gea artwork - crossword

Which brand of soup did Andy Warhol famously paint?
What is the girl holding in Banksy's most famous piece?
What is the name of Leonardo Da Vinci's most famous painting?
The Starry Night is a painting by which artist?
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
Jeff Koons created what balloon animal, that sold for $58.4 million?
Red and blue are both primary colours, what is the other?
Who was the creator and host of 'The Joy Of Painting'?
What body part did Vincent Van Gogh cut off?
When blue and yellow are mixed what colour does it create?

8th Grade Art Vocabulary Word Search

8th Grade Art Vocabulary Word Search
Word Search

Principles of Design
Roy Lichteinstein
Elements of Art
Art is the Best
Colonel Middle
Starry Night
Action Word
Andy Warhol
Art History
Paint Brush
Water Color
Van Gogh
Pop Art

Renaissance Crossword

Renaissance Crossword

renewed focus on man's capacities
most notable patron family
most honored and influential scholar
greatest playwright of all time
the most famous painter of the early Italian renaissance
Added technique of shading
Added dimensions to paintings
painted the last supper
painted Madonna del Granduca
painted the sistine chapel
Pieter Brueghel is famous for what form of painting
leading sculptor of the early Renaissance
most prominent type of music during the middle ages
french meaning of Renaissance
what are sponsors of art
the book of manners was written by who
who printed the bible in 1456
where was the birth place of the Renaissance
People relied more on... God or man
what was Erasmus' most famous work
who wrote Romeo and Juliet

The Unforgettable Renaissance! Crossword

The Unforgettable Renaissance! Crossword

The city where the Renaissance began
Greatest play writer of all time
The focus on man's abilities and worth
Sponsors of artist
Father of the Renaissance
Added movement to paintings
3-D paintings
Painted the Sistine Chapel
Great Scholar from Netherlands
Where Leonardo Da Vinci was from
Where Shakespeare was from
Wrote Don Quijote
Invented the printing press
Most famous patrons of the arts
Studying Science, History, Grammar and Litterature
Man glorified this more then God
The revival in learning and renewing interest in art
Painted the "Mona Lisa"
Renaissance emphasized this greatly
Remedy for sin

The Italian Renaissance Crossword

The Italian Renaissance Crossword

The study of history, poetry, grammar and rhetoric
Studied classic Greek and Roman culture to better understand their own culture
meaning Re-birth
A Florentine man who lived in the 1300's was an early humanist, poet, and scholar
Wrote a book called "The Prince"
Designed flying machines and undersea boats centuries before they were invented
Painted the Sistine Chapel
Famous for painting "The School of Athens"
A technique that allowed artist to create realistic pictures by making far away objects appear smaller
Italy was divided into small ?

Renaissance and Reformation Crossword

Renaissance and Reformation Crossword

One of the major religions during the Renaissance and Reformation
Where Michelangelo painted the ceiling
Worldly and concerned with the here and now
What was at the front of girl`s education
A famous sculpture by Michelangelo
85-90% of population in Middle Ages
2-3% of population in Middle Ages
What the church sold for salvation
Declare invalid
A guy who had 6 wives
A monk that studied the bible
One of Raphael`s paintings
Gutenberg`s first full size book printed
The focus on human potential and achievements
Sum of money that the wife`s family gave to the husband upon marriage
One of the greatest painters of all time
Invented the printing press
An authors native language
Acceptance to heaven

Pop Art Crossword

Pop Art  Crossword

Which artist created the soup print?
What was the brand name of the soup can?
Who was the artist that made the comic strip pop art?
What was Lichtenstein's most famous piece?
What technique did the artist use to make their art?
What specific type of printing did Warhol and Lichtenstein use?
Who was the famous actress in Warhol's work?
Which 3 colours did Lichtenstein use?
Why did Lichtenstein use the colours he did? Because they were..
What was pop art a response too? (the culture of buying things)

Art Review Crossword

Art Review  Crossword

This artist was most famous for cutting off his ear.
How did Pollock die?
A quick-drying, water-soluble kind of paint that artists often use instead of oil paint or watercolors
The technological invention that changed the direction of painting
Collection of artwork intended to showcase progress and overall style
An early 20th -century style and movement in art, especially painting, in which perspective with a single viewpoint was abandoned and was made of simple geometric shapes, interlocking planes
A malleable mixture of paper and glue, or paper, flour, and water that becomes hard when dry
How many primary colors are there?
What country is Piet Mondrian from?
Geometric shapes are often found in...
Type of oil based colored pencil
A critical evaluation or analysis
A Latin American holiday celebrating the dead
A piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric onto a backing
The recurrence of a particular line, pattern, shape or other visual element in a work of art
How many secondary colors are there?
Opposite colors on the color wheel
Shepard Fairey created this famous logi
The way in which something is arranged or set out
A piece of paper rolled up tightly to blend pencil
Andy Warhol's famous studio was called the...
Category of art that refers to views of nature, seascape, and ciryscapes
A thin sheet of cardborad, plastic, or metal with a pattern or letters cut out of it, used to produce the cut design on the surface below by the application of ink or paint through the holes
Point/line where the sky and ground appear to meet
Popular English graffiti artist
8th grade art teacher at Lanier Middle School
Artistic process to ensure proportion
Artistic process to ensure proportion
An enclosed space
Art that does not attempt to represent external reality
Artist that created the POP ART movement
Artist know for working with rectangular shapes and primary colors
Similiar on both sides
A paint of which the liquid is a water dispersion of the binding material
Small bone in the middle of the nose
Point at which receding lines appear to converge
VanGogh died from this type of wound
A long narrow mark on a surface
Organic shaped are found in...
The arrangment of opposite elements (light vs. dark colors) in a piece so as to create visual interest, excitement and drama
Aside from white, this is the weakest of paint colors
The three "main" colors
Famous Spanish artist who is credited with creating "cubism"
Abstract artist who was credited with "drip" paintings
Where was Jackson Pollock from?
Picasso was born in this country

Van Gogh Crossword

Van Gogh Crossword

The name of Vincent's brother
Color of the house in Arles
Flowers Vincent loved to paint
The painting of a person
Last name of the artist friend that joined Vincent in Arles
Title of Vincents most famous painting
Opposite colors on the color wheel
Number of paintings that Vincent sold in his lifetime
Occupation that Vincent is remembered for
Body part that Vincent cut off his own body

Italian & Northern Renaissance Crossword

Italian & Northern Renaissance Crossword

Renaissance means...
The Renaissance witnessed a rebirth of ____________ (Greek and Roman) ideals
The Italian Renaissance began in ____________
During the High Renaissance, the ___________ (in charge of the Catholic church) commissioned a lot of art
The ____________ Family controlled Florence and commissioned art to make it beautiful
The Patriarch of the Medici's was named...
Who discovered Linear Perspective and designed the biggest church in Florence?
A person who is an expert in multiple fields is called a...
Boticelli's most famous work is titled...
Leonardo da Vinci was very ___________ with his painting
One of the most famous paintings in the world
Michelangelo was ___________ when he was declared the best sculptor in Italy
Michelangelo was commissioned by the pope to paint...
The Protestant Reformation was started by...
The Reformation caused art to move away from the _________
__________________ allowed artists to create more realistic works of art
_________________ was a German artist who thought very highly of himself
Durer was inspired by...
You can compare Durer's personality to our modern day ____________

Elements and Principles of Art Crossword

Elements and Principles of Art Crossword

An idea about a subject made into artwork for an audience.
The basic building blocks/tools to make art.
The path of a moving point.
This class!
Artist that made art using lines to speak out against AIDS and drugs in the 1980s.
Two dimensional enclosed area
A wavelength of light.
Greens, Blues, Purples are considered these kind of colors.
Yellow, Red, Orange are considered these kinds of colors.
Colors that are directly across from one another on the color wheel.
Three dimensional geometric figure.
What we do with the elements of design.
Relation of the parts within an artwork, size and scale.
Using different instances of an art element to create a desired effect.
Equalizing the visual weight.
Repeating an object or art element.
Distances around, between and within an artwork.
the way your eyes travel over an artwork, repeated elements.
Arrangement of elements of art and design.
What an artwork is made of.
What an artwork is of, actual subject.
Overall sense artwork achieves if elements and principles are working together.
Art in most basic sense is a form of what?
What provoked the artist into the act of creating art.
Process of forming thoughts about the subject into an artwork.
Your current teacher for Vis Lit's name!
Famous artist that used many shapes to make up people's faces.