School Exploration Crossword

What is your principal's last name?
Name the ocean we are located near?
When you get to 6th grade, you can play what?
What is one of the school colors?
What is the school mascot?
What is your school counselor's last name?
You can ride your bike to school but you need to wear this....?
To do well in school you must do your......?
Making new what is an important part of middle school?
The name of your school?
The name of the high school you will go to is Winnacunnet High School, what town is it located in?

Financial Aid Cross Word Puzzle

Financial Aid Cross Word Puzzle

If a student fails to repay a student loan on time, the student is in ____________.
The acronym for the amount of money a student and his/her family are expected to pay toward college expenses as determined by the FAFSA, also known as the Expected Family Contribution.
One of the standardized tests that students generally take junior year of high school that is used by colleges to evaluate an applicant’s academic skills and abilities.
The type of loan where the U.S. Department of Education does NOT pay the interest while you are in college.
The type of loan where the U.S. Department of Education pays the interest while you are in college.
The name of Federal low-interest loans for eligible students to help cover the cost of college or career school (HINT: it starts with the letter "s").
Federal loans that parents of undergraduate students can sometimes use to help pay for their child's college or career school.
Your primary area of study chosen for college.
The name of the campus office that makes the decision about your acceptance to their school.
An area of interest studied at the same time as a major; however, fewer courses are required.
Federal grant program providing need-based grants to low-income students.
Type of college degree given if you complete four years of full-time study.
Type of college degree earned if you complete two years of full-time study.
The acronym for the application that you will fill out your senior year to apply for financial aid.
The person at a college who helps students decide what classes to take, what major to pursue, and that makes sure student have fulfilled all graduation requirements.
The acronym for the report that a student receives after their FAFSA is processed. It is the report that is sent to your college, also known as a Student Aid Report.
The legal document a student loan borrower must sign when he/she receives a loan. This document lists the terms for repayment of the loan, including interest.
This type of college or university is NOT run by the state and is generally smaller and more expensive.
The office at a college that is in charge of your financial aid, bills, and payments (HINT: It starts with the letter “b”).
The total cost to attend college before financial aid, including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and other living expenses (Hint: Acronym is “COA”).
A program that allows students to take a part-time campus job as part of their financial aid package.
Colleges/universities that are ran and regulated by the state or federal government.
The general term for money you borrow from the government, a bank or another source that need to be paid back, usually over an agreed period of time.
Generally, a student that is taking more than 12 credit hours of classes is considered to be a _______ student versus part time student.
The period of time following graduation when a student is NOT expected to start paying his/her loans back yet is known as a “______ period.”
What we wish grew on trees!!
A kind of "gift aid" — financial aid that doesn’t have to be paid back and that is usually awarded based on financial need.
The name of the official document that your high school guidance counselor will send to your colleges that lists the classes that you have taken and your grades.



Your own personal space to put papers, books, coats, etc.
Your hourly map of what classes you have.
One of the best parts of the day---done during 5/6 period.
Landon's mascot.
The principal of our school.
Required class for all students.
The sound of this lets you know it's time to go to another class.
Red and ___________ are our colors.
This class is the last one of the day. It helps you get prepared for the next day.
Each student gets one of these for their own personal use.
Go to this place first thing in the morning. Not allowed to go to your locker first.
This is used to carry your Chromebook and is allowed in the classroom.
In order to do well in school, you need to be here.
This keeps others from getting into your locker.
Should be turned OFF and out of sight.
This lets you know what is acceptable dress at Landon.
She is located in the main office.
Where breakfast and lunch are served.

CPR Crossword

CPR Crossword

People don't act mostly because they are ________ of what to do.
A "Good Samaritan" uses common ____ and a reasonable level of skill"
Unusual behavior, odors, sights or ____ are all signs of an emergency.-
To obtain consent to perform CPR on someone, state your name and tell the victim that you are _____ in CPR.
You do not need to get consent if the person is a child or the victim is ______ to tell you the problem,
The three C's.... Check, Call, and ____.
only move and ______ person if you need to in order to perform proper care
you can also move a victim if the scene becomes ______
you must check head to _____ when checking a conscious adult.
before checking a victim, you must check the ______.
if you are unsure what to do, you must _______ 911.
______ is when there is not enough blood being delivered too all parts of your body and can result from injury or illness
H.A.IN.E.S means high arms in _________ spine
monitor abc's (airway, ______, circulation)
always ask the victim if they are ______
if you feel weakness or numbness on one side of the body this could be results of a ____
persistent chest pain or discomfort lasting more than 3-5 minutes could be a sign of a _____
Use ________ if you are unable to perform full CPR
continue _____ until the scene becomes unsafe
for rescue breathing use the _____ tilt, chin lift method

Lifeskills crossword

Lifeskills crossword

You can show responsibility at home by ____ your parents around the house
What month is Responsibility
When you show responsibility at work you could - ________ them before taking a sick day
What are the only things you need to bring home?
What can help you keep track of your homework?
What can you get rid of to keep organized?
When you show responsibility at school you could _______ with teachers about assignments before school instead of last minute.
When you show responsibility at home you could do your_________ before being asked
What is a way keep your locker organized
When you respect others dignity and work together with others what kind of responsibility are you showing?
When we take care of the earth and various equipment, what kind of responsibility are you showing?
What is a way to keep track of important papers when you are traveling to and from school?
What is a way to make sure you don't lose folders and notebooks forever/
What is one organized way you can study with out having tons of worksheets?
When you turn in all of your homework on time what kind of responsibility are you showing
When you pay your bills on time, what kind of repnsibiltiy are you showing
Who can show responsibility
When is the best time to organized Your school school things ?
What is a device to keep all of your online papers safe and organized?
What is a way to easily locate notes and folders?

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Crossword

7 Habits  of Highly Effective Teens Crossword

What is the oppisite of bad friends?
When you see yourself in the mirror that is your?
People who are mean to others are
When people can trust you , you are
You earn these at school
A group of people that love you
Life has many
Its good to be a
It is good to think
We all have to
When we do something bad in life we have a
We all have good and bad
The oppisite of losing is
When someone is talking, we should
When we grow older , we have to be

The Giver Crossword

The Giver Crossword

Who is the main character?
What is Jonas' father's job?
What is Jonas' sister's name?
What is Jonas' bestfriend's name?
Jonas has been selected to be the?
Jonas gets training from?
How old is Jonas?
How old is Lily?
Who is the author?
What age do you recieve a bike?
What was Jonas' first memory?
What is the name of the baby staying with Jonas?
What is The Giver's daughter's name?
How many children can be in one family unit?

College Knowledge Crossword

College Knowledge Crossword

What college students must pay to attend class
People who have graduated from college are now that college's ________
Highest degree you can receive in graduate school
Traditionally a four-year degree
General financial aid application
College student's focus of study
Reward for completion of a college program
On campus student living buildings
Academic record
A place on campus to buy textbooks
Students on Honor Rolls receive good _______
The last exam you take in a course
A course you must take before being able to take a different course
Hands on science classes
Campus staff who can assist you in choosing your coursework and major (2words)
A person/thing that represents a college especially at sporting events
Money for college you don't have to pay back
Money borrowed for college you must repay
First -year college student
A class you can take that is not required by your major or minor
Groups you belong to outside of class, such as sporting teams, clubs and organizations.
A temporary job, usually in the field of your major

simple machines Crossword

simple machines Crossword

it has three classes. the classes have to do with load,fulcrum, and effort
This simple machine must have a chain , a rope or a belt
This simple machine has two ciruclar objects
What type of simple machine is a ram
What type of simple machine is an axe
What is an inclined plane that is wrapped around a cylinder
Its made of two or more simple machines
What type of lever is the fulcrum in the middle
the work we do on an object
work the simple machine does
what class lever is the load in the middle
what lever class is the effort in the middle
What is a pulley with an load on it
What is it called when you make an object move
what is the equation for work

coping Skills Crossword

coping Skills Crossword

Something you do to get your mind and body active; to stay healthy
Please _________ your name at the top of the paper.
Your learn how to do this inside the lines on your paper when your are little
You can write your thoughts in this place
You go to the theater to watch this
When words come out of your mouth
You watch this after you finish your homework and before bed time
You use your ear buds to listen to
When you are sleepy in the middle of the day during the summer you take a
When your room is messy you need it ________it
You can do this with your hands or a machine to make clothes
when you sit in a quiet place by yourself to focus on calming down
Some times you do this when you are mad, sad or even happy
It takes less muscles in your face to do this; opposite of frown
You use your legs to do this
You need money to go to the mall and do this activity
You need a book to do this activity
you go outside and plant a
an artist likes to
Not your family
inhale then exhale
you do this at church, when your are in trouble and just before you eat
Beyonce can sing and
Sometimes you just need to play a fun board
You __________ a cake in the oven
When someone is crying that you care about you may want to give them a

Cover Letters & Resumes Crossword

Cover Letters & Resumes Crossword

Individuals who can attest to your abilities at work, school and in character
Sentence that describe the desired job
Explains the reason for writing an dposition for which you are applying
A document that contains pwrsonal information, education, skills work experience and activities
A brief summary of what you can contribute to the potential employer in letter form
Indicate how youcan meet an aimployer's particular needs using tow to three qualifications
request an interview at the eployer's concenience; tells the employe you will call for his or her reation to the resume
shows the job held progress in a logical sequence toward the position seeking
displayed t the top of the first page with name, address, phone numbers and email adress
People who can attest to your abilities at work, school, on a job or character
These make great references