Theatre People & Things Matching Worksheet
Matching Worksheet

People who watch a play, film or show
All the actors in a film or play
A person in a story, play or film
Someone who tells the actors what to do
The person who tells the story
Clothes that the actors wear
The paint that actors put on their faces
Objects used by actors in a film or play
The written text of a film or play
The raised area in a theatre for performing

Theatre Arts Vocabulary Word Search

Theatre Arts Vocabulary Word Search
Word Search

Facial Expression

Drama terms Crossword

Drama terms Crossword

The name of a frozen picture in Drama.
The act of performing without a script.
Performers who often work with balloons and red noses.
Another term for dancing in theatre.
The person who makes decisions for actors in a play.
William ___________________ is a famous playwright.
A small section of a play or act is called a _______________.
Performers with painted white faces.
The name of St. Peter's musical.
The theatre where St. Peter's musical is being performed.
The entire furniture and structures on stage.
The name of a place you buy tickets for a production
A play with a sad ending.
A play that is extremely funny
The award given in Hollywood. (think of a man's name)
An entire group of actors in a specific play.
An award given in New York for an actor in a musical.
In order for the audience to see actors ___________ is required.
Actors often wear these so they can be heard.
Lines or conversation in a play.
Another theatre in Peterborough other than Showplace.
A person in a play who talks to the audience.

Drama Vocabulary Crossword

Drama Vocabulary Crossword

written words of a play
place(s) where the story happens
area where the play is performed
different parts of the play
those who act out the characters
things used by the actors in the play
words spoken between characters
what the story is about
clothes worn by the actors to portray a character
group of actors in the play
one who tells everyone where to stand and how to act

Theatre Vocabulary Crossword

Theatre Vocabulary Crossword

Refers to the words the characters speak, or lines.
words the characters sing in the show.
Indicates the notes and timing for the songs.
Describes the setting and important physical action performed by the characters.
Includes dialogue, lyrics, and stage directions.
Area where actors perform for an audience.
where the audience sits to watch the performance.
anything on the stage within view of the audience.
anything outside the view of the audience.
entire area off and behind the stage.
areas to the side of the stage just out of the audience's view.
the entire physical environment onstage.
when you stand in the center of the stage
when you face the house, the area behind you
when you face the audience, the area to your left
when you face the audience, the area to the right.
the person who oversees the budget, calendar, and staffing.
the person who provides the artistic vision for the show and coordinates all of the creative elements.
creates and teaches the dances.
coordinates the construction and painting of the sets, the hanging of the lights and the set-up of the sound system.

Drama Terms Word Search

Drama Terms Word Search
Word Search

technical theatre
dress rehearsal
stage manager
center stage
stage right
fourth wall
stage left
stage crew
down stage
set stage

Theatre Terms Crossword

Theatre Terms  Crossword

person who oversees the work of everyone invlolved in the play
person in charge of the clothing worn by the actors in a performance
person responsible for the musical content of a production
one who performs a role or represents a character in a play
person who gives lighting and sound cues backstage
person who plans the scenery for the play
person who writes the musical or play
person in charge of the objects used by the actors on stage
person who plans the kinds of lights to show the setting and mood of each part of the story
person who designs the dance steps

Musical Theatre Terminology Crossword

Musical Theatre Terminology Crossword

Performed without preparation
musical in which the basic story is taken from another source such as a book, an opera or a play without music
Planning the moving on the stage throughout the show, usually referring to non-musical sections
The "theatre" section of New York City
The actors, actresses, dancers, and singers who perform in a musical
Stage dancing, or organized movement
The person who creates the Dance Moves
The person who writes the music for a show
The appearance of the cast following a performance of a musical or play, in groups or individually
The main person in charge of the action on the stage, he/she instructs the cast and crew
the closing musical number in a show. It usually includes the entire cast
The book, script, or dialogue of a play.
The person who writes the words for the songs in the show
Comedy A theatrical production, typically of a sentimental or humorous nature that consists of musical numbers and dialogue based upon a unifying theme
A musical, theatrical production that has no spoken dialogue. The entire story is told in song
A selection (introduction) played by the orchestra at the beginning of a musical, consisting of short sections of the songs to be performed in the show
The person or organization financing and supervising the making and public presentation of a play
The person or organization financing and supervising the making and public presentation of a play
The "repeat" of a song already heard in the musical. It is usually shorter than the original, and often sung by a different character
Backdrops, furniture, and other large structures and properties used on the stage to provide atmosphere
Once a year, this is given to plays and musicals in a ceremony honoring excellence in the theatre
The main plan of story

Arts and Media Crossword

Arts and Media Crossword

A group of musicians who play modern music together
The collective term for music, art, theatre, literature, etc
POSTER / A large, printed picture or notice put on a wall, in order to decorate a place or to advertise something
ALBUM / Several songs or pieces of music on a CD, a record, etc
AUDIENCE / The people who sit and watch a performance at a cinema, theatre, etc
A book, newspaper, etc. that is one of several that are the same and were produced at the same time
A television or radio station (= broadcasting company)
A television or radio programme or performance
A very popular book that many people have bought
A room or building which is used for showing works of art
A short period of time between the parts of a play, performance, etc
When objects such as paintings are shown to the public
The story of a book, film, play, etc.)
A person in a play or a film
A report in a newspaper, magazine or programme that gives an opinion about a new book, film, etc
A view or picture of a film, play or show
A picture, especially on film or television or on a screen
All the actors in a film, a play or a show

Theatre Vocabulary Crossword

Theatre Vocabulary Crossword

The carefully selected clothing worn by the actors.
spontaneous use of movement and speech to create a character.
Length of time the play will be presented
move to a more prominent position
A room near the stage where actors await entrance cues and receive guests after the performance.
derogatory term for exaggerated, unnecessary facial expressions or physical gestures.
Stagecraft The knowledge and skills required to create the physical aspects of a production
leave the stage
enter the stage
central thought, idea, or significance of the action of a play.
Direction given by the Stage Manager to signal actors to be in position before each act begins.
person who supervises the physical production of a play and who is in charge of the stage during the performance.
last words or action of an actor immediately preceding the lines or business of another actor.
To extemporize stage business or dialogue
art of creating and arranging dances onstage.
block the audience’s view of a person or object
The "what happens" in a story
To speak loudly so the entire audience can hear you.
Dismantling the set, costumes and props at the end of the run of a show.
A solo speech.
An improvisational, process-oriented form of drama
withdraw to a less obvious position
Any action performed on stage
role played by an actor as she or he assumes another’s identity

Theatre Vocabulary Crossword

Theatre Vocabulary Crossword

theatre union
person who helps find jobs for actors
part of the stage that extends past the proscenium arch
switching all lights off at once
actor movement on stage, usually assigned by director
a write-up that usually includes a synopsis of the project and descriptions of the characters/roles in the script
area of NYC known for its prestigious theatre performances
a show that goes from Broadway to traveling and performing around the country
time at which a performer is expected to be at the theater
person who finds and auditions actors to fill roles
person who creates and teaches dances
performance designed to make a sale, profit
clothing worn for a performance
writer who reviews performances
conversation between characters
person who oversees and puts together the production of a play or musical
rehearsal in which all elements of a show are performed, including costumes
curtain that is lowered to the stage, often serving as background scenery
a group of actors, singers, and/or dancers who perform together on stage
appointment when actor tries on costume to see if it will work for performance
a system that enables stage crew to hoist components such as curtains, lights, scenery, stage effects and, sometimes, people
the movement of any body part to help communicate an idea or an emotion
actor's "waiting room", used before or after a performance or while not onstage during the show
actor's picture, used for auditions
words your character says, make sure you learn them!
a speech presented by a single character, most often to express their mental thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience
teaches and oversees music for a show
a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance
the "Big Apple", location of Broadway
theatre performance that does not employ Equity actors
acting with unnecessary exaggeration
a space at the front of a theater for the orchestra
phrase called out when it's time to get to your starting position for the show, always say "thank you ______"
written by a playwright, performed by actors
author of a play
a lead actor or role
objects used onstage by actors during a performance or rehearsal
a professional theatre outside New York City
a practice for a show
written text given to each actor, usually on the first day of rehearsal
performance in which actors have the opportunity to display talents and/or skills learned
instrument which projects a bright beam of light onto the stage
person responsible for the technical details of a theatrical production, takes full responsibility for the stage during a performance
the process of tearing down the set, cleaning up, and putting things away on the final night of performances
a member of the company who understudies several chorus and/or dancing roles
a building where plays are performed
actor assigned to learn the part and fill in should the regular actor fall ill or otherwise be unable to perform the role
area directly offstage that hides actors and scenery
not performing full out, should not be done unless specified by director/choreographer
engaging in and responding to what is currently happening in the scene