Tree Finds Words Crossword

Who is the main character in the book?
Who lives down by the shore, too?
Who is the bravest one to talk to Tree first?
Who is helping Tree move?
Where does Tree live?
Where does Tree meet the children?
What makes Tree want to return home?
When will the children come back to see Tree?
What makes them strong?
What are the children and Tree calling themselves?

BFG Fun Crossword Puzzle

BFG Fun Crossword Puzzle

What is BFG short for?
Who wrote the BFG?
Where is I from?
Who does I become friends with in the story?
Where does Sophie live?
Which Queen helps Sophie and I stop the other bad Giants?
What does I catch in his net?
How old is Sophie in the book?
How do they stop the Bad Giants from eating people?
Where were the Bad Giants heading for to capture children?
Name one of the Bad Giants.
What was Sophie's favorite thing to do?

Healthy Relationships Crossword

Healthy Relationships  Crossword

Exaggerated feelings of passion
Significant relationship between two people that is based on trust, caring, and consideration
Qualities or characteristics
A small circle of friends, usually with similar backgrounds or tastes,who exclude people viewed as outsiders
You treat people with respect and in return they do too
Treating others with kindness and consideration and in difficult times you show empathy and support
Being honest and open with others, rather than consealing your thoughts, feelings, or actions
Contributing to the relationship and working to keep it strong, even if it means making some sacrifices
Expressing your thoughts, feelings, and expectations to others and understand theirs in return
A problem-solving method in which each participant gives up something to reach a solution that satisfies everyone

Great Expectations Crossword

Great Expectations Crossword

what was the nickname that Jaggers gave to Bently Drummle
Jaggers housemaid
how many guineys did Pip recieve from Miss Havisham
how old was dickens when his father was put into prison
Who was the woman that stayed with Charles until he died
Lived in a castle
Whom does Wemmick marry?
how did Dickens die?
Charles was one of how many siblings?
Queen that was said to love Dickens' books
Who is Pip's tutor
What profession is Pip born into
What is the name of the other convict, who dies as a result of a fight
Who attacked Ms. Joe
Which family member raised Pip "by hand"
Of shore Prisons
What is the name of Wemmick's house
Who kidnapped Pip late in the story
What is Pip's birth name (first)
Pip’s best friend
what was Dickens’ mother's name
who married Estella
Pip returned home when his sister…?
Joe’s second wife
what event happened 5 years before Dickens’ death
what did Mr. Wopsle become halfway thought the story
what was the name of the 18 year old actress Dickens stayed with
Miss Havisham's adopted daughter
how many novels did Dickens write
what did Pip steal from Joe's Forge
Pip is badly hurt after what happened at Miss Havisham's
What name did Herbert give Pip
who handles all of Pip's affairs
where the beginning of the book takes place
where does Pip go to live
who was Pip's benifactor
this didn't matter as long as you had wealth and status
where did Dickens get his first job publishing his stories
what type of fiction is Great Expectations
the format that Great Expectations was originally printed in
how old is Pip at the beginning of the story
poor areas in London
who was rowing the boat other than Herbert
what is the name of Miss Havisham's estate
where does Pip find Estella in the last chapter
for how many months did Pip go to Miss Haisham's
Pumblechook is Pip's
Dickens is buried here
Drummle died as a result of mistreating what animal
how did Estella make Pip feel when they first met

Of Mice and Men Chapters 4 and 5 Crossword

Of Mice and Men Chapters 4 and 5 Crossword

Who's place does Lennie walk into?
What does Candy want to talk to Lennie about?
Who walks in on Lennie and the dead puppy in the barn?
What does Lennie use to kill Curleys wife?
What animal stall is Curley's wife found by?
Who visits Crook first when the other men are in town?
Who appears during the conversation between Lennie and Crooks?
What game do the men play in the barn to pass time?
What does Curley always talk about when he is talking to his wife?
Where does Lennie go after he kills Curleys wife?
Where does Curley and his wife meet?
Where does Curley send Whit when he finds out his wife is dead?
What does Curley send Whit to get when he finds out his wife is dead?
Where do the men go in chapter 4?
What was Curleys wife wearing when she was talking to Lennie?
What is Crooks?
What does Carlson say he is going to get after they find Curleys wife dead?
What is Lennie going to see when he meets up with Crooks?
What direction does George say Lennie ran towards after the murder?
What was Curley's wife's dream job?
Who says they're going to shoot Lennie when they find Curley's wife dead?
What did Candy say Curley got his hand stuck in?
How much does George say he is going to make at the end of the month?
Where is Lennie when he strokes Curley's wife's hair?
What game were the men playing on Sunday afternoon?
Whose gun did George use to kill Lennie?
Who does Candy first tell when he finds Curley's Wife dead?
What does Lennie take with him whne he leaves for the brush?

My Side of the Mountain #1 Crossword

My Side of the Mountain #1 Crossword

Type of tree that Sam built his home in.
Number of people in Sam's family.
City where Sam originally lived
Name of the falcon that Sam trained.
Type of bird that Sam captured and trained.
Name of the weasel that lives near Sam.
Name of the mountain range where Sam is living.
Sam made pancakes from this kind of flour.
The land where Sam build his tree home belonged to Great Grandfather _______________.
Sam starts his fire with a ____________ & _______________.
Name of the town where Sam visits the library.
Name of the man who taught Sam how to build a fire.
What does Sam use as a calendar?
What does Sam write notes on?
Who gave Sam a haircut with the library scissors?
What made the "Pip, pop, pop", noises?
Sam found this at the bottom of the gorge.
Who was Sam hiding from in the forest?
What did Sam make a new set of clothing from?
Sam ate a very satisfying meal of this meat.
When the fish weren't biting, Sam ate these instead.

Shakespeare Macbeth Act I Crossword

Shakespeare Macbeth Act I Crossword

Who betrayed his country and was beheaded because of it?
Who was the original Thane of Cawdor fighting when he died?
How many witches are there?
Witches told Macbeth this
Who is Macbeth with when he meets the witches?
What scene did a messanger come to Lady Macbeth in?
Who was the letter given to Lady Macbeth from?
What did Lady Macbeth want to become?
Who coming to their house for the night did Lady Macbeth want to kill?
Who were the Macbeth's going to blame for King Duncans death?
Who believed Macbeth and Banquo were the best soldiers?
Where is the kings court?
Who is Duncans oldest child?
What does Lady Macbeth fear Macbeth is too full of?
What does Lady Macbeth believe murder is defined by?
What does Lady Macbeth tell the 'spirits' to do to her?
"And fill me from the crown to the _ _ _ _ _ _ full"
Who is about to die and talks about how Macbeth is a great leader?
Ross and _ _ _ _ _
What else was Macbeth prophesied to become?

Harry Potter Crossword

Harry Potter Crossword

What is Harry's Mothers Name?
What is Harry's Fathers Name?
Who is the greatest headmaster?
Map that shows all secret passages.
What is Neville's last name?
Wizards Bank In London name?
Wizards Prison
The Forbidden Forest
Frothy, Buttery drink
Soul Sucker Creatures
What is Hermione's Parents occupation?
Famous House Elf
What is Snape's Patronus
How many Movies were made?
What is Hagrid's huge dogs name?
What is Dubledore's Phoenix name?
Gold Wizard Money
Creature that lives in attics.
Huge Humanoid is called a what?
Who marries Harry?
Small creatures with leathery skin
Small creatures with swarthy faces, long hands & feet.
Where dwell the great at heart house.
Who makes the famous Rock Cakes?
The boy who lived.
Who does Ron marry?
What is the name of the school for witches & wizards?
House where no one fits in goes.
Quidditch player who guards the goalpoats .
The Darkest Wizard
A term to describe non magical parents.
Who chops off the head of Nagini?
Language of the snakes.
Wizards sport
Luna Lovegood lived in this house.
Quidditch player who tries to catch Snitch.
Harrys Godfather.
House when anyone does anything to achieve their ends.
Half Blood Prince is who?
Golden ball with silver wings.
What frees Dobby?
Sorts into different houses.
Harry's Patronus
Mythical white horse creature.
Vicious tree where Ron & Harry drive into.
Rons last name?
Hermione's last name?
Harry's last name?
Half man, half horse creatures
Fastest broomstick.

Disney Characters Crossword

Disney Characters Crossword

What was Walt Disney's first movie?
Whose the Mouse that wears red and white polka dots
Who is Micky Mouse's Best friend
Who likes to eat honey
Whose the Princess that sleeps for a thousand years
whats the name of the dog in Micky Mouse
who's the bad guy in Micky mouse
Whose the Cricket that watches over pinocchio
who does peter pan like
what killed Belle's mum
who kisses a frog
Who gets a long nose when he lies
What is the cow girls name from Toy Story
what's the cats name from Pinocchio
who is as white as snow
who wears glass shoes to a ball
"I want to walk like you talk like you too"
"Mirror Mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all"
Who likes exploring with his friend Thumper
Random: who is a famous wizard
whose the cub of the lion King
who is Goofy's Girl friend
whose a mermaid but dreams of being on land
Who fights for her father
who meets a demi god
who becomes moana's best friend



Who is the ruler of Narnia?
Who received the sword and shield?
The magic is called...
Who lives in the dam above the river?
Who do Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter live with?
The White Witch lives in a ...
Who makes it spring in Narnia?
Who was on top of the tree getting attacked by a wolf?
Who was the first to meet the White Witch?
How do you get to Narnia?
What was the wolf's name?
The White Witch makes it always ... in Narnia.
Who is the first to find a Son of Adam or Daughter of Eve in Narnia?
Who was the first to enter Narnia?
Who gives people/living objects gifts?
The White Witch turns objects into ...
What is on the other side of the wardrobe?
Where does Aslan get killed?
Who goes on the sledge with the White Witch?
Aslan makes it... in Narnia?

To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1 Crossword

To Kill a Mockingbird Part 1 Crossword

What name does everyone know Jean Louise by?
She breaks her morphine addiction before she died
This family is known for being hostile dirty and ignorant; they only go to school on the first day
What name does everyone know Jeremy Atticus Finch by?
The scary man who lives down the street
During what era was the book set?
The name of the county where To Kill a Mockingbird takes place
Where do the children find the pennies, soap dolls, and pocket watch?
Atticus's nickname growing up
During the summer the children's main goal is for Boo Radley to __________ his house.
Scout can ______________, which gets her into trouble on the first day of school
She is the kitchen help in the Finch home
TIm Johnson is a ________ that was shot by Atticus.
What did Jem destroy that lead to him having to read to Ms. Dubose?