list two words Crossword

to deny access to a privilege, group, or place
sheltered or private; not seen by many people
avoiding the company of other people
related to a particular subject
to come into existence and develop
a substance used to destroy harmful microorganisms
open to new opinions and behaviors; ideas favoring maximum individual freedom
to set someone or something free from captivity or harsh control
state of being free from government imposed authority
to move from one place to another
to move from one language or form to another
allowing light to pass through or across; somewhat transparent (think frosted glass)

Infection Control Vocabulary Crossword

Infection Control Vocabulary  Crossword

the absence of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms
the use of a chemical agent or solution to destroy pathogens
the presence of an infectious agent on a body surface or clothing, bedding and surgical instruments
free from bacteria or other living microorganisms
a specified area such as within a tray that is considered to be free of microorganisms
a medical device that uses temperature and steam to sterilize surgical instruments
guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for reducing risk of transmission
personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks
the process of destroying all microorganisms and their pathogenic products
the process of destroying all bacteria
a substance that inhibits the growth and development of microorganisms
a route in which a pathogen can enter a susceptible host
the conveyance of a disease from one person to another person or object
a pathogen that causes a disease such as virus, parasite or bacterium
an area for a pathogen to live and develop
acquired or occurring in a hospital
requires oxygen to live
can live and develop without oxygen
human immunodeficiency virus
acquired immune deficiency syndrome
hepatitis b virus
organisms invisible to the naked eye
a bacterium, virus or other microorganism that can cause disease
a microorganism that cannot cause disease
a disease that can transmitted
a route where a pathogen can leave its host
infection risk

Lights and Shadows Crossword

Lights and Shadows Crossword

to glow or to give off light at low temperatures, as in fireflies
a material that does not let any light pass through
nature's display of the spectrum of colours produced by the dispersion of colours as light passes through droplets of water falling through the sky during a rainstorm
to bounce off a surface, as in light bouncing off a mirror.
the bending of a light ray as it passes from one medium to another
a dark image or figure cast on the ground or some surface by an object blocking incoming light
a material that allows some light to pass through but scatters the light in the process so that images are not clear (i.e. frosted glass)
a material that lets light pass through it so that objects can be seen clearly on the other side
a three-sided length of glass. Light passing through it is refracted separating the colour of white light into a spectrum of colours.
a form of energy that is emitted by the sun or by a chemical reaction to which the eye is sensitive.

Night Vocabulary Crossword

Night Vocabulary Crossword

of or relating to mysteries
fear that makes you unable to do whats right
to cause pain or trouble to someone
person who runs a big organization
express sorrow, regret, or unhappiness about something
people who are close to death
having no mercy
place where sick people stay and are cared for
person who carries out surprise attacks
movable bar attached to a finger board
twist body from side to side
given to or marked
person who is kept in prison or hospital
very serious or formal
place where dead people are cremated
easily broken or damaged
think about something to much, applied to another thing
judgement or opinion about something
short story that isn't true
free someone who is controlled by another group

Food borne illnesses Crossword

Food borne illnesses  Crossword

A Foodborne________, commonly referred to as food "poisoning" is a disease carried to people by food or water.
A Foodborne__________, is an incident in which two or more people experience the same illness symptoms after eating a common food.
___________ or other microorganisms that have contaminated food cause most food borne illness.
The temperature ________________ is between 41 degrees F to 140 degrees F.
A foodborne illness can result from a harmful ________ getting into a food that is then eaten by a person.
_________ are another potential source of contamination
___________ contaminated include dirt, hair,nail polish flakes, insects, broken glass, and crockery, nails, staples, metal, or plastic fragments, and buts
To prevent foodborne illness, foodservice personnel must follow procedures for good personal ___________
The temperature danger zone is between _____ degrees to 140 Degrees
___________-temperature relationship problems occur because, food is not stored, prepared, or held at required temperatures
One of the most common causes of foodborne illness is ______ contamination, the transfer of bacteria from hand to hand, food to food, or equipment to food.
the ___________ method is used most often unless a thermometer cannot register a temperature of 32 degrees F (0 degrees C)
______________ method may be less reliable than the ice-point method because of variation due to high altitude
An easy way to determine if hands are rubbed and lathered for 20 seconds is to sing one verse of______________________
cuts, burns, or any kind of break in the skin could harbor harmful__________ that can contaminate food and cause a foodborne illness
________ to food cross contamination happens when harmful microorganisms from one to such as unwashed produce, contaminate other foods.
Bacteria may pass from ___________ to food when the equipment that has touched food has not been properly cleaned and sanitized before being used to prepare another food
Foodservice ___________ are responsible for learning about food safety and following food safety requirements and guidelines
The foodservice __________ is responsible for knowing and implementing the state and local public health department regulations regarding food sanitation and safety
The 3 main________ illnesses are Biological, Physical and Chemical
The harmful microorganisms called ___________ can come from a variety of sources
__________- spreading pest, such as cockroaches, flies or mice which are attracted to food preparation areas, may contaminate food, equipment, or device areas.
_________ spread organisms from their bodies to food by unclean hands, coughing, sneezing.
____________ facilities and equipment may spread harmful organisms to people of food
___________ microorganisms may contaminate food during preparation and serving
The ______ primary ways of preventing foodborne illness are practice good personal hygiene, control time and temperature of foods, and prevent cross contamination

Milady 2016 Chapter 5 Infection Control: Principles & Practices Crossword

Milady 2016 Chapter 5 Infection Control: Principles & Practices Crossword

One-celled microorganisms having both plant and animal characteristics. Some are harmful and some are harmless
Transmission of blood or body fluids through touching (including shaking hands), kissing, coughing, sneezing, and talking.
Single-cell organisms that grow in irregular masses that include molds, mildews, and yeasts.
Transmission of blood or body fluids through contact with an intermediate contaminated object, such as a razor, extractor, nipper, or an environmental surface.
Invasion of body tissues by disease-causing pathogens.
Nonscientific synonym for disease-producing organisms.
Any organism of microscopic to submicroscopic size.
Harmful microorganisms that enter the body and can cause disease.
Organisms that grow, feed, and shelter on or in another organism (referred to as the host) while contributing nothing to the survival of that organism.
Various poisonous substances produced by some microorganisms (bacteria and viruses).
A submicroscopic particle that infects and resides in cells of biological organisms.
Reaction due to extreme sensitivity to certain foods, chemicals, or other normally harmless substances.
A disease that is spread from one person to another person.
The presence, or the reasonably anticipated presence, of blood or other potentially infectious materials on an item's surface or visible debris or residues such as dust, hair, and skin.
Condition in which the body reacts to injury, irritation, or infection.

Foodborne Illness Vocabulary Crossword

Foodborne Illness Vocabulary Crossword

Microorganisms that infect a host organism with diseases.
A single-celled organism that can be found everyone in the world, even in food.
Tiny organisms that can cause severe illnesses in humans, animals, and plants.
When a food or beverage is heated up to a point where it can cause food spoilage or diseases.
To transfer bacteria from one food to another by using un-sanitized hands, or dirty utensils.
A term used to describe something that is free of live microorganisms.
When something is free of bacteria and visible dirt.
A microorganism known to cause fermentation.
An organism that lives inside another organism.
A microscopic fungi that lives on plants and animals

Lesson 17 Crossword

Lesson 17 Crossword

The creator of this crossword puzzle.
A round shape that has no beginning or end.
A small circle; a ring or round band worn as an ornament, especially on the head.
A path for an electrical current to flow around.
To move around an area or place, often returning to a starting point.
The distance all the way around a circle.
Bending around; curved.
To go completely around.
To turn around like a wheel.
Careful; careful to look all around before doing something.
To prevent something from happening by careful thinking; to get around something; to entrap.
Across the Atlantic Ocean.
Across a continent.
To write across languages; to translate.
To cut across or divide by cutting.
To move from one place to another; to move across places.
To cut through any language barrier by changing one language into another.
Clear; light can pass through; see through but not perfectly here.
Perfectly clear; obvious; light shows clearly through.
The process of giving off moisture through pores of skin or through the surface of leaves and plants.
To carry from one place to another; to carry through an area.

Science - Light & Sound Crossword

Science - Light & Sound Crossword

the bouncing of light off an object
the bending of the path of light when it moves from one kind of matter to another
the stopping of light when it his a wall or other opaque
reflecting or absorbing all light; no image can be seen
allowing some light to pass through; blurry image can be seen
allows most light to pass through; clear image can be seen
a solid object that bends light; not a lens
the range of light energy that people can see
a vibration you can hear
the area of a sound wave where the air is pushed together
quickly moving areas of high and low pressure
the greatest distance from the top of a sound wave to the bottom of the wave, the more energy a wave carries, the greater the amplitude
the distance in a straight line from one place on a ripple to the same place on the next ripple
the measure of the amount of sound energy reaching your ears
the measure of how high or low the sound is
the speed t which a sound travels
a sound reflection
a large, quick air pressure increase followed by a large quick decrease, an object moving faster than the speed of sound does this, so we hear a large BOOM when it happens
the change in frequency & pitch as a source of sound waves moving towards you or away you
the part of a sound wave where molecules are spread apart
the part of the sound wave where the molecules are close together
the number of times an object vibrates per second
a unit for measuring loudness

Domestic Violence Crossword Puzzle

Domestic Violence Crossword Puzzle

A place to call if you are fleeing Domestic Violence
A person who argues or supports a cause or policy
A place giving temporary protection from bad weather or danger.
A person who presides over court proceedings
The process of moving people from one place to another
A nutritious substance
Advice and support that is given to someone to help them deal with problems
To give assistance to someone
The ability to bounce back after something bad happens
A time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger

Vocabulary Roots #2 Crossword

Vocabulary Roots #2  Crossword

To deny access to a privilege,group,or place
Sheltered or private;not seen by many people
Avoiding the company of other people
Related to a particular subject
To come into existence and develop
A substance used to destroy harmful microorganisms.
Open to new opinions and behaviors; ideas favoring maximum individual freedom.
To set someone or something free from captivity or harsh control
State of being free from government imposed authority.
To move from one place to another
To move from one one language or form to another
Allowing light to pass through or across;somewhat transparent