Nephrology Nurse week 2020 Crossword

To be worn in COVID-19 patient room
attached between the arterial blood line and the arterial side of the dialyzer
CLiC device is used with this type of dialysis machine
With the CLiC device this is to be done before each use
Patient identification-verify with two identifiers before acting
Non-exempt employees are required to answer the 'meal period' question at the end of the shift
To be performed upon entry and exit of a patient room
Each employee is assigned to one located near their home unit
A steep slope represents a rapid decrease in blood volume+

Urinary System Crossword

Urinary System Crossword

Waste materials are filtered from the blood into these.
The tube that leads from the kidney to the bladder
Painful urination
Visual examination of the urinary bladder.
Inflammation of the urethra
Muscular sac that holds urine
Root that means Renal Pelvis
Largest artery located in the abdominal cavity.
The kidneys are located behind the parietal peritoneum. Their location is then, _______peritoneal
Abnormal condition of protein (alumin) in the urine.
Shock waves are beamed into a patient to crush urinary tract stones.
Nitrogenous waste materials are separated from the blood by a machine.
A person who performs surgery on the urinary tract and provides treatment of male reproductive disorders.
Vessel that carries blood toward the heart from the kidneys.
One of the two roots meaning kidney

Lockout Tagout Crossword

Lockout Tagout Crossword

The control of hazardous energy.
Title of the employee who locks or tags machines or equipment in order to perform servicing or maintenance.
Source of energy with suspended parts or springs.
Source of energy by oil or water pressure.
Lockout tagout involves the use of a specific lock or locks to ____ equipment from all energy sources.
Locks, tags and isolating devices must not be used for other purposes.
A completed tag should have a _____ and reason why the equipment is down.
____ by themselves, may only be used when locks cannot be used and when the employer can demonstrate that a tagout system will provide full employee protection.
When implementing lockout tagout, ____ all affected employees in the work area.
How do you insure that all the energy and hazard sources are off?
____ authorized employee must affix a personal lockout or tagout device to the machine or equipment when work begins and remove it when work is completed.
The municipality must ensure that the _____ employee knows when their lockout device has been removed before they resume work at the facility.
Never attempt a LOTO procedure unless you have been _____.
____ remove a tagout device unless authorized.
Lockout tagout does not apply when a person has ____ control of the plug while doing the work.

Compliance Crossword Puzzle

Compliance Crossword Puzzle

Occupational Safety and _________ Administration
FERC Order 706 governs these Standards
Generally ________________ Accounting Principles
ATC’s FERC formula rates are housed within this
An ATC ___________ has a $50,000 expenditure authorization limit
Escheatment is the process of turning over ___________ property to a state authority
The frequency of completing ATC’s Business Ethics Questionnaire
Regulation (acronym) enacted in 1996 aimed at ensuring medical records, medical billing, and patient accounts meet certain consistent standards with regard to documentation, handling, and privacy
An employee may take maternity leave under the ________ and Medical Leave Act
The heading on Page 3 of ATC’s Code of Conduct: Doing What’s _________
Tax (acronym) imposed on both employees and employers to fund Social Security and Medicare
The Federal _____________ Guidelines outline the seven elements of an effective compliance program
Tone at the ________
An anonymous way to report an ethics or compliance concern
The number of members on ATC’s Policy & Ethics Committee
________________ Reliability Organization
Juanita Banks is ATC’s Designated ___________ Officer
Substantiated ethics and/or compliance violations are reported to ATC’s ____________ Committee
Enterprise ____________ Management
Regulatory entity (acronym) that assists in the protection of employment discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, and a variety of other characteristics
Information should be classified as ATC __________ Information when the unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or destruction of that information could expose the Company to a significant level of risk
Controls for providing Users the means to verify or validate a claimed identity through the presentation of something they know (e.g., passwords), something they own (e.g., hardware token), or something they are (e.g., fingerprint, biometrics, etc.).
Per the Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources Policy, data moved to removable media sources (e.g. USB, CD, etc.) must be ___________.
Ways to report potential issues or concerns are outlined in ATC’s Open ______ Policy
Employment ______________ and Professional References Policy
Accepting a gift card from a supplier vying for business at ATC represents a Conflict of ________
Per the External Communications & Social Media Policy, do not represent yourself as a ____________ for ATC
Per the Gifts & Entertianment Policy, all tangible gifts given to an ATC employee, regardless of dollar amount, must be reported to _________
Environmental ____________ Agency
A competitive _________ is required to procure services over $100,000
___________ Oxley Act was instituted in 2002, as a result of a series of high-profile financial scandals
Per NERC, Critical __________ are facilities, systems, and equipment which, if destroyed, degraded, or otherwise rendered unavailable, would affect the reliability or operability of the bulk electric system
Personnel Risk ____________ Policy
The Travel & Expense Policy governs transactions inputted into this system
___________ employees who do not charge time to project work orders only need to report their exception time (e.g. vacation, sick, personal, or floating holiday hours) each pay period
Per ATC’s Code of Conduct, each ATC employee has a responsibility to promptly _________ any known violation or dishonest, unethical, or illegal conduct
_______ % of ATC’s corporate goal attainment ties to Reliability Compliance
Behavior Based _________ Observations

Hospitality Crossword

Hospitality  Crossword

Restaurant person who is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional
A hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by booking tours, making theatre and restaurant reservations
Maid in a hotel who cleans the rooms
A person employed in a hotel to receive guests and deal with their bookings
Hotel employee who handles calls from guests who want to make a room reservation
A professional cook
Person who accepts orders from the dining room, relays them to the appropriate stations of the kitchen, and checks each plate before it leaves the kitchen
Food list
Employee who delivers luggage to your hotel room
A place to stay with lots of rooms
Another term for a booking
Head waiter
Person responsible for washing up, cleaning and basic food preparation
What you need to pay at the end of your meal

Infection Control Crossword

Infection Control Crossword

Most important defense against the spread of infection.
When moving from dirty to _____ hand hygiene must be performed
Urine testing should only be done when there are 3 of these without catheter, 2 with catheter
Linen, clothing, and food must be ____ when traveling through the halls.
_____ should be encouraged to wash their hands before meals, after toileting, after blowing nose, etc.
Staff with ____ must be off work for 24 hours after last episode.
Staff with stomach symptoms must be off work for 48 ____ after last episode
When serving food, edges of plates, rims of cups/bowls, ends of silverware must not be _____.
Linen should not be ___ against uniform.
Residents with stomach symptoms and/or fever are kept in their room on _____ until cleared to leave.
Alcohol gel is not useful in killing this infection.
Hand Hygiene must be performed frequently and ____ throughout the day.
Staff wear food handler gloves when ____ bread/toast, raw fruit,
Eye dropper tips should never touch the ___.
Dirty linen and laundry should be ______ in the room.
PPE is Personal ______ Equipment.
PPE includes Gowns, Masks, and _____.
Life Enrichment staff ______ items such as bingo chips and tables after each activity.
Blood borne ______ are a group on infections that are carried & transmitted within blood & body fluids.
Linen closet doors must be kept _____ to decrease potential contamination.
Food must be _____ to 40 degrees to prevent bacteria growth
Food being ______ must be maintained at 135 degrees.
Sharps _______ must be reported for workers compensation and infection tracking purposes.
Proper hand hygiene requires at least 20 _____ of washing.
Glucometers should be cleaned after each ___.
Any surface that is touched could potentially be covered with ____.
Lifts should be wiped with a bleach _____ after each resident.
Infectious medical waste should be discarded in ____ bags
The blood spill kits are located in the 200 ____ dirty utility room
The term do we use for everyday practice to prevent spread of infection is ________ precautions
Which of the top 3 blood borne pathogens can you be vaccinated against?

Patient Safety Goals Crossword

Patient Safety Goals Crossword

Use at least two patient __ when providing care, treatment and service
The goal of improving medication safety is to __ all medications and containers
The physician must be notified within __ minutes of a critical result being reported
When reporting a critical value, what type of clear communication should be used? (two words)
A desensitized staff member ignores or disabling warning sounds due to (two words)
One of the most important ways to prevent Hospital Associated Infections is by improving (two words)
A task perfomed by the surgical team members before a surgery begins which includes correct patient identity, site and procedure
Two licensed nurses must verify these ___ products?
The main purpose is to compare medications currently being taken to the new medications prescribed to assure they will not be duplicated or have negative interactions (two words abbreviated)
A patient is wandering the hospital alone with a bright yellow bracelet. What are they at risk for?

Infection Control Crossword Puzzle

Infection Control Crossword Puzzle

Should be trimmed and clean at all times
This level of precautions relates to all aspects of resident care
These precautions include gowns, gloves, masks, sometimes eyewear
PPE to remove first
The pathogen against which alcohol hand sanitizer is ineffective
The number one intervention to break the chain of infection
You should wash your hands for at least this many seconds
Hepatitis B & C and HIV are spread by this
Extremely small drops of liquid, such as occurs with a sneeze. Can carry infectious organisms
The separation of infected persons from others
Type of disease which can be carried on very small droplets or dust particles that float in the air (Chickenpox, measles, TB)
Type of precaution to use for pathogens can be transferred by direct contact (hand or skin-to-skin) or indirect contact (touching surfaces or items in room)
Residents with _________ are more likely to get UTI
You should perform hand ____________ between care of every resident
_______ care at least twice a day reduces the risk of a resident developing pneumonia
The name of the virus that causes respiratory infections typically between the months of October and April. Have you taken the vaccine against it this year?
After washing hands, turn off the faucet with a _________ paper towel.
Wash your hands immediately after removing ___________
What is a common bacteria that is antibiotic resistant?
Hands must be ___________ if they are visibly soiled, or if there has been contact with blood or body fluids
Most health-care-associated infections are transmitted to patients by _________
The overuse and misuse of antibiotics causes antibiotic _________________.
Who is responsible for cleanliness within the workplace?
____________ is your body’s first line of defense against infection
Be sure reusable equipment is ____________ before you use it on another patient
Never ______ needles after use.

2018 - Lockout/Tagout/ Tryout - Safety Training Crossword

2018 - Lockout/Tagout/ Tryout - Safety Training Crossword

When implementing Lockout/Tagout/Tryout, ________ all affected employees in the work area.
Lockout/Tagout/Tryout involves the use of a specific lock or locks to _____ equipment from all energy sources.
Source of energy by oil or water pressure
Source of energy with air pressure
Lockout/Tagout/Tryout procedures are not completed until you have ______ that the machine or process will not start
_____ by themselves, may only be used when locks cannot be used and when the employer can demonstrate that a tagout system will provide full employee protection
Only _________ employees may perform lockout/tagout/tryout procedures
Each lockout device must have a tag attached to identify the _______ of the person that put the lockout device in place
Lockout/Tagout/Tryout is used to isolate hazardous energy sources and to prevent death or _____ to employees
The lockout/tagout/tryout regulations are federal laws that are enforced by _____
Lockout devices cannot be ______ by anyone other than the person that put the lockout device in place
What time period must all lockout/tagout/tryout procedures be inspected/audited
What kind of energy sources must be controlled using lockout/tagout/tryout procedures before work may be performed on a piece of equipment
The employer is responsible for making sure that all of its employees receive adequate _____ concerning the lockout program
Failing to follow lockout/tagout/tryout procedures is a violation of the companies Cardinal Safety Rules, besides death or injury, what else could a consequence be
Which hand should an electrical disconnect switch be tripped with
Parts of a machine that fall or drop when power is lost are affected by this type of potential energy
Rectifiers and capacitors can actually store this form of energy even after power has been disconnected from the machine
Turning flywheels, springs under compression, and cams are all forms of this type of energy
The lockout/tagout/tryout __________ give you the steps that you need to follow in order to safely isolate all hazardous energy sources before working on a machine
__________ allow more than one lock to be applied to an energy isolating device
What must be put back in place before locks/tags, etc can be removed from a machine ready to be put back into service
If you have any questions about the lockout/tagout/tryout procedures for your machine who should you talk to first
All "___________" employees must be notified before a machine is shut down and lockout/tagout/tryout procedures are performed

Phlebotomy Worksheet

Phlebotomy Worksheet
Matching Worksheet

Blood culture tubes, no inversions, can be done to r/o infections
Coagulation tubes, 4 inversions additive Sodium Citrate
Often used in blood bank(cross match) immunology and seriology
used for PT PTT has Heparin additive
Has EDTA additive, 8 inversions, used for CBC, WBC, RBC
This is used to preserve glucose in whole blood, also for special chemistry tests
Red blood cells per microliter of blood
Heel sticks performed on
The 2 hr postprandial test is used for
found in capillaries
normal range for insulin testing
Normal hemoglobin for female
normal hemoglobin for males
Normal fasting glucose level
normal hematocrit in males
Lab testing conducted close to the site of patient care
Good cholesterol
Normal total cholesterol

PPE for Healthcare Heroes Crossword

PPE for Healthcare Heroes Crossword

A healthcare hero will use these to protect the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth from splashes of body fluids (during procedures and patient care activities that are likely to generate splashes or sprays of blood, body fluids, secretions and/or excretions).
They cover the hands and wrists, protecting the skin from contact and droplet exposure. They protect the patient, as well as the healthcare hero, from spreading germs through open skin.
These protect the eyes from splatters of blood, body fluids, or other potentially infectious materials.
This will help protect our heroes from the contamination of their hero uniform with blood, body fluids, or other potentially infectious material.
This helps protect the hero's nose and mouth from splattered body fluids (such as blood, respiratory secretions, or vomit).
This device is designed to achieve a very close facial fit and provides protection from airborne pathogens like tuberculosis.
The name of the required procedure the healthcare hero must complete before using an N95 mask.
These are used to protect the hair and scalp from possible contamination when sprays or airborne exposure is anticipated.
These are worn on the feet to provide a barrier against possible exposure to airborne organisms or contact with a contaminated environment. They are worn as part of Full Barrier Precautions.
This is what a good superhero performs immediately before putting on PPE and also immediately after taking the PPE off.