brown girl dreaming CW Crossword

This word was used alot to symbolize Jacqueline's birth state, "Ohio. The Buckeyed State" and basically anyone who was native to ohio "no colored Buckeye in his right mind would ever want to go there."
Jacqueline wrote her first book about this."Butterflies by Jaqueline Woodson on the front." This is important because all the events in the story lead up to/start from this point. She starts from wanting to be a writer, "I want to be a writer." To teaching herself how to write, "this is how I learn." To writing a book, "I am writing a book about butterflies". From there she writes even more books "Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson". This helped make her into who she is today (a writer).
When she was born, her hand was in a fist. She compares her fist to famous people fighting for their rights and equality. Then she says "I do not know who I'll be what I'll say how I'll say it." This builds suspense for the reader by making the reader question who she will be. This also foreshadows her becoming a writer.
This is what her father's side family refers to as "home" in the the story "welcome home my grandparents say."
This is Jacqueline's birth place and what her mother's side of the family refers to as "home" in the story "New York, my mother says. Soon I'll find us a place there. Comeback and bring you all home."
She compares this to painted over white only signs in the bathroom "they painted over the white only signs, except on the bathroom doors, they didn't use a lot of paint so you can still see the words, right there like a ghost standing in front still keeping you out." Even after the segregation ended, she still felt excluded. This is important because this is another reason she wrote the book (to talk about her life during and after segregation).
For jacqueline, this came hard "words from books curl around each other make little sense." This shows that eventhough she was good at writing, she wasn't good at reading. Further threw the text, she shows how she deals with it "I memorize them, reading the same books over and over, copying lyrics to songs from records and TV commercials."
In book it talks about her having two homes (the North and the South). She refers to each as "halfway home." She talks about her experiences in both homes. Jacqueline contemplates which home is home because her mother moved alot. This is an internal conflict that Jacqueline had delt with throughout the entire book "will we have to choose between home and home?"
Jaqueline compares the way they run to South Carolina memories in her blood. "I am born in Ohio but the stories of South Carolina already run like rivers through my veins." She was born at the height of the civil rights movement. She goes on to explain when she was born in ohio, people from South Carolina (part of her genetic roots) are fighting for their rights. This symbolizes that right after she was born, these events already define her.
The author compares stories to this natural phenomenon. "How can I explain to anyone that stories are like air to me, I breathe them in an let them out over and over again." This simile shows how Jacqueline takes in stories. She reads them over and over again. Jacqueline compares it to air to show the readers that it is natural and instinct to her.
It becomes clear to the readers her love of writing her name. From when she could write only one letter, she fell in love "I cannot write a word yet but at three, I know the letter J /love the way it curves into a hook." To when she finally wrote her name "write Jacqueline Woodson the way I've done a hundred times, turn back toward my seat, proud as anything."
She is Jaqueline's older sister. In the book, Odella is always a step ahead of Jacqueline "I am the other Woodson, following behind her each year." Jacqueline is always comparing herself to her "she is gifted we are told...I am not gifted."
When Jacqueline's mother left, her grandmother turned her and her siblings into Jehovah's Witnesses "we became Jehovah's Witnesses like her." This is a key point in the book because it goes on to shape Jaqueline's beliefs "I believe in God." She talks a lot about what it is like being a Jehovah's Witness and her experiences about it throughout the book "when the kids in my class ask why I am not allowed to pledge to the flag/ I tell them It's against my religion."
When Jacqueline goes to the fabric store with her grandmother, they feel human. She describes that in the fabric store they aren't labeled as thieves, "at the fabric store, we are not Colored or Negro. We are not thieves or shameful or something to be hidden away." Even after segregation they were still treated shamefully and suspicious. They were refered to as "thieves."
In the book Jacquline's little brother(Roman) is sick because he ate paint "one day, Roman wouldn't get up...she takes him to the hospital". At first Jacqueline didn't like Roman and she was jealous "I don't like the new baby." When he went to the hospital, she was the baby girl again. She ended up wishing for Roman to come back. "I am finally the baby girl again, wishing I wasn't." This shows the kinda character Jacqueline is. Jacqueline didn't realize her love for her baby brother because she let her jealousy get ahold of her.
The theme of this book is memories. Jacqueline wrote this book to share her memories with the world. She talks about her memories during "the training" and after "what everybody knows" segregation. Her memories in the South "the garden" and North "graffiti." And her memories of how she is a writer "writing."

"The Great Gatsby" Crossword

"The Great Gatsby" Crossword

The author of the book "The Great Gatsby"
The narrator of "The Great Gatsby"
she is a professional golfer in the story
Tom cheats on Daisy with her
What is the setting of this novel
Gatsby buys his house to be close to her
Nick and Tom both went to college here
What color is Gatsby's car
Gatsby and Nick both live in this egg
Fixed the World Series in 1919
The name of daisy's child
What is at the end of daisy's dock
What does Gatsby host at his house
How many years was Gatsby in war
Gatsby's real name
Who does Daisy say I love you to in front of tom
Who kills Gatsby
What does nick invite Gatsby to do st 9 am
How many true friends does Gatsby have
Who does Mr. Wilson think hot Myrtle

Famous Books and Authors Crossword

Famous Books and Authors Crossword

This man wrote 'A Christmas Carol'.
Who wrote the 'Harry Potter' series of books?
'The _____________' was the first of the 'Series of Unfortunate Events' series.
_____________ Wilson wrote about Tracy Beaker.
What is the first name of the main character in 'Holes'?
This is the surname of the man who wrote 'Romeo and Juliet'.
This is the name of a famous book by Roald Dahl.
Which creepy series of books did R. L. Stine write?
This is the name given to a fiction book.
Who wrote 'Mr Stink' and 'Gangsta Granny'?
Michelle Magorian wrote '______________ Mr Tom'.
Suzanne Collins wrote this trilogy of books which is now also a series of films.

Outsiders Crossword Puzzle

Outsiders Crossword Puzzle

a type of clothing that only the Socs wear and the Greasers envy
she was only 16 years old when she wrote the story
Dally sent Johnny and Ponyboy to this city after Johnny killed Bob
the main theme in The Outsiders
these people have long hair and live on the East side
the oldest Curtis brother
he had a horse named Mickey Mouse
he used to live in New York before coming back to Tulsa
it's the one thing that both the Greasers and the Socs have
her hair was fiery red, and so ws her car
the title of the novel we are reading
it always happens between the Greasers and the Socs
Mrs. O'Briant called Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally this (hint chapter 6)
these people are rich, drive hotrods and live on the West side
Mr. Syme's students called him late at night and asked him about the theme he was to write about. His name is (hint chapter 12)
Dally loved this person more than anything
Bob drove this kind of car

"The Cask of Amontillado" Crossword

"The Cask of Amontillado" Crossword

Who is the author of "Cask of Amontillado" ?
When did Montresor tell his servants he would be back?
How did the victim die ?
What is the name of the rare Spanish wine Montresor lures Fortunado with?
What does "In pace requiescat" mean?
What is the theme of this story?
“______ cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry”
After reading the story, the reader may wonder if Montresor feels any_____ for his crime.
What was Fortunato’s weakness?
Fortunato’s name is ironic because it means______ in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
When was this story published?
Upon what did Fortunato pride himself ?
What was Fortunado dressed as?
What line the walls in the crypt?
Montressor continues to keep offering to bring Fortunato back home but he_____.
As Montresor builds the layers of stone, how does Fortunato react?
The vibrations of the _____ caused Montressor to cease his labors after the fourth tier.
What kind of narrator is Montresor ?
Fortunato says “ The ____ is mere nothing; it will not kill me. I shall not die of a ____.”
What is Montresor’s greatest talent?
What genre of writing was Edgar Allan Poe famous for ?
Fortunato exclaims that Montresor is not part of the brotherhood known as the___?
What caused Montresor’s anger and need for revenge upon Fortunato?
What event is going on within the setting of story? Carnival
What was the relationship between Poe and his wife Virginia premarriage? Cousins

A Raisin in the Sun Crossword

A Raisin in the Sun Crossword

_______________________ Park
Beneatha wouldn't marry him because he was shallow
I tell ou I am a ______________________!
Source of Mama's money
Kind of store Walter wants to buy
Someone who is willing to give up his own culture and submerge himself in another
One For Whom Bread-Food-Is-Not-Enough
Walter's son
Ruth's with child condition
Walter's sister
City where Walter and Ruth live
Asagai asked Beneatha to _________________ him.
Daily job
Mama wanted to set aside money for Beneatha's
He ran off with the liquor store money.
He bought Walter bad news about the money.
Financial document made payable to Mama.
TRavis's present to Mama
Asagai's home continent
Life is a ______________________, going round and round
Representative from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association
Asagai's home country
Act division
A ___________________ in the Sun
Walter thought his wife should wear some ______________ in this world.
Ruth was going to have one
Ruth did it to the clothes
Those who cannot see the changes or refuse to think
Those who see the changes in the long line of life
Last thing Mama takes from the apartment
Beneatha did not believe in him
Beneatha's African intellectual boyfriend
Play division
Walter's wife
Mama got garden ______________
Pay-off; illegal money
What Beneatha wanted to study to be
Wlater's mother

Crucigrama Crossword

Crucigrama Crossword

I can draw very well, and it is fun
I like to play sports.
I am well behaved.
My room is messy so everything is not in the right place that it should be
I got in trouble
I like to clean my room so that everything is in the right place
My friend calls me a couch potato
My mother acts this way when I'm in trouble.
My neighbor is very sympathetic
My dad does gets his work done
My brothers and I are not short
My mom and dad are not tall
His sister is not handsome
Giants are very big
My aunt said that I was looking nice at the wedding
His baby cousin is not old
Her sister's hair is close to the color orange
Henry is a stand up comedian , and the people always laugh at his good jokes
I am not little nor am I medium sized.
My great grandmother is not young.
My hair color is a bit lighter than black.
Many of my friends have a hair color that is close to yellow
I have many of these in school, and we sometimes go out to see movies
She is not a boy, she is a.
He is not a girl, he is a.
There are many of us in school, and we where uniforms.
When a male teenager gets older they become.
My mother is not a girl, she is a.
What is the singular version of people.
Another word for extremely.
Another word for small.
This word is also used in slang as " cause."
Can be used as " we-all" in a sentence.

"To Kill a Mocking Bird" by, Harper Lee: Chapters 1-5 Crossword

"To Kill a Mocking Bird"  by, Harper Lee: Chapters 1-5 Crossword

Misunderstood could be mean or nice ,we don't know. His house is scary and when he comes out he tends to say "Boo"!
"In first five years at Maycomb County he studied the economy", he was also a lawyer. He seems to be a very well educated man, he also teaches life long lessons to his kids.
This place is very scary and if you loose a ball on the yard it's gone! "Once was white and had green shutters, but had long ago darkened to the slate-gray color of the yard around it.".
"He was a curiosity. He wore blue linen shorts that buttoned to his shirt, his hair was snow white and stuck to his head like a duck luff.".
He the older brother and try's to seem tough. He doesn't want his little sister near him in school and then when he gets back home he can talk to her. In the inside he is scared of the Radley's House but despite that he walks over and touches the house.
The family is the "Disgrace of Maycomb!". The mother is gone and the father is just a complete maniac, therefore the kids don't care about their education. They only attend the first day of school.
She is the house keeper/nanny of the house and act's like a mother figure to the Finches. "We couldn't operate a single day without her, think of how much she does for you.".
She is the younger sister of Jem. At a young age she seems to not understand other peoples situations. She is very educated and above her class, she still though hasn't found out what "until you climb into someone's skin and walk around it.", means.
The Finch's were made wealthy by one of their ancestor's, Simon Finch. He made money off cotton and built this for his family.
The town gossiper and spread's rumors about the Radley's. She especially picks on Arthur "Boo" Radley and unfortunately the town believes her nonsense.
She is the opposite of Miss Stephanie Crawford and is not like your typical Maycomb women. "Was a widow, a chameleon lady who worked in her flower beds. She loved everything that grew on God's earth, even the weeds.".
This is the setting of the book. This place has a social chain and is in Alabama.
The teacher of Scout's class. She has many kids who don't even know how to read or right, she is also very emotional. She is from Northern Alabama.
He spends most of his school year's on the farms, he is not educated and not fed properly. When he comes to the Finch's house he gets to eat a nice meal and talk with Atticus, like two men.
Has bug's coming out of his hair and has a real big mouth.
Might be little but sure enough can stand up for his teacher. He send Burris home, not a problem at all for him.
Had a chance to send his son to an asylum to get better but did not agree, he decided to punish his son at home. In the end he passed away and got stabbed by his son with scissors.
How does Lee describe the game the children are playing about the Radley's?
This is the family's who pay's anything they have to the Finch's. They farm for a living and Atticus truly accepts their payment's due to their situation.
In Northern Alabama "this county when alabama seceded from the union, seceded from Alabama. Everyone in the class knew this.".

The Book Thief Crossword

The Book Thief Crossword

This is who narrates the novel.
This is the time period in which the novel takes place. Many people died during this time in history.
The name of city in Germany where Liesel and her foster parents live.
The instrument Liesel's father plays.
The place Liesel stole her first book.
German word used to humiliate a female.
First name of Liesel's foster mother.
First name of Liesel's foster father.
The leader of the Nazis's and the Holocaust.
The name Hitler gave the racial groups of people that he targeted.
The boy who lived next to Liesel, and who became her best friend.
The homes in Molching, on "The road of yellow stars" are homes to this group of people.
This place is where the Jesse Owens incendent occurred.
This is the gold medal olympian Hitler refused to shake hands with because he was African American.
What Liesel used to describe her foster mother's personality.
This is what Liesel loved to look at outside her window.
This character did not belong to the group of Germans who supported Adolf Hitler.
This is the place where Liesel's brother died, and the place Liesel wakes up having nightmares about.
Liesel's foster father helped her to learn how to_______.
The book Liesel and her father used when learning how to read, belonged to this person.
Liesel realized Han's accordion was telling a_______.
This is what Rosa would say Hans smelled like.
What begins in 1939?

Elements of Poetry Crossword

Elements of Poetry Crossword

the beat created by a poems pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables
emphasized when the syllable is spoken
not emphasized when the syllable is spoken
the repetition of sounds at the ends of words, as in pool, rule, and fool
a group of lines that work together to express a central idea
like a narrator of a story, this is the voice of the poem
the use of any element of language - a sound, word, phrase, or sentence - more than once
the repetition of similar consonant sounds at the beginnings of words
the use of words to imitate sounds
the feelings and associations a word evokes in people
the dictionary definition of a word
a writer's attitude toward his or her subject
language that appeals to the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch
writing or speech that is not meant to be taken literally
compares two unlike things using the words like or as
compares two unlike things without using the words like or as
gives human qualities to something that is not human
is an extreme exaggeration
the message or insight about life the poem conveys
a poem that tells a story in verse
a poem that expresses the thoughts and feelings of a single speaker, often in highly musical verses
a poem that is shaped to look like its subject
a Japanese form of poetry about nature, made up of three lines. the first and third lines have 5 syllables, the second line has 7
a humorous, rhyming five-line poem with a specific rhythm and pattern of rhyme
a poem that does not have a strict structure, regular rhythm, or pattern of rhyme

Author's Point of View Crossword

Author's Point of View Crossword

Something that can be proven
Something that someone believes
The way an author looks at a topic or idea
Another word for author wanting you to agree with their point of view
Point of view when "I" am telling the story
The Story is told by "you"
The Story is about "he" or "she"
Reason why an author writes
When an author is telling a story he is writing to . . . .
When an author is trying to convince you to see it from his/her perspective, she is writing to. . .
When an author wants to let you know about something, they are writing to . . .
The main person(s) in a story, movie or play