Puzzles and worksheets similar to one direction shirt 1# Word Search

Enthuse - Guess Who? Crossword


The happiest guy who loves to wear a bright/loud shirts
My long pink nails won't get in the way of my drawing
He 'nose' how to find you!
She lurrvveeesss Pokemon and drawing!
He is wheelie good at making friends ;)
This little pocket rocket loves to dance and watch TikTok
Zoom Zoom - You will see this young lady on the road soon.
I'm softly spoken but I've got a lot to say
Our dark knight who creates the coolest sound effects
Craig and I are just two unlikely peas in the coolest pod
Catch me boogeying in my Akubra
Who else could breakdance while singing the Brisbane Lions theme song?
I'm an avid gamer with a love for Skylanders
Have you seen my Tiktoks with ReRe?
She's a barefoot non-travelling gypsy
I LOVE Jesus :)
I definitely think there is too many Disney live action remakes!
My beautiful niece works at CFN
Watch me dress up and dazzle you with my diamond art

Unit 1-6 word search Crossword


Everyone looks _________________ from way up here.
There were _________________ kinds of soups in the soup kitchen.
It was a ________, but it sounded real.
I had a _____________ of every bodies name.
I ____________ the work because it seems impossible. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
Why did we _________ the game? Now it is moved next month.
Joe had to _______ his answer to make it sound more clear and concise.
That ad was _______________ because that food in the ad tasted bad.
I _______________ my items to my new home. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
It was _______________ to me that my brother stole the cookies.
I ___________ the fact that I was a spy. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
You ______________ me when you said you didn't take the cheese. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
I like to _______ after school to chat with my friends.
The Atlantic Ocean is _______ compared to the island.
The ____________ ruler ruled all of north star.

Let me introduce myself... Crossword


What is my favorite color?
favorite movie?
What attracted me to you ?
Least attraction
I'm Clingy Needy and loves...
My fav tickle spot
messages and
kisses are ...
lunch fav: Steak ceaser salad and a tall....
Music choice
If you aint ....
...You aint ...
Sock on or off?
Sock on or
social butterly ...and
Painting is my
Im a stumbling emotional over the top

Friends Word Search

Word Search

you belong with me
steal my girl
teacher's pet
prom queen
wasn't me

just me & you Word Search

Word Search

i miss you
i love you

you & me Crossword


My favorite color
My favorite animal
If I could pick one kind of food to pick, I would choose...
Our Anniversary
My basketball number (no cheating!)
I can travel anywhere, where do I go?
My middle name
My favorite holiday
We had our first kiss at..
The first movie we saw together was..
I want to teach..
We first held hands after we went to the...

KyRo & Sho Save The Unsiverse Crossword


How much I love you?
I think you're my ________ to believe in.
"I was looking for ___ in the f*** you're talking too" - Ghost
The first Oasis song I sent you that isn't "Wonderwall" & probably the last :)
The first song written, composed & performed by Adrian Jacob Barksdale about Kylie Ann Rowlett.
The self-given stage name/persona/alter-ego that is often perceived as hot-headed & fast spoken.
The stage persona, ladies man, rock star and guitar god himself.
Adrian Barksdale's former band before he was inspired by recovery and revelation in the year 2022 and went solo bringing him more happiness and success than ever imagined to him, his wife, and his countless fans.
The first outing you took me on out of town.
The man who I have always (and probably always will) proudly declare is my husband despite our lack of introduction entirely.
The song heard blaring from an approaching vehicle in downtown Philly that I've dedicated to you on more than one occasion and you me at least once. (hint: features drake my husband)
"...but you're a lot to lose for a _______."- Kyro
First artist we covered together.
Adrian's Idol.
Your tattoo reads ____.
Our daughter (Shhhh)
Our You tube Series
Our shared hometown.
Your best firend when I met you.
They're eating babies in H________.
The city we resided in when we lived in the cozy cardboard box.
First restaurant we met up at. hint: you were waiting on the arrival of your girlfriend at the time. 23) Hotdogs, The first food that you told me was your favorite.
Kyro & ShowTime's first ever, released, musical collaboration.
This was one of your favorite performance venue's before it was tragically torn down this year.
This was the name of the radio station you initially interviewed me for looking fine as hell.
The first ever Barksdale family outting I got to attend. hint: I recieved the invitation to this event as a Christmas gift in the December of 2020 from Eli and Caitlin.

About Me <3 Crossword


What is my first name?
What is my favorite drink?
What is my favorite food?
What is my last name?
What is my favorite anime?
What month did we start dating?
Take the day you asked me out and subtract that by the year you asked me out.
What is my favorite flower?
What's my favorite animal?
What's our song?
What is my favorite color besides black and white?
What is my eye color?
What is my hair color?
What state was I born in?
What is my zodiac sign?
How many languages am I fluent in?
What month was I born in?
Bucket List ->24-> last word

Unscramble Circled Letters to Find Your Advent Gifts Crossword


Feliz Navidad means Merry Christmas in which language
What was the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time (2 words)
What was Frosty's nose made of
What do you do under the mistletoe
What country started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree
What do people traditionally put on the top of the Christmas tree
How many ghosts show up in A Christmas Carol
Which popular Christmas drink is also called "milk punch"
In what city was baby Jesus born
What is Scrooge's first name
Which of Santa's reindeers has the same name as another holiday mascot
On which day of Christmas did my true love give me maids a milking
What was the name of Rudolph's elf friend who wants to be a dentist
In A Charlie Brown Christmas, what colour is the ornament Charlie Brown puts on the tree
What is the name of the highly sought after action figure in Jingle All The Way (2 words)
How many sizes does the Grinch's heart grow
This red and green plant, originally from Mexico, is used to decorate homes at Christmas

Auntie Kim's Get Well Game Crossword

Auntie Kim's Get Well Game Crossword

What you'll get when you leave the hospital
Best Will Ferrell Movie
A beer AND a pandemic
Emelia's favorite word
Something the whole family is thinking (3 words)
The Queen of Pop
TES's original nickname
Something Trump paid a lot of money for
He was the King of England AND shares a name with your loved one
You gotta fight for your right to....
To confuse or perplex
Your #1 favorite nurse
What hospital food tastes like
How many grandkids are in your future
Emelia's second favorite word
Your favorite appetizer at Northwood Public House
What Rich is doing while you're gone
In your next life you'll come back as a...
Jordan's real name