J&S Crossword

State Stef was born
Never go to bed _____
Month we first met
Jason's astrological sign
Jason's favorite number
How many tattoos Stef has
Jason's middle name
Stef's middle name
Jason's favorite movie
I love you _____
Stef's favorite holiday
Stef's astrological sign
Jason's horse's name
Stef's favorite candy
Jason's favorite flavored candy
We are each other's ____ ____
Stef's eye color
Jason's eye color
Massachusetts' real name
will you marry me
Do you ____ me?
I love you _______
Stef's favorite song
How many bedrooms are in our house?
Something you've stolen from me
Jason's oldest child
stef's youngest child
Jason's favorite question to ask. what are you _____
Jason's mom's name
stef's mom's name
Jason's tattoo/stef's license plate
stef's maiden name
how many siblings jason has
how many siblings stef has
jasons wedding band
food jason wont eat thats red
food jason shoves up his nose
will i wait for you
food stef doesn't like
color of the kitchen

"The Great Gatsby" Crossword

"The Great Gatsby" Crossword

The author of the book "The Great Gatsby"
The narrator of "The Great Gatsby"
she is a professional golfer in the story
Tom cheats on Daisy with her
What is the setting of this novel
Gatsby buys his house to be close to her
Nick and Tom both went to college here
What color is Gatsby's car
Gatsby and Nick both live in this egg
Fixed the World Series in 1919
The name of daisy's child
What is at the end of daisy's dock
What does Gatsby host at his house
How many years was Gatsby in war
Gatsby's real name
Who does Daisy say I love you to in front of tom
Who kills Gatsby
What does nick invite Gatsby to do st 9 am
How many true friends does Gatsby have
Who does Mr. Wilson think hot Myrtle

How well do you know the bride and groom? Crossword

How well do you know the bride and groom? Crossword

What color is the bride's eyes?
How many years have the bride and groom been together?
What month did the groom propose in?
What is the groom's middle name?
What is the bride's middle name?
What concert did the couple see on their first date?
What is the name of the couple's first pet together?
The bride was ______ at three days old.
What city was the bride born in?
What city was the groom born in?
Where was the bride and grooms first kiss?
What state did the groom grow up in?
What song did the groom play when he proposed?
How many sisters does the bride and groom have together?
What is the groom's favorite football team?
What is the groom's hometown?
What is the bride's hometown?

Luke #1 Crossword

Luke #1 Crossword

Mom's favorite snack
My eye color
Papa and Gigi live in this city
Dad's job at work
How many Big Dans are there
My Minecraft dog
Candy that Nanny gives to me
Most popular animal in my room
Papa's favorite cookie
Giraffe food
My first best friend
Last name of my teacher
My "sister"
One of the triplets
Papa and Gigi's fat cat
City I was born in
My favorite game
My New York City cousin
My friend that is a triplet
My friend that is a twin
My hair color
How I usually get to school
My favorite show right now
My favorite fruit
Untamed Minecraft dog
The main character of my current bedtime books

Bridal Shower Crossword

Bridal Shower Crossword

The Bride's favorite date destination
The age of the Bride when she had her first kiss
According to the Groom, the Bride's worst habit
The Bride's favorite movie
Where the Groom proposed to the Bride
Bride's favorite place to shop
Bride's favorite holiday
The Bride's middle name
The destination of the wedding
How many proms the Bride has been to
The Groom's middle name
How many pets the Bride and Groom have (including the goldfish)
Where the Bride and Groom first met
How many siblings the Bride has
Name of the Bride's father

How well do you know your girlfriend?! Crossword

How well do you know your girlfriend?! Crossword

What is her favorite color?
What color are her eyes?
What is she majoring in?
Who is her favorite disney princess?
Who is her favorite Pokemon?
What is her least favorite song? (4 words)
What is the name of her dorm building?
What is her middle name?
What school did she go to for 6th grade?
What swim club did she belong to and start swimming at?
What is her favorite object to use as a ball marker?
What is her dominant nationality?
something she is likely to do, a kristin hazard.
He loves Kristin. (hopefully!)
Where can you find her on Sundays?
A typical feeling of hers.
Where was our first kiss?
What was the first movie we watched together?
what is her favorite place to eat at school?
What was my childhood nickname?
what is her favorite thing about her boyfriend? (one of many)
What is her favorite stewarts ice cream flavor?
Where is the most ticklish spot on her body?
something billy says that always makes her laugh. (7 words)
name of the first hotel we stayed in together.
her favorite three words to tell her boyfriend
Her snack of choice
what is her favorite hobby?

Physical Education Crossword

Physical Education Crossword

Shorts Color
Shirt Color
Roll Call
Number of Make ups per absence
Best way to contact my PE teacher
My PE teacher's name
A Male PE teachers name
A Male PE teacher's name
A Female PE teacher's name
What I use to enter my fitness scores
Where I go for rentals
How many points to I get for a non dress
Push up test measures...
Sit up test measures....
Jumping Jacks and Stretching
Second unit
Laps to equal a mile
The heart system
My favorite class
There are how many fitness tests per semester?



Favorite Color
1st Favorite College Basketball Team
2nd Favorite College Basketball Team
Month of My Birthday
Our song
My Major
My 2nd Major
Favorite Animal
Animal that I am Allergic too
Boxers or Briefs
High School
its on the
My most desired vacation
Favorite Sport
2nd favorite sport
What is my middle name?
Favorite season
What is my favorite thing to do is_____ ____________
favorite restaraunt
year I graduated high school
phone number
color of my eyes
favorite show
favorite movie
shoe size
what is my moms name
One place that I desperately want to visit
Shower in the morning or night
nickname that family calls me that i hate
my bestest friend besides youq
favorite sex position

Harry Styles Crossword

Harry Styles Crossword

Boy band in which Harry Styles was a member of
Harry's mom
Harry's sister
Song Harry performed for his X Factor audition
First solo song?
Birthday is in which month?
First television appearance was on what show?
Christopher Nolan movie in which Harry was featured in
Harry's middle name?
Where did Harry work before he was famous?
What was the name of the band Harry was in before 1D?
Harry's favorite movie?
Harry's favorite food?
Harry has an abnormal number of ________
Where is Harry from?
First album
Second album
Third album
Fourth album
Fifth album

All about me Crossword

All about me  Crossword

How many tats do I have
What’s my middle name
How many babies do I want to have
Where do I want to travel with you
What’s our song
First place we kissed
Where do I love your kisses da most
What’s my favorite movie
Where in Brooklyn did I grow up
Who do I love the most
My favorite perfume
Place we’ve had sex On other than the bed
What’s my fav season
Where was our first road trip to

All About Each Other I Love You <3 Bre Crossword

All About Each Other I Love You <3 Bre Crossword

Favorite Sport (me)
Favorite Food (you)
Current Cat
Current Dog Breed (me)
Lucky Number (me)
Dream Vacation (me)
First Date
Future Dog (Both of Us)
Fear of...(me)
When we had our first kiss
When we became official (inclludes the day)
My eye color
your eye color
when is my birthday
how old am i
Favorite netflix show (you)
My favorite netflix show
Your dream date
Middle name (me)
your middle name
my go to meal at chiles
Favorite candy (me)
your favorite candy
my nickname in my family
your nickname in your family