
How old is Goku?
How many types of Super Saiyan's are there?
Who is Frieza?
When was Dragon Ball First made?
Who is Krillin?
What is the newest dragon ball show called?