One of the main drawbacks in agriculture before the revolution was
Crop rotation
Farmers did not have
one field in three left empty meant it was
leaving fields empty allowed soil to regain
the agricultural reformist that invented the four crop rotation system
Charles townshend
the four-crop rotation system allowed this nutrient to be replaced in the soil
The four-crop rotation system is also known as the
norfolk system
up to the 1730's cattle were often slaughtered in the winter because of lack of food, also known as
with more food available, the number of farm animals
surrounding the fields fences and hedges prevented the spread of
More animals grazing the land meant more ' ' fertilized the soil
better fertilized soil meant an increase in
This invention allowed seeds to be sewn in straight lines with no waste
seed drill
In 1834, Cyrus McCormick invented a
mechanical reaper
new machinery still had to be pulled by
an increase in the size of animals meant this food source was more readily available
the changes that took place meant that fewer workers were needed to work in
those displaced by less labor available moved to
industrial towns
Greater amounts of ' ' in Britain led to an increase in population
The process by which the largest animals on a farm were mated to produce offspring
selective breeding
surrounding fields with fences meant the fields were now

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