Deakens cross word if you find  28 letter word your amazing

opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England.
every class has one
triple 000
amzing person
remove the n never
looks like a cow with horns
grand turismo
sand and water
someone who has 200 IQ
a job
ireland people eat them
side by side and having the same distance continuously between them.

world war 1 Crossword

world war 1 Crossword

the policy of glorifying military power and keeping an army prepared for war.
loyalty to your nation
when a stronger nation takes over a weaker nation
the joining of italy to duel alliance between germany and austria
didn't bind britian to fight with france and russia, almost certainly ensured that britian wouldn't fight against them.
a deadlocke region in france
battle strategy that called for attacking and defeating france in the west and rushing east to fight russia
stretch of battlefield along the german and russian border
miles of dug up parallel trenches to protect from enemy fire
state of deadlocke
countries devoted all their resources to the war effort
people could only buy a small amount of those items that were also needed for war effort
one-sided information designed to persuade
an agreement to stop fighting
the removal or banning of anything that was negative toward the war
materials used in war, especially weapons and ammunition
a series of peace proposals
a compromise made between french, britian, and u.s

Quadrilaterals Crossword

Quadrilaterals Crossword

what is a Quadrilateral?
what has no parallel sides?
what parallel sides have one pair,it can't be a what?
what has opposite sides where AB is equal to DC?
the interior angles measure to 90 degrees?
what has all the same sides?
two angles that share a leg are?
one pair of parallel sides can also be a what?
nonparallel opposite sides are congruent?
diagonals bisect each other?
opposite angles are what?
diagonal of a rhombus bisects two angles,what is it?
diagonals of a rhombus are what?
the diagonals of a rectangle are?
the base angles of an isosceles trapezoid are what?
what is a rectangle?

Geometry Vocabulary Crossword

Geometry Vocabulary Crossword

A closed plane figure formed by three or more straight sides that are line segments.
A polygon with three sides and three angles.
A polygon with four sides and four angles.
A polygon with five sides and five angles.
A polygon with six sides and six angles.
A polygon with seven sides and seven angles.
A polygon with eight sides and eight angles.
A polygon with nine sides and nine angles.
A polygon with ten sides and ten angles.
An angle that measures greater than 0 degrees and less than 90 degrees.
An angle that forms a square corner and has a measure of 90 degrees.
An angle whose measure is 180 degrees.
An angle that measures greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.
An exact location in space.
A straight path of points in a plane that continues without end in both direcetions with NO endpoints.
A part of a line that includes two points called endpoints and all the points between them.
A part of a line; it has one endpoint and continues without end in one direction.
The point at either end of a line segment of the starting point of a ray.
Lines in the same plane that never intersect and are always the same distance apart.
Two lines that intersect to form four right angles.
Lines that cross each other at exactly one point.
The number of square units needed to cover a surface.
The distance around a figure.
A parallelogram with four equal, or congruent, sides and four right angles.
A parallelogram with opposite sidees that are equal, or congrudent, and with four right angles.
A parallelogram with four equal, or congruent, sides.
A quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.
A quadrilateral whose opposite sides are parallel and equal, or congruent.
Having the EXACT same size and shape.

Quadrilaterals Crossword

Quadrilaterals  Crossword

An angle formed by the extending of a side, adding these together will always equal 360 degrees
All of this quadrilaterals sides, <'s, and diagonals are congruent, all of its angles are right angles
A quadrilateral not a parallelogram, has only one pair of parallel sides.
2 lines that come together to form a right angle
Angles that add up to 180 degrees
The angle on the inside of a figure
When 2 things measures are the same
When 2 lines never meet they are......
The lines connecting two opposite angles together is a....
A figure where both pairs of opposite sides are parallel
A figure with two pairs of congruent opposite sides, its diagonals are congruent, all of its angles are right angles.
A line which cuts another line segment into two equal parts
A quadrilateral with 2 pairs of consecutive congruent sides and no opposite congruent sides, no parallel sides
A trapezoid with legs that are congruent
A parallelogram with 4 congruent sides, 2 pairs of congruent opposite angles, its diagonals ore perpendicular to each other, each diagonal bisects a pair of opposite angles.

Dairy Terminology and Anatomy Crossword

Dairy Terminology and Anatomy Crossword

9 months and 2 weeks
Mature female bovine that has had a calf
A cow that is not lactating
When a female is receptive to male to be bred
Just above the brisket
__________ udder attachment
First milk produced
Female bovine yet to calve
Dairy cattle have 4 ______
Animal with a four compartment stomach
Mature male bovine
Just below the knee
_______ udder attachment
Giving birth is known as
Shoulder _________
___________ of shoulder
Cow that has had calf and is lactating
Sire and dam are of the same breed
Almost always removed for safety reasons
Mammary _______

Animals Crossword

Animals Crossword

Striped animal that looks like a horse
This animal has a very long neck
This animal loves bananas
Slow moving and has a shell
King of the jungle
This animal likes to eat carrots and sugar cubes
Has big ears and likes to hop
Man's Best Friend
Lives in the cold and waddles
Some say this animal has nine lives
This animal is grey with one big horn
Big animal that has one horn
You can find them with the sheep and it has horns

Dairy Farm Crossword

Dairy Farm Crossword

a bunch of cows
female cows have these
milk cows with these
food you make out of milk
male bulls have these
make chocolate milk with this
cow poop is called
baby cows grow these after they are born
what you call a farm with cows
why do cows lick each other?

Beef Cattle Word Search

Beef Cattle Word Search
Word Search


Breeds of cattle Crossword

Breeds of cattle Crossword

Can be red or black
A breed of dairy cattle
A type of cow that has short horns
Primarily raised for beef cattle
Can be raised for meat but can be crossed with angus and hereford
A cow that has long horns
A small bread of dairy cattle
Scottish cattle Bread
Highley muscled cattle breed
one of the world longest established beef cattle
Beef that was developed in the Caribbean Island
Tropical beef cattle developed in southern Texas on king ranch
North American dairy cattle
Hardy and popular beef cattle
Dual purpose Breed of cattle developed in England
versatile breed of cattle originating in the valley of the Simme River

Animal Terms Crossword

Animal Terms Crossword

What is a castrated male pig?
What is a male pig that is used for breeding purposes?
What is a female pig that has had a litter of pigs?
What is a female pig that hasn't had a litter of pigs?
What is a castrated male cow called?
What is a male cow that is used for breeding purposes called?
What is a female cow that hasn't had a calf called?
Known as the time period of when an animal is pregnant.
Taking the baby off of the mothers milk.
Has parallel leaves, fibrous roots, & an example is corn.
Has broad leaves, taproots and soybeans are an example.
Multiple roots, branched
One main root
Using animals if there isn't any other alternative.
Believe that animals should never be used.
Lady who had a major impact in creating a humane way for animals to live.
Largest particle size between silt, clay and sand
Smallest particle size between silt, sand and clay.
How fast water moves through the soil.
Owning more than one part of an operation
Owns the barn and cares for the animals
Provides feed, medicines, etc