CHALLENGE 3 Crossword

What does Sasha put in at night but take out in the morning?
If Sasha could be one animal, what would she be?
What is the name of Sasha's rabbit teddy?
What is the name of the country of Sasha's dream vacation?
At what age did Sasha begin her period?
What subject was Sasha's highest grade in?
What was Sasha's weakest subject at school?
What was the name of Sasha's primary school?
In which year did Sasha have her arm implant inserted?
What does Sasha fear the most?
Who is Sasha's favourite Disney princess?
What is Sasha's favourite Disney film?

The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks Crossword

The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks  Crossword

Code name given for Henrietta's cells
How did Henrietta describe her sickness?
What was Elise Lacks, Henrietta's oldest daughter diagnosed with?
Where was Henrietta's tumor?
What year did Henrietta's mother Eliza die?
How old was Henrietta when she died?
How many children does Henrietta have?
Author of 'The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks' ?
How much money did the NIH invest in Henrietta's cells?
What is the name of Henrietta's husband?
What state did Henrietta grow up in?
What was the first name of the gynecologist who diagnosed Henrietta's tumor?
What was the secondary cause of Henrietta's death?
what was the name of the man who directed the discovery of Henrietta's cell growth?
In 2001, Henrietta's daughter developed a severe case of what?
What was special about Henrietta's cells?
What nationality was Henrietta Lacks?
What age was Rebecca Skloot when she became interested in Henrietta's life?
How long until the Lacks family found out about Henrietta's immortal cells?
how did the Lacks family feel when they found out about the distribution of Henrietta's cells?

Edgar Allan Poe Crossword

Edgar Allan Poe Crossword

What did Poe's mom come to America to be?
What is a Baltimore Lemonade?
What did Poes dad die of?
What was the poem that Poe made for his wife that was originally called "To Virginia"
What couldnt Poe afford for his dying wife Virginia?
When you have consumption was are you drowning in?
What did Poe's mom die of?
What was Poe's dads name?
What was the name of Poe's dad?
Who did Poe go to lunch with?
What does Poe watch his mother do?
What was Poe's birth name?
What was the name of Poe's Mother?
Where did Poe go to school (private school)?
Who adopted Poe?
What does Poe fall into and goes into a coma?
Poe was the first to write___ stories
What did Poes mom play in the play Romeo and Juliet?
Name of Poe's aunt
Where does Poe want to go to be an editor?
Last name of famous author from the early 1800s
What was Dickins pet?
Color Poe used to resemble death
Where does Poe live?
What were red flower was on the handkerchiefs so it would disguise if the women were sick?
Most popular poem of Poes
What did Poe use to learn in school?
What university did Poe attend?
What was the name of his cousin that he fell in love with?
How much money does Poe make on his pieces of writing?

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief Crossword

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief Crossword

Who is Percy Jackson's father?
How many schools did Percy get kicked out of?
Who were Percy's close friends?
Did Percy get to meet his father?
Did Percy's mom die?
Who was sent to protect Percy at the beginning?
What camp did Percy go to train?
What was Percy's step dad's name called?
what type of half blood was Groover?
What was the first monster that Percy killed?
Did Percy like Camp half blood at first?
What school did Percy go to?
What subject does Mrs.Dodds teach?
Who fell into the fountain outside the museum?
Who runs the Ferry to the Underworld?
What was Hades missing?
Who were the old ladies that sat outside the fruit stand knitting?
What can Percy Jackson control?

Full House Crossword

Full House Crossword

How many people lives in the tanner house?
Michelle Tanner is played by _______________.
Where is Full House set in?
How many daughters does Danny have?
What is Stephanie's middle name?
How did Danny's wife die?
In season 1 Jesse brings home a ___________ and names him Bubba
Who let Danny's car roll into the San Francisco Bay?
What commercial did D.J. audition for?
D.J. skipped school to meet ____________.
What's the name of Danny's wife?
What is the name of Stephanie's bear?
What is Stephanie's main catch phase?
Stephaine is played by _____________.
What is the Tanner's dog name?
Who did D.J win tickets to go see?
What did Michelle buy with her lemonade money?
Who did Stephanie decide to marry when she was little?
Where is Becky from?
When Becky's cousin Connie Anderson came to visit, Michelle and Connie's son _______ got along really well.
Jesse and his mother, ________ , manage to talk sense in to Nick.
When Michelle fell off her horse she lost her _________.
Who is the blabbermouth in the eariler seasons?
In season 2, Danny buys D.J. a _________ sweater for Valentines.
Stephanie accidentally cut a piece of Jessie's _________ off.
In what season did Rebecca Donaldson first show in?
How old was Michelle when the show first started?
In "Our Very First Christmas Show" the Tanners are on a flight _________ to spend Christmas.
What did Pan give D.J. whey brought Michelle home from the hospital?
What does D.J. stand for?
D.J. meets a horse named _________ in season 2.
In season 2 Michelle is dressed as a _________ for Halloween.
What is Jesse's father's name?
Danny and Becky are the co-host of what local morning television show?
What is the nickname Jesse call Michelle?
Who is the Clean Freak?
Who is Michelle's best friend that moved to Texas?
What is Michelle's main catch phrase?
Who is the Musician?
What was the name of the place Jesse Inherit and re-opened?
What season did Jesse and Becky get married?
What is Michelle's favorite color?
Who is the Comedian?
Who was D.J. in a serious relationship with?
Who was Stephanie's enemy and became best friends?
What did Michelle name her goldfish?
What's Joey's favorite sport?
Joey punishes Michelle for _________ during class.
What did Aaron call Michelle when she came back to the soccer team?
Who was Princess for a day at Disney World?
What's Jess's birth name?
What does Stepanie always reads of D.J.'s?
Who Plays D.J. Tanner?
What Episode did Popouli die in?
What's Jesse's catch Phrase
What did Michelle fall off at the end of season 8?
Where did D.J. spend a summer?
Who was Yankee Doodle in "The Play's Thing"?
Who did Joey Play on afternoon Children's Variety Tv Show?
What season did Becky give birth to twins?
Who is the middle child?
Stephanie almost got into a _________ with Gia and two other guys.
What two things are Jesse obsessed with?
What was Danny for a month in season 5?
What did Joey teach Michelle to do?
What does Joey buy D.J. for her 16th birthday?
What are the names of Jesse and Becky's twins?
Who Plays Jesse?
Who Plays Danny?
Who Plays Joey?
Who Plays Becky?

Tears of a Tiger Crossword

Tears of a Tiger Crossword

who is Keisha's best friend
The coaches name
The author
Andy's therapists name
The name of the high school
Andy's girl friends name
Who dies at the beginning of the book?
What is Andy's punishment for the car accident?
Who was driving when the car accident happened?
Which one of the boys doesn't drink alcohol?
What did someone call Andy when he goes back to school?
Who dated Tyrone?
Why didn't Gerald go in the car?
What in Andy’s life does he compare to a giant slide at a swimming pool?
What did Andy worry about Rob feeling in the cemetery?
What play by Shakespeare were the students reading in class?
What did Monty ask Andy regarding tigers?
What event did Andy agree to be the “Master of Ceremonies” for at school?
In his letter to Andy, who does Tyrone tell Andy to say hi to for him?
What does Andy’s dad go by at work?
What year was the book published?



What is my favourite colour?
What is my last name?
What is my middle name?
What is the last name of Monica and Ross in 'Friends'?
What month was i born in?
What colour are my eyes?
What character am i most like from Friends?
What character are you most like from Friends?
What hat was i wearing when I entered Uniform Hub for the first time?
What playground equipment did I fall off?
What is my favourtie subject at school?
What is the last name of a teacher that refuses to speak to me?
Name of the person who comes into our lives once a month..heheh
Last name of the male teacher you are in love with!
Name of the football team I support
My favourite Disney film
The name of the shop that we hate!
What country do i want to travel to in the future?
The name of the restaurant where you held a suprise birthday meal for me
The name of the house you are in at school
The age you are when you frist receive these letters
What is the name of my favourite band?
The name of my Dad
Your favourite character in Riverdale

Disney Characters Crossword

Disney Characters Crossword

What was Walt Disney's first movie?
Whose the Mouse that wears red and white polka dots
Who is Micky Mouse's Best friend
Who likes to eat honey
Whose the Princess that sleeps for a thousand years
whats the name of the dog in Micky Mouse
who's the bad guy in Micky mouse
Whose the Cricket that watches over pinocchio
who does peter pan like
what killed Belle's mum
who kisses a frog
Who gets a long nose when he lies
What is the cow girls name from Toy Story
what's the cats name from Pinocchio
who is as white as snow
who wears glass shoes to a ball
"I want to walk like you talk like you too"
"Mirror Mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all"
Who likes exploring with his friend Thumper
Random: who is a famous wizard
whose the cub of the lion King
who is Goofy's Girl friend
whose a mermaid but dreams of being on land
Who fights for her father
who meets a demi god
who becomes moana's best friend

Disney Trivia Crossword

Disney Trivia Crossword

In the Sword and the Stone, what does Merlin call the "greatest force on earth"?
In Aladdin, what is the name of Jasmine's pet tiger?
How did Walt's brother Roy propose to his wife Edna?
In Peter Pan, which had was Captain Hook's hook on?
What is now considered the fastest ride in Walt DisneyWorld?
In The Lion King, where does Mufasa and his family live?
What is the name of the sound system created for Fantasia
During the battle with Aladdin, Jafar transforms himself into what?
Which animated film did Walt Disney originally consider having as a Live Action Film staring Mary Martin?
Before Mickey Mouse, which character was suggested to be the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Fantasia?
In Toy Story, what game does the slinky play?
What animal was at the end of Mary Poppins' umbrella?
What was the first roller coaster attraction at Walt Disney World?
What is the name of Donald Duck's sister, the mother of Huey, Dewey and Louie?
Which Disney animated feature was the last to use the storybook introduction?
In Lady and the Tramp, what name did Tony call Tramp?
What was the name of the whale in Pinocchio?
In Bambi, what word does the owl use to describe falling in love?
What are the elevators called in The Living Seas?
What is the name of Alice's kitten?
What is the statue named that is in front of Cinderella's castle?
Who is the nurse maid to the children in Peter Pan?
Which is the only Disney film where the main character does not speak?
Which Disney movie was the first to be nominated for an Oscar?
What is Dumbo known for?

Disney Trivia Crossword

Disney Trivia Crossword

What month is Mickey Mouse's birthday?
Only Princess based on a real person
Movie with a villain named Scar
Name of Princess in Sleeping Beauty
Princess with a sidekick named "Mushu"
Princess with 2 different hair colors
Name of the snake in Jungle Book
In the movie "Peter Pan" Captain Hook has a hook on which hand
Princess whose sister was trapped in a painting
How many years was the curse on the castle in the movie "Beauty & the Beast"
Princess to visit a Louisiana swamp in the movie
Only main animated Disney character who never spokeone word in the movie
Princess from France
Where does the movie "Cars" take place
Princess who turned her mother inot a bear
Only Princess who actually got married in the movie
Nmae of Jasmine's pet tiger in "Aladdin"
Name of the Princess who showed "the right pair of shoes can change your life"
How many sisters does Ariel
What is the first fairy tale that Walt Disney made a movie about
Name of Disney's First Princess
Name of Moana's rooster
Tramp's name in movie "The Lady & the Tramp"

Disney crossword

Disney crossword

Who was the first disney princess?
what is a famous cartoon walt disney made, and is also the face of disney?
What is the little girls name in Monsters inc. ?
What was princess ariel's one wish?
What character thought the sky was falling?
What is the land called where you never grow up?
What is the fairie's name from peter pan?
Who had a pet pig and chicken?
Who fell into a rabbit hole?
Who was the boy who played with stuffed animals?
Who was a yellow bear that loved honey?
Who has long blond hair?
What princess had snow powers first?
What is princess jasmine's pet?
What is aladdin's pet?
Who did peter want to be the lost boys' mother?
What did ariel brush her hair with?
What was the astronaute's name in Toy Story?