Travelling around the globe Crossword

Relating to the properties of spheres.
A person who is travelling or who often travels.
The amount of something that is permitted, especially within a set of regulations or for a specified purpose.
Relating to the Middle Ages.
The subjugation and assumption of control of a place or people by military force.
The action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.
An official document issued by a government, certifying the holder's identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries.
The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.
Done or eaten in the open air.
A strong underground prison cell, especially in a castle.
Take a holiday on a ship or boat following a predetermined course, usually calling in at several places.
Leave one's own country in order to settle permanently in another.
A type of aircraft which derives both lift and propulsion from one or more sets of horizontally revolving overhead rotors.
Travel some distance between one's home and place of work on a regular basis.
An arrangement whereby something, especially a seat or room, is reserved for a particular person.

Imperialism Crossword

Imperialism Crossword

a territory that a colonial power ruled directly through colonial officials
African country that remained independent via their military
a soldier from colonial India under the direction of a British Commander
one of the inspirations for Westerners to colonize China
effort by the Righteous and Harmonious Fists to expel foreigners from China
largest colonial power in Africa
little buddy of the USA in Africa...remained independent
British adventurer who made millions in gold and diamonds in Africa
pride in your country, support of its policies, and feeling of superiority
acronym for the motives of imperialism
meeting where Europeans agreed on how to divide up the African continent
had to inform others that you wanted part of Africa
lead European leaders at the Berlin Conference
author of White Man's Burden
colony with its own government but policies guided by a foreign power
time between 1800-1914 when countries set out to control foreign lands
political, economic, social, military control of another country
a region where an imperial power has exclusive economic and trading control
amount of input Africans had at the Berlin Conference
competition by Europeans to claim part of Africa
poem advocating "westernization" of Africa and other non-industrialized areas

Executive branch Crossword

Executive branch  Crossword

Term for president as the ceremonial head of the United States
Term for president as vested with executive power of the United States
Term for president as main architect of foreign policy and spokesman to other countries
Term for president as commander of nation's armed forces
Architect of public policy and the one who sets agenda for congress
President as leader of his political party
Representative of the people , working for the public interest
People chosen every four years who make formal selection of president and Vice President
Communication that reach large audiences ex.television,radio,newspaper,Internet
Oath taken by president on day he takes office stating he will faithfully execute and preserve ,protect, and defend"
Regulation issued by a chief executive , based upon constitutional authority and having force of law
Formal agreement between two or more sovereign states
Pact made by president with head of a foreign state
Large complex administrative structure that handles everyday business of an organization
Also called cabinet departments , traditional units of federal administration
Head of department of justice
Release from punishment or legal consequences of a crime by the president or a governor
All matters not directly connected to the realm of foreign affairs
Nations relationship with other countries
A refusal to become generally involved in affairs to rest of world
When House of Representatives give formal charges against a public official
Find not guilty of charge
Lying under oath
President takes no action over a bill for 10 days
Rejection by president of a bill
Official who leads an executive department

immigration Crossword

immigration Crossword

This can cover the rules of entry for visa applicants, foreign nationals or those seeking asylum at the border, detecting and apprehending those that have breached the border and removing them, or pursuing those in breach of immigration and criminal laws.
a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country. impression or mark made on a surface by a person's fingertip, especially as used for identifying individuals from the unique pattern of whorls and lines
a permit allowing a foreign national to live and work permanently in the US. endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period of time in a country official document issued by a government, certifying the holder's identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries.
are put in place to control the movement of people, animals and goods into as well as out of a country. Specialized government agencies are usually created to perform.
the state of being vested with the rights, privileges, and duties of a citizen.
the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint
a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something
the action of deporting a foreigner from a country

tourism Crossword

tourism Crossword

someone who go on hoilday seeing the wonders of the world
a special time when people go on holiday every year
someone whose job is to look after a group of people who are visiting a place and give them information about it
a book that gives information about the place they are visiting
a place where a lot of people go on holiday, usually one with a lot of hotels, bars, and restaurants
a small book that contains useful words and phrases in a particular foreign language, used especially by tourist
interesting places that people go to see
peoples aim to get to there place
that special route made by the tourist to find a place or thing
an unusual and exciting or daring experience:
the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment

Aviation Vocabulary Crossword

Aviation Vocabulary Crossword

an aircraft which is not powered but instead glides on air
between or among continents
powered flying vehicle, fixed wings, weighs more than air it displaces
lift from one or morsels of revolving overhead rotors
compartment for the pilot in the aircraft
escape from aircraft by being explosively propelled out
process of finding ones location and planning a route
revolving shaft with blades
protect from danger, risk, or injury
become airborne
coming or bringing to land
horizontal structures on both sides of the plane supporting it in the air
two brothers that made first flight in a powered aircraft
protect eyes from dust, glare, water, etc.
one piece of clothing worn by military pilots
material that opens up to slow landing

The beginnings of Islam Crossword

The beginnings of Islam Crossword

People who believe in the basic principle of Islam
A building used for Muslim worship
Successor, or religious leader of a Muslim community
A group of people who resisted the rule of the Umayyads
Accepted the elected caliphs and did not resist the Umayyads
Was elected Successor the year 632 when Muhammad died.
Established the muslim empire
The holy book of Muslims religion
Teachings and practices of Muhammad used as guides for living
A person who moves from place to place rather than settle permanently.
A desert area that contains water
Families of people related by blood or marriage
Arabic word for God
The belief in only one God
A journey to a sacred place or shrine
I was elected caliph and ruled until 644
Was opposed by rebels in 656
Was the last caliph befor the set up of hereditary dynasty

Globalization Crossword

Globalization Crossword

strategy in which firm allows foreign country to produce its products for a fee
selling products to another country
arrangement whereby someone with a good idea for a business sells the right to use business name
a system of trade between nations in which there are no special taxes placed on imports
a business entity created by two or more parties, generally characterized by shared ownership, shared returns and risks, and shared governance
long-term partnership between companies to help each company build competitive market advantages
simply the import and export of goods and services across international boundaries
the value of one currency for the purpose of conversion to another
the reduction or underestimation of the worth or importance of something
a schedule of duties imposed by a government on imported or in some countries exported goods
belief in the benefits of profitable trading; commercialism
obtain (goods or a service) from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of an internal source
bringing goods or services into a country
the amount by which the cost of a country's imports exceeds the value of its exports
the amount by which the value of a country's exports exceeds the cost of its imports
an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country
trade restriction that sets a physical limit on the quantity of a good that can be imported into a country in a given period of time
the difference in value between a country's imports and exports
the difference in total value between payments into and out of a country over a period
an economic association (as of nations) formed to remove trade barriers among its members

Relations and Functions Crossword

Relations and Functions  Crossword

The set of input values in a relation.
A relation that assigns exactly one output for each input.
The place where a graph crosses the y-axis.
When a figure can be folded about a line so that it matches exactly.
A diagram used to determine whether a relation is or is not a function.
Used to emphasize that a function value f(x) depends on the variable x.
The y-coordinate of the highest point on a graph.
A set of ordered pairs.
This type of line is never a function.
The behavior of a graph as x approaches positive or negative infinity.
Used to determine whether a graph is a function.
The place where a graph crosses the x-axis.
The y-coordinate of the lowest point on a graph.
To replace a variable with a number and simplify.
This type of line is always a function.
The set of output values in a relation.

The Mongolian Empire Crossword

The Mongolian Empire Crossword

one of several separate territories into which Genghis Khan’s empire was split, each under the rule of one of his sons
a revised form of Confucianism that evolved as a response to Buddhism and held sway in China from the late Tang dynasty to the end of the dynastic system in the twentieth century
a ceramic made of fine clay baked at very high temperatures
What influenced artists to find the "way" in nature?
What type of people were the Mongols?
People of an empire that originated out of the steppes of Eurasia that grew to become the largest empire in the world's history.
A person whose lifestyle consists of hunting, gathering, and moving from one place to another
a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement
grassland plains without trees
(ruled 1206-1227) name means "Universal Ruler," led a fierce Mongol army, best known for his military campaigns
the area that the khan ruled
people who lived off of domesticated herds and followed herds to grazing pastures
grandchild of Genghis Khan, became Great Khan of Mongol Empire in 1260, completed conquest of China, created the Yuan Dynasty in China, ruled the Great Khanate, increased foreign trade, was ruler when Marco Polo arrived in China
Venetian traveler who explored Asia in the 13th century and served Kublai Khan (1254-1324)
What major technology brought by the Europeans greatly increased the Mongols strength
Mongolian ruler of Samarkand who led his nomadic hordes to conquer an area from Turkey to Mongolia (1336-1405)
An extensive interconnected network of trade routes
Too much spending on foreign conquests, corruption at court, and growing internal instability plagued what dynasty?
Who ended the Mongol dynasty?
What belief influenced the portrayal of humans as insignificant in the midst of nature
Who perfected the making of porcelain?
medicine man or wizard, people believed he had the power to summon spirits and cure the sick.
The ___________needle and thread take the place of brush and ink, while pieces of silk and brocade are transformed into areas of color.
Empty spaces were left in the paintings because in the ______ _______, one cannot know the whole truth
During the Song and Mongol dynasties,__________ __________ was a major cultural development.

State and local government crossword

 State and local government crossword

the governing body of a nation, state, or community
the most important city or town of a country or region, usually its seat of government and administrative center.
a constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body
the highest judicial court in a country or state.
a crime, typically one involving violence, regarded as more serious than a misdemeanor, and usually punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or by death
the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality
make a law
income from taxes and fees
a city with its own government
the release of an offender from detention, subject to a period of good behavior under supervision.
A minor wrong doing
a permanent committee that meets regularly.
general assembly is the legislative branch of the state government. In most states it comprises two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives .
Officially order to return to a place
The element head of a city,town,or other municipality
laws, considered collectively.
not in accordance with a political constitution, especially the US Constitution, or with procedural rules.
The lower house of the United States Congress. With 435 popularly elected officials, the House (as it is often called) is the most representative body in the federal government.
The division of power among the three branches of government
Currently holding office
A municipal body having legislative and administrative powers
a member of a senate.
The head of the executive branch of the state government
propose or formally enter as a candidate for election or for an honor or award.
the action of taking something for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission.