Conference Call Bingo
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fact pattern
webex issues
what was the question?
take this offline
running over


Video review day 1 Crossword

Video review day 1 Crossword

The father of television
reinforces stereotypes, shapes our morals and keeps us informed
_______________ was the first form of media
In ____________ color televison became popular
_____________________ is defined as a set of laws that protect an artists original work
__________________ is when you copy someone elses work.
Making a music video with another persons music is ______________
Property owned by the government that you can record videos on without permission is called what?
Government communications agency
storyboarding is done in this phase of making a video
Video and audio editing is done in what phase of making a video?
What phase of video production do you select your equipment?
This job includes using audio mixer, operating audio players and monitorying the audio level on studio equipment
This person is the eyes and ears for the news director
Anyone who appears on camera is referred to as __________
This frames shots for the viewer and takes the shots the director calls out.
You ________________ equipment before unplugging it

Career Clusters Word Search

Career Clusters Word Search
Word Search

Public Administration
Natural Resources

Parliament pro Crossword

Parliament pro  Crossword

The meeting has been going on long enough and everyone made there motions and debated 4 times, what motion do you use
In the middle of debate you want to take a short break what motion do you call for
It is very cold in the room, what motion do you call for?
The meeting just started, and no main motion is made, what can you call for to bring up a motion
To set a motion aside temporarily for more urgent business
All members have debated twice on the amendment, what should the next motion made be?
Tim wanted to change the motion, what motion is required to do so?
Angelica wanted to bring up new business to the table, what motion is she using?
During debate a member isn't following the rules, what do you call for?
After awhile of debating, you are tired of standing and want to sit when debating, what motion should be used?
Tara made a motion you don't agree with and can effect the program in a negative way but most of the members agree with it, what motion can you use to get rid of the motion
You have a question about the motion, what do you call for?
To secure a ruling of the group
You are in the middle of debate and want to make a motion but doesn't know if it is the appropriate motion to use you can ask _______ to know if it is legal
If the verbal vote
To consider separately a motion that has several distinct parts
If the motion was voted on and the outcome was not the outcome needed, you would motion
After the motion has been voted on you can call for _____ to annul the motion or outcome of the vote
The vote comes out a tie, you can motion _____ to decide on if the motion passes or not
What vote is required for fix the time to which to adjourn
Motion maker get _______ debate
Written or verbal notice
To approve or adopt a statement, report, or motion
A piece of paper on which a member writes or marks a choice in an election or vote
A generic title that refers to either a man or woman; the presiding officer who conducts a meeting
Important matters brought before an assembly for action
One or more members appointed or elected to complete a specific task
An assembly
A single gathering of persons or members of an organization
An individual who has joined an organization and has all the rights, duties, and responsibilities that membership requires
A proposal at a meeting that certain action be taken or certain views about a subject be expressed by the assembly



The opposite of negative
To turn up the corners of one's mouth
Paying attention to what one is saying
To relate to another's situation
The act of conveying a message to others
Our occupation
Acquired facts and information
I am sorry, for example
to restate a customer's issue for clarity
Keeping the customer on track
saying hello
The part of your voice that should be positive
heartfelt; wholehearted
two or more people communicating are having this
the head of a group
resolving all concerns in one interaction
the loudness of a sound
the opposite of positive

Digital Citizenship crossword

Digital Citizenship crossword

bullying through the internet
An email from a fake bank is an example of what?
Thinking something is one thing when its not
acts as a lock for online accounts
what you leave behind on the internet
rules you have to follow
Steps you need to follow
Unnecessary issues that are usually over exaggerated
Social networking
Share to much information
when people track information to steal stuff from you
interacting with other people
instantly communicating
A profile character
gaming online

Southwire Conference Call Bingo

Southwire Conference Call Bingo
Bingo Cards

Gagging cough
"At my prior company..."
Unaware unmuted caller
"Hello? Hello?"
Webex connectivity issues
"Who just joined?"
Deafening echo
"Can you see my screen?"
Loud keyboard typing
"Can you email this out?"
Unbelievably loud caller
Unrealistically quiet caller
"Sorry, I was on mute."
"Let's circle back..."
Parking Lot
Heavy sigh
Inopportune cell phone ring
Call goes 30 mins. over
Sleeping manager
Incorrect host PIN
Free Conference Call jingle
Ask unrelated question


Conference Call Bingo

Conference Call Bingo
Bingo Cards

Hi, who just joined?
Please email that to everyone
_____, are you there?
Got to jump on another call
(Sound of loud typing)
(Loud feedback or echo)
(Child or animal noises)
Hi, can you hear me?
Next slide please
Can everyone go on mute?
I'm sorry, I was on mute
Hello? Hello?
(Interrupt) Sorry, go ahead
Sorry I'm late (excuse)
I have a hard stop at...
I'm sorry, you cut out
Can we take this offline?
I'll have to get back to you
Must be connection issue
I think there's a lag
Sorry, can you repeat?
I can barely hear you


The Crusades Crossword

The Crusades Crossword

Final crusade
Sailed to Acre, the son of Henry 3
The treaty that was the result of the final crusade
Taking over other peoples land
Someone(in an army) going out to take over other peoples land
The crusade previous to the Ninth crusade
This was created by the mamluks and crusaders, mutual agreement
This was captured by storm
When you win a battle
The head of the Catholic Church
The Muslims and Christians fought over this land
This city was important to 3 different religious groups
People wanted____________, to be the best
The Islamic people who worshiped allah
The people who worshiped Jesus Christ
What is the Holy Lands name in today's time?

WeBex Bingo!

WeBex Bingo!
Bingo Cards

"Can everyone hear me?"
Weather mention
"Are you on mute?"
Two people talking at once
"Is_____ on the call?"
Someone repeats themself
Dog barking
"Can you repeat that?"
Bad connection
Someone enters late
Someone is driving
You can hear typing
Someone is eating
heavy breathing
Someone doesn't know acronym
"Best interest of members"
"Is this being recorded?"
Someone gets dropped
Wait longer than 3 min
No one answers question
Ends early
Ends late
Senior leader on call


Parliamentary Procedure Crossword

Parliamentary Procedure Crossword

A proposal used to challenge the ruling of the chair
Proposals unrelated to the main motion and are granted precedence over ordinary business
motion to bring the assembly to a vote without delay on the immediately pending question
proposals used to provide proper and fair treatment to all members
a proposal used to obtain group approval on any particular subject
A method of voting that involves writing a vote on a slip of paper
an intermission during a meeting
A motion used when it is time to close a meeting
An alteration of or addition to a motion
An assembly's way of allowing all members to decided on issues after debate.
Vote required for previous question
To gain information
To allow the chapter to do something that would be against the rules
Presiding officer
To present and item of business
Temporarily delays action and acts as if a new motion
How many taps after the vote is complete
Its hot in here can we change the temperature?