Casey's Puzzle Crossword

Your middle name
App we met on
How we first laid eyes on one another
First movie we watched (2 words)
My birthday month and month we matched
Birthday piñata (3 words)
First dinner date location (2 words)
My fluffy creatures that adore you
My initials
Month of our first kiss
Color of your pjs
Your shirt I have in my bed (2 words)
Coziest thing in your bed not including you
What you surprised me with on your last visit to my house
Where your hand ends up wandering
Cutest giraffe
Your animal whisperer goal (2 words)
Who is the blanket thief?
Who sleeps in the middle of the bed?
Where you are this year
One of your hobbies
You brought me two big bowls of these
What you are going to grow out when you retire
The food neither of us like
Month I hugged you last
My task when your parents were in town
Our bartering system
Clothing of yours I struggle to take off
Best sun chip variety (2 words)
Your favorite food
First board game we played
Number of tattoos I have
Best roadway engineering
Best toy to build with
Our first date activities in order (3 words)
When's our anniversary? (2 words)
My favorite place to be (2 words)

Love Crossword

Love  Crossword

Month of our dream wedding
A sassy sabertooth feline
What I love most about you
How you make me feel every day
Our first date
Location of a pretty lame party
Three little words I can't say enough
Paradise, a.k.a. our honeymoon Island
Day of the week we said our "I do's"
Number of years we've been together
Day you asked me to be your wife
How long I will love you for
Our original anniversary month
How I know you'll make a great dad someday
Location of our first vacation together
What I admire the most about you
What I am because I have you
What my life is with you in it
Husband and _______
How many years we were engaged for
You are my ________

The I Love You Crossword: all phrases have no spaces. Have fun! I love you baby :)

The I Love You Crossword: all phrases have no spaces. Have fun! I love you baby :)

My favorite color
Your favorite color
The first member of the J-Squad
The second member of the J-Squad
Where we went on our first date
Where we went on our 1-year anniversary
My favorite animal
Your favorite animal
The Cirque du Soleil show we saw on our anniversary weekend
Where we went on our first weekend away
Our favorite ice cream shop
Our favorite coffee shop
One of your favorite restaurants (I like the fries)
Our first movie night
My favorite dish that YOU make
Our favorite cocktail to make at home
City where I was born
City where you were born
Neighborhood where we live
Month of our anniversary

Happy Valentine's Day Love! Crossword

Happy Valentine's Day Love! Crossword

How did we meet each other?
Will you be my_____?
You have my
Your _____ are my home
You are my Best____
I love you to the ______ and back
The longer the wait, the sweeter the ______
We have all the ______ in the world in eachother
We love eating at
I can't wait to _____ for you
I can't wait to _____ home to you
I'll be by your side____
You can always count on ______
We are each others biggest _____
One of our favorite bands
You are my _______
I'll be your _______ in shining armor
We _____ the loudest together
You make me the __________ girl alive
You are my whole _______
We can't wait to go to _______
I _______ you a bunch
Gotta read ______ still
We love to ______
We are ______ addicts

Personal Hygiene Crossword

Personal Hygiene Crossword

I do this once a day to remove food in between my teeth.
I put clean clothes on every day, especially this!
I never do this into my hands. I use a tissue whenever possible.
I do this before eating, after using the bathroom, sneezing or playing with pets.
Keep this neat by styling and brushing.
I clean these often so I don't get wax in them.
Keeping my body __________ is an important part of staying healthy.
Always get your beauty _________.
Do this to avoid gingivitis, cavities and bad breath.
I trim these weekly. I keep them short and clean.
Doing this every day or two is a must, and always after sports practice or playing outside.
I always use this when I wash my hands and body.
My hair always smells so fresh and clean when I use ______________.
I always try to keep fresh ____________ in my purse.
It's also nice to keep a ______________ in my purse.
Before you go to bed don't forget to wash your _________.



What is my favourite colour?
What is my last name?
What is my middle name?
What is the last name of Monica and Ross in 'Friends'?
What month was i born in?
What colour are my eyes?
What character am i most like from Friends?
What character are you most like from Friends?
What hat was i wearing when I entered Uniform Hub for the first time?
What playground equipment did I fall off?
What is my favourtie subject at school?
What is the last name of a teacher that refuses to speak to me?
Name of the person who comes into our lives once a month..heheh
Last name of the male teacher you are in love with!
Name of the football team I support
My favourite Disney film
The name of the shop that we hate!
What country do i want to travel to in the future?
The name of the restaurant where you held a suprise birthday meal for me
The name of the house you are in at school
The age you are when you frist receive these letters
What is the name of my favourite band?
The name of my Dad
Your favourite character in Riverdale

My girlfriend Crossword

My girlfriend  Crossword

Who is my favorite person?
What do you and a flower have in common?
What will your last name be very soon?
What word describes your appearance?
Where did we first spot one another?
What month did we make it official?
How long will be together?
What are you to me?
One word to describe our relationship?
What's one thing I'll do for you?
What's one thing I like the most about you ?
What's the best gift you've ever given me?
If I could share one thing with you it would be?

All about me Crossword

All about me  Crossword

How many tats do I have
What’s my middle name
How many babies do I want to have
Where do I want to travel with you
What’s our song
First place we kissed
Where do I love your kisses da most
What’s my favorite movie
Where in Brooklyn did I grow up
Who do I love the most
My favorite perfume
Place we’ve had sex On other than the bed
What’s my fav season
Where was our first road trip to

All About Us Crossword

All About Us Crossword

Your Favorite Sports Team
My Favorite Sports Team
Our Favorite Pet
Our First Date
My Favorite CLE Restaurant
My Eye Color
Our future Daughters Name
Anniversary Month
My Middle Name
Your Middle Name
State We Are Visiting This Summer
Your Favorite Fast Food
My Favorite Fast Food
Your Favorite Candy
My Current Favorite Movie
Our Last Name
Where We Met
City We Met
Your Home City
My Home City
My Birthday Month
Your Birthday Month
Luna's Birthday Month
State We Are Going To Live In
My Favorite Grocery Store
Your Favorite Color

I ❤️ you! Crossword

I ❤️ you! Crossword

Where i told you i first realised i maybe liked you?
Where we had our first kiss
What were we watching when you asked me to be your girl?
What is the one thing we both love to do?
How long did i live on a boat for?
The one song that always reminds me of you?
How long have we been together (in years)?
What was our first real date?
What food did we eat on our first date (after i begged!!!!!!)?
The worst dinner we've cooked together hahah??
Our anniversary date?
The name of the puppy we're going to have together (maybe when we 90 tho haha)
My middle name
Our favorite snack (at least i think it is haha)
Our "shipname" at the Hippodrome?
If i could have anything at your house what would I have?
The one thing I always want you to know, no matter what...

For your flight Crossword

For your flight Crossword

What we were dressed as for Halloween
Where we had our first kiss
What sport were we playing when we met?
Favorite midnight snack
Our favorite pup
What’re we champs at?
Favorite place to shop
All day every day
Where I first told you I liked you
One of our favorite thing to do together
Our first of many trips together
City trips to
On our favorite dinner dates we eat
We're both the ------ child
Your job
Benson has the best
4 seconds
Should have brought a blanket
Didn’t even stall the first time
my favorite birthday present
It just tastes like hot chocolate
Can never make it through a full...