Savvy week two crossword

regretfully acknowledging an offense or failure; being sorry for something that you did
bend the top of one's body forward
braided trimming in a zigzag pattern, used as decoration on clothes
rustling noise made by someone walking in a dress
showy or unnecessary ornament in a dress.
touch or fidget with something in a restless or nervous way
gather into a crowd
guide (someone) somewhere
Faint from extreme emotion
can't understand

Night Vocabulary Crossword

Night Vocabulary Crossword

of or relating to mysteries
fear that makes you unable to do whats right
to cause pain or trouble to someone
person who runs a big organization
express sorrow, regret, or unhappiness about something
people who are close to death
having no mercy
place where sick people stay and are cared for
person who carries out surprise attacks
movable bar attached to a finger board
twist body from side to side
given to or marked
person who is kept in prison or hospital
very serious or formal
place where dead people are cremated
easily broken or damaged
think about something to much, applied to another thing
judgement or opinion about something
short story that isn't true
free someone who is controlled by another group

Literary Terms Crossword

Literary Terms Crossword

literary reference to a familiar thing
conflict with another character
the turning point in a story (comes after the rising action)
comparison of two or more similar objects
author's own account of his/her own life
story of a person's life written by someone else
the problem; something vs. something else
stretching the truth
the begining of a story
kind of writing that explains something
category or type (of literature)
the lesson of a story
person telling the story
words or phrases that convey the opposite meaning or expected outcome
problem from INSIDE of a person
main character of the story
sequence of events in a story
the author's attitude toward the subject of a work
group of lines forming a unit in a poem
point of view in which the reader knows all thoughts, feelings, and actions of all the characters

Braiding Ch 18 Crossword

Braiding Ch 18 Crossword

Also known as canerows. narrow rows of visible braids that lie close to the scalp and are created with a three strand on the scalp braiding technique
Simple two strand braid in which hair is picked up from the sides and added to the strands as they are crossed over each other.
also known as inverted braid or french braid; a three strand braid that is produced with an overhand technique.
also known as dreadlocks; separate networks of curly, textured hair that have been interwined and meshed together.
hairstyling that uses no chemicals or dyes and does not alter the natural curl or coil pattern of the hair
A technique in which the first side section goes over the middle one, then the other side section goes over the middle strand
braid created with two strands that are twisted around each other
also known as box braid or individual braids; free hanging braids with or without extensions, that can be executed using either an underhand or an overhand technique
overlapping two strands to form a candy cane effect
Also known as plaiting; a technique in which the left section goes under the middle strand, then the right section goes under the middle strand
three strand braid that is created using underhand technique
Interweaving a weft or faux hair with natural hair.

The Giver vocabulary crossword

The Giver vocabulary crossword

To mock something or someone
To exacute something very carefully and with great quality
To be unsure (or nervous) about something
To have the property of being stuck ( the abbility to stick)
To be gentle and kind
To punish
takeing care of something and helping it grow
Naturel ability
Full of ( positive) energy
To be upset about something
A warning for doing something
A quality someone possesses
To be releaved of a duty
To be aware/ awake
Filled with something or penatrated (ex. sponge and water)
To have Responded to something
something extreme
To express sorrow
A general idea
To break a rule
Something traditional
To be tired or weak
To be confused or stressed
Bad events/ risks
To continue to do something without stopping
Something that has been added on is something ______________
Extremely tired
something difficult to carry out is something _____________
Something teasing in a good way

sewing terms Crossword

sewing terms Crossword

use to cut zigzags
use to cut fabric
use to cut threads or trim seams
used to rip open seams
used to hold pins
used to hold pieces of fabric together
used to transfer pattern markings to fabric when making a garment
used to transfer markings from pattern to fabric when making a garment
used to measure large flat surfaces
used to sew things
used to sharpen tips of needles and pins
used to protect the middle finger of your sewing hand
used to stitch and make repairs
six inch ruler you can use to mark hems or seam widths
used to take body measurments

The Outsiders Crossword puzzle

The Outsiders Crossword puzzle

Free of criminal charge
A space entirely devoid of matter
Change direction suddenly
Of great extent or quantity
Admire or love greatly
Likely to do something
A state of unconsciousness
In a way that is uncertain
In a state of ecstasy
To scowl
Behavior in accordance to social standards
Cautious or wary
To express a complaint
The crime of killing a human without malice
Occur again
Feeling or showing anger or annoyance
In a manner that shows tenacity
In an unwilling and hesitant way
Shaking or trembling when speaking
Evade or escape in a skillful or cunning way
In a way that expresses sorrow or regret
To cause someone to be confused
A strong feeling that something bad is going to happen
Shy or enjoys solitude
Stubborn and combative
Weep or cry noisily
Playfully Mischievous
Unwilling or unable to believe
In a casually calm or relaxed manner
Showing great care or caution
In a profoundly wise manner
To know or understand

Mystery Vocabulary Crossword

Mystery Vocabulary  Crossword

Can you solve all these mystery words?
shows the major events
A discovery that helps solve the crime
A fact or object that gives infromation
An excuse that an accused person shows
An investigator
A thing or statement
A guess or feeling not based on facts
A reason that a person does something
Person has a motive of commiting the crime
A person who saw what happened at the state of the crime
False or misleading clues

Cam Jansen Mysteries Crossword

Cam Jansen Mysteries Crossword

a necessary piece of information that helps solve the mystery
an object, observation, or piece of information that helps to solve a mystery or puzzle
the reason a person does something
another name for a detective
someone who saw something related to the crime
the arrangement of events in a story
a person who is harmed by a crime
to ask question or seek information from people
a feeling or guess about something
a game that tests someone's reasoning ability

The Outsiders vocab 4-6 Crossword

The Outsiders vocab 4-6 Crossword

never stopping
fear of something pleasant
in a scornful way that shows disdain
what Umbridge did to the school in harry potter
feeling something bad is going to happen
really tired
shake or tremble in speaking
to escape
feeling or showing anger
pull with force
to look carefully at someone or something
being confused
found guilty by the jury
your hair full of knots
pausing before doing something
colorless part of blood
irrational behavior

The Outsiders Chapter 1-2 Vocab Crossword

The Outsiders Chapter 1-2 Vocab Crossword

Back slightly bent while standing up
Frowning in an irritated or angry manner
Walking quickly
Unable to understand or guess
Plaid shirt or outfit
Quickly striding
Irritated; angry
Complex; hard to understand
Shaking rapidly; shivering
Saying something but you really mean the opposite
Tricking someone into doing something or going somewhere
When a person is not making any sense they are-
A newspaper article giving the author's standpoint
Used as a question asking if someone understands something or they get it
Sorrowful or regretful
Going alone to do/see something