Tsotsi Crossword

What is the name of the author?
What is Tsotsi’s real name
what important political event is this story set in
What are the slogans of a better world
How many years has Die Aap been with Tsotsi
What happened to Simon and Willie
What does Miriam think Tsotsi wants her for?
What does the tap symbolise in Pages 95 and 96
How was Gumboot Dlamini’s laugh like
How was Gumboot’s tie?
What was Tsotsi given from the running lady
How did Tsotsi feel that he was buying instead of stealing milk at the shop?
What did Morris Tshabalala lose in a mining accident?
Who was Marty going to kick out in the shebeen?
What did Gumboot do that Tsotsi hated?

"The Cask of Amontillado" Crossword

"The Cask of Amontillado" Crossword

Who is the author of "Cask of Amontillado" ?
When did Montresor tell his servants he would be back?
How did the victim die ?
What is the name of the rare Spanish wine Montresor lures Fortunado with?
What does "In pace requiescat" mean?
What is the theme of this story?
“______ cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry”
After reading the story, the reader may wonder if Montresor feels any_____ for his crime.
What was Fortunato’s weakness?
Fortunato’s name is ironic because it means______ in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
When was this story published?
Upon what did Fortunato pride himself ?
What was Fortunado dressed as?
What line the walls in the crypt?
Montressor continues to keep offering to bring Fortunato back home but he_____.
As Montresor builds the layers of stone, how does Fortunato react?
The vibrations of the _____ caused Montressor to cease his labors after the fourth tier.
What kind of narrator is Montresor ?
Fortunato says “ The ____ is mere nothing; it will not kill me. I shall not die of a ____.”
What is Montresor’s greatest talent?
What genre of writing was Edgar Allan Poe famous for ?
Fortunato exclaims that Montresor is not part of the brotherhood known as the___?
What caused Montresor’s anger and need for revenge upon Fortunato?
What event is going on within the setting of story? Carnival
What was the relationship between Poe and his wife Virginia premarriage? Cousins

Edgar Allan Poe Crossword

Edgar Allan Poe Crossword

What did Poe's mom come to America to be?
What is a Baltimore Lemonade?
What did Poes dad die of?
What was the poem that Poe made for his wife that was originally called "To Virginia"
What couldnt Poe afford for his dying wife Virginia?
When you have consumption was are you drowning in?
What did Poe's mom die of?
What was Poe's dads name?
What was the name of Poe's dad?
Who did Poe go to lunch with?
What does Poe watch his mother do?
What was Poe's birth name?
What was the name of Poe's Mother?
Where did Poe go to school (private school)?
Who adopted Poe?
What does Poe fall into and goes into a coma?
Poe was the first to write___ stories
What did Poes mom play in the play Romeo and Juliet?
Name of Poe's aunt
Where does Poe want to go to be an editor?
Last name of famous author from the early 1800s
What was Dickins pet?
Color Poe used to resemble death
Where does Poe live?
What were red flower was on the handkerchiefs so it would disguise if the women were sick?
Most popular poem of Poes
What did Poe use to learn in school?
What university did Poe attend?
What was the name of his cousin that he fell in love with?
How much money does Poe make on his pieces of writing?

Nelson Mandela Crossword

Nelson Mandela Crossword

Where was Mandela from?
Mandela was a___, and world leader.
What was Mandela's birth given name?
What Village was Mandela and his mother forced to move to?
The state of being apart; asssociated with racial segragation
Mandela was extremely instrumental in helping all races achieve___, and fair treatment.
Mandela studied many subjects but was especially interedted in___.
Mandela was the first one in his family to attend___.
Mandela's father died of which disease?
How old (yrs) was mandela when his father died?
Mandela ran away and settled in which city?
Mandela went to college to study what subject?
Mandela joined a group called the "African ___ Congress Youth League.
He believed in peaceful, & non-violent___.
The teacher at his Cristian school gave him the name of?
In what year did Mandela organize a Workers Strike, and was arrested for it.?
Nelson was arrested and sent to?
Mandela was a___, and tended to the animals.
Mandela was persistent and never gave___.
Mandela was a signal of___ and loyalty to his people.
In 1990 a deal was worked out for Mandla's___.
Mandela was elected as the first ___ President, by the people.
In prison mandela secretly wrote an?
mandela was president at age?
In what year did Mandela help South Africa hold the Rugby World Cup?
Mandela worked bard to improve___, housing, and basic health care for all South Africans.
Mandela wanted to provide South Africans with the right to___.
in what year did Mandela retire from Politics?
Mandela Day is on the 18th of what month?
Mandela day is a day to promote global___, and to celebrate African Leader's legacy.
In what year did South Africa Hold thier first Democratic Elections?
In 1993 Mandela was awarded a___ Peace Prize.

Shiloh Crossword

Shiloh Crossword

Dogs name
Previous owner
Shiloh was a
Boys name
New owner
Marty's friends name is
Shiloh cost Marty _____ dollars
Where is Shiloh when he gets hurt
Marty's dad takes Shiloh to the
Main character
What does Marty do to earn the money
Takes place in
Marty is ___ years old
Marty lives in
Marty's dads name is
A _______ ________ attacked Shiloh
Marty's dad is a
How did Marty get to David's house?
Judd ____ __ ___ while Marty works.
Shiloh ____ when Judd takes him hunting.

Tuesdays With Morrie Crossword

Tuesdays With Morrie Crossword

Morries Disease
University Morrie Taught At
The Press Mitch works for
Morrie's Favorite Hobby
Day They Had Class
How Many Days Class Was Attended
One Thing Mitch Never Did Until the Last Visit With Morrie
Which family member's death marked a turning point in Mitch's life?
Before Morrie dies he has a living
Mitch brings this to every visit with Morrie
When Mitch's wife visits Morrie she does this
Mitch gave this to his professor at Graduation
Mitch taught this at the college
Morrie appeared on this talk show
Mitch's profession
Mitch believes he will die when the disease reaches his
Mitch's brother suffers from this disease

Tuesdays with Morrie Crossword

Tuesdays with Morrie Crossword

What does Morrie battle?
What do Mitch and Morrie make together?
The person who took care of Morrie
What does Mitch call Morrie?
What is the nurses name?
The person who catched polio
What point of view is the book?
Mitch brought what to Morrie on tuesdays ?
What did Ted koppel want from Morrie?
Morrie's son; a computer expert in Boston
What state does Morrie live in?
Why did Morrie and Mitch create a book?
Who is the author of the book?
Professor and life coach to Mitch
Where was Mitch born?
How did Mitch get back in touch with Morrie?
What genre is tuesdays with Morrie?
What month did Morrie die?
Who detected cancer?
Morries son; a journalist in Tokyo
What class did Morrie teach as a professor?
What job does Mitch get in Detroit?
How many times does Morrie get interviewed?
What day does morrie have his funeral on?
What day did Morrie and Mitch meet on?

Tsotsi Crossword

Tsotsi Crossword

What is a "Tsotsi" in English?
What do they usually drink?
What is a "Aap"?
What is the 1st name of the author?
Who is built like Tsotsi?
What's Boston's real name?
What is the slang term for Girls?
What is their common transportation?
In who's shebeen do they usually hangout?
Who did they target on the trains?
What is the name of the shop owner?
Who is the crippled man who lost his legs in a work accident?
What is the surname of the lady who took care of the baby Miriam......?
What's Tsotsi's dogs name?
What is the name of the gang their are in?
What is Tsotsi's real name?
What is meant by the next "job"?
What did she mean when she said "you worked him like this"?
Which school did Boston go to at an early age?
Where did Boston later get a scholarship to?
In who's shebeen did Tsotsi find Boston
What did Tsotsi hardly do?
What was Boston accused of that lead to his expulsion?
Who is the former leader of the River Gang?

Tsotsi Word Search

Tsotsi Word Search
Word Search

Morris Tshabalala
Gumboot Dhlamini
Terminal Place
Athol Fugard
Golden City
Main Street
Die Aap

Tsotsi Crossword

Tsotsi  Crossword

In what political time in South Africa was this novel set
Main characters name ?
Where is the first place they go to commit a crime ?
Out of the gang members which one has the worst conscience?
Who is the first victim tsotsi chooses ?
What is Soekie's place
What does Tsotsi find in the shoe box?
What does tsotsi ask for from Cassiem
Who digs Gumboot Dhlamini grave?
Who is the begger introduced in chapter 6?
What body part is Morris Tshabalala missing ?
How many years ago did Morris lose his legs?
What occupation did Morris have before becomong a begger ?
Did tsotsi plan to go after morris ?
Does Tsotsi feel sympathy towards morris
What is tsotsi usually associated with ?
What does TSotsi decide he wants to figure out more about?
Where does the first scene in chapter 8 take place
What siund is heard in the first scene in chapter 8?
What has Tsotsi usually surrounded himself with ?
What is the dog known as in the book ?

Tsotsi Crossword

Tsotsi Crossword

Who wrote Tsotsi?
What does Tsotsi Mean?
How does Boston feel when gumboot was killed?
What is Tsotsi's real name?
Who's house do they go to after the murder?
Where does the book "Tsotsi" take place?
Who killed Gumboot?
What did Tsotsi name the baby?
What weapon does butcher prefer?
What do they steal from Gumboot?
Who feeds the baby breast milk?
What killed Tsotsi?
Who beats boston?
What does Tsotsi first feed the baby?
What Does tsotsi sleep with under his pillow?
Where did he put the baby to feel safe?