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About Me <3 Crossword


What is my first name?
What is my favorite drink?
What is my favorite food?
What is my last name?
What is my favorite anime?
What month did we start dating?
Take the day you asked me out and subtract that by the year you asked me out.
What is my favorite flower?
What's my favorite animal?
What's our song?
What is my favorite color besides black and white?
What is my eye color?
What is my hair color?
What state was I born in?
What is my zodiac sign?
How many languages am I fluent in?
What month was I born in?
Bucket List ->24-> last word

about me Crossword


The two women that most inspire me
The date of the best day of my life
My Best Friend
worst thing ever to come into my life
My favorite food
The reason I want to do better
people that hurt me
People I hurt
My two favorite boys in my life
hold a grudge against
favorite color
name of my cat
what is my goal in life
What is holding me back
color of my eyes
what year was i born
number of kids i have
what do i long to be in this life
besides liquor my favorite drink is
what can i not stand
what do i absolutely love to do
My moms maiden name
My biological grandfathers name

Our Story <3 Crossword


Date we started dating?
An animal I refer to you as ?
We always go there to see our furry friends?
Something you Hated But now love because of me?
our favorite place to eat ?
Place we first met?
The name of Our first groupchat ?
My Eye color ?
Favorite milkshake Flavor ?
First cricket grounds you took me too?
First hindi movie we watch together ?
First game we played at the arcade ?
Something You love More than Me?
Something you thought me how to do?
Place where I met your extended family ?
First place we went on our anniversary ?
First outdoor activity we did on our anniversary ?
Game I destroyed you in ?
Month We started dating

you & me Crossword


My favorite color
My favorite animal
If I could pick one kind of food to pick, I would choose...
Our Anniversary
My basketball number (no cheating!)
I can travel anywhere, where do I go?
My middle name
My favorite holiday
We had our first kiss at..
The first movie we saw together was..
I want to teach..
We first held hands after we went to the...

2021 Lamar & Friends Christmas Crossword

2021 Lamar & Friends Christmas Crossword

I like classical music
I worked at Krispy Kreme in High School
Favorite movie is Elf
Was born October 16th
Never had a hamburger
Has a matching tattoo with someone in the family
Ride around with passport application in car
Did modern dance & hip hop in college
Rejected opportunity to be in the spelling bee
Was born Nov 11th
Was born Nov 7th
Don’t drink white milk
I never had nails painted
I do not gamble
Failed GA History in middle school
I have 6 sisters and 1 brother
Worst XMAS present - Skates
I like Rock and Roll music
I play chess
I like anime
I do not have a favorite color

New Hope Thanksgiving 2021 Crossword


Something weird about me is that I don't wash my belly button.
My favorite hobby is to ride horses.
My dream date would be to stargaze and have a picnic.
My favorite candy is a whatchamacallit.
My favorite holiday is Christmas.
My Zodiac sign is a Cancer.
My favorite music is pop.
My hidden talent is that I am very good at gymnastics.
My favorite food is Peanut Butter.
My dream job is to be a Nurse.
My favorite season is Winter.
My favorite animal is a dog.
My favorite band is Citizen Soldiers.
My favorite drink is Mnt. Dew.
My favorite store is 5 Below.
My dream vacation would be to go to Hawaii.
My hidden talent is that I can grab things with my toes.
My favorite color is Teal.
My Zodiac sign is a Libra.
My favorite color is Pink.
I like all music.
My favorite fast food is Culvers.
My favorite color is orange.
My Chinese Zodiac is a Rat.

How much do you know about us ? <3 Crossword


What are you to me ?
What is my nickname for you ?
The matching tattoo we want ?
Our song ?
If I say I love you more, you say ?
When we have tea to tell the other what do we say ?
Our most used code name ?
You are the _________ to my Meredith
Our names together would be ?
_______ is still easier than life

Mom can't drive 55! Crossword

Mom can't drive 55! Crossword

our favorite spot to swim
the iconic birthday spot for the kiddos
the birthday megan dropped her cake on the floor
don't throw out eli's
upon meeting dad you decided to do what to him
Eli played this instrument with his lip numb
what song did megan sing in her 6th grade solo?
dad's favorite christmas cookie
you treated Eli to a game at this iconic field
you will never see Emily eating this fruit again due to an unfortunate childhood experience
you are the reigning champion in the family in this
the first concert you took megan to
Eli stuck blueberries up his nose here
where you became a mom!
your mom hack was to make Eli do these with his infection in the doctor's office
the house you grew up in
you were the star ice cream scooper at
emily and megan would do performances here that were questionably entertaining
you chaperoned the choir trip in this city
your best investment as a parent to keep megan and emily entertained as kids
how you survived with this many siblings growing up amazes me
the city where it all began
you and dad dominated playing this at grandma/grandpas during the holidays
the first time you took emily and megan on a plane was to
the best mom in the whole wide world

KyRo & Sho Save The Unsiverse Crossword


How much I love you?
I think you're my ________ to believe in.
"I was looking for ___ in the f*** you're talking too" - Ghost
The first Oasis song I sent you that isn't "Wonderwall" & probably the last :)
The first song written, composed & performed by Adrian Jacob Barksdale about Kylie Ann Rowlett.
The self-given stage name/persona/alter-ego that is often perceived as hot-headed & fast spoken.
The stage persona, ladies man, rock star and guitar god himself.
Adrian Barksdale's former band before he was inspired by recovery and revelation in the year 2022 and went solo bringing him more happiness and success than ever imagined to him, his wife, and his countless fans.
The first outing you took me on out of town.
The man who I have always (and probably always will) proudly declare is my husband despite our lack of introduction entirely.
The song heard blaring from an approaching vehicle in downtown Philly that I've dedicated to you on more than one occasion and you me at least once. (hint: features drake my husband)
"...but you're a lot to lose for a _______."- Kyro
First artist we covered together.
Adrian's Idol.
Your tattoo reads ____.
Our daughter (Shhhh)
Our You tube Series
Our shared hometown.
Your best firend when I met you.
They're eating babies in H________.
The city we resided in when we lived in the cozy cardboard box.
First restaurant we met up at. hint: you were waiting on the arrival of your girlfriend at the time. 23) Hotdogs, The first food that you told me was your favorite.
Kyro & ShowTime's first ever, released, musical collaboration.
This was one of your favorite performance venue's before it was tragically torn down this year.
This was the name of the radio station you initially interviewed me for looking fine as hell.
The first ever Barksdale family outting I got to attend. hint: I recieved the invitation to this event as a Christmas gift in the December of 2020 from Eli and Caitlin.

Fun with Oma and Pop Crossword

Fun with Oma and Pop Crossword

What State does Oma and Pop live?
Noise maker at uncle Jeff's
Favorite food at Thanksgiving
Youngest grand child
Halloween Treat
Church Day
Oma's car color
Pop's car color
What city do Cole and Ellie live in?
place to get sweet frozen treats
Oma's House Color
What Season do you go to the beach