Renaissance and Reformation crossword

rebirth in the middle ages
to focus n things that interest people
means not religious
someone who supports the arts
the everyday speech of people
An English poet who wrote a lot of very famous plays
He painted the Mona Lisa
A new worker taught by someone more advanced
In Italy, where the arts started
A trade route from China to Europe
He wrote the 95 theses
to express complete disapproval of something in public
people would pay there sins off in the middle ages
a Christian who does not agree with the Catholic Church
the original branch of Christianity
The first protestant religion
to change something
he had six wives
extreme anger
doubt or suspicion

Renaissance and Reformation Crossword

Renaissance and Reformation Crossword

One of the major religions during the Renaissance and Reformation
Where Michelangelo painted the ceiling
Worldly and concerned with the here and now
What was at the front of girl`s education
A famous sculpture by Michelangelo
85-90% of population in Middle Ages
2-3% of population in Middle Ages
What the church sold for salvation
Declare invalid
A guy who had 6 wives
A monk that studied the bible
One of Raphael`s paintings
Gutenberg`s first full size book printed
The focus on human potential and achievements
Sum of money that the wife`s family gave to the husband upon marriage
One of the greatest painters of all time
Invented the printing press
An authors native language
Acceptance to heaven

The Renaissance and Reformation Crossword

The Renaissance and Reformation Crossword

painted the Mona Lisa
important centers of trade
common language
focused on achievements of the individual
this made books cheaper and more abundant
painted the Sistene Chapel
wrote "The Praise of Folly"
the act of loaning money at a high rate of interest
corruption in the Catholic church and the sale of indulgences led to this
a German monk who started the Reformation
Martin Luther nailed these to the Wittenburg Church
Lutheran tradition: Justification by ______________

Renaissance Crossword

Renaissance Crossword

He was a painter, sculptor, inventor, and a scientist. He was know as the "Renaissance Man".
The basic spirit of the renaissance society was______, worldly rather than spiritual and concerned with the her and now.
He was the father of the Renaissance and wrote sonnets.
This man developed the printing press in 1440.
The city that came under the rule of the Medici Family and it's also where the Renaissance flourished.
Padrons that released people from performing penalties for their sins.
He wrote the book the "Prince".
The revival of art and learning. "Rebirth".
He wanted full reform the Catholic Church and wrote the "95 Theses".
In 1536 he published Institutes of the Christian Religion.
He was married to Catherine of Aragon and he wanted to divorce her.
A person who supports artists, especially financially.
Wrote the Inferno.
The intellectual movement that focused on human potential and acheivments.
He painted the Sistine Chapel and the statue of David.

The Reformation Crossword

The Reformation Crossword

period of time where art and literature became more popular
began reformation and made the ninety- five theses
a movement which caused thousands of Roman Catholics to become Protestants
people who protested against certain church practices
to reduce or eliminate the punishment for sin
church officials
officialy kicked out of the church
goes against church teachings
summarized the religious teachings of Martin Luther
Holy Roman Emporer, he declared war on Lutheran Kings
Charles let each prince decide if he wanted Lutheran Princes
made reforms in Switzerland. ended Catholic Mass, Confessions, and Indulgences
Disagreed with Luther's contention that an individual could work toward salvation through faith in God.
Broke away from Catholic Church because he wanted a divorce and couldn't get one
respect for an individuals right to worship in his own way
period of reform that strengthened the Catholic Church
an attitude that encouraged hard work and careful managment of money and materials, contributed to the growth of buisness and industry in Europe.
a feeling of pride in ones country
kidnapped the pope after the pope ordered the clergy not to pay taxes
69 years were popes remained under the control of French Kings

renaissance and reformation Crossword

renaissance and reformation Crossword

period of “rebirth” following Europe’s Middle Ages
a reform movement against the Roman Catholic Church
German printer, developed a printing press (the Bible was then available to many more people)
leader of the Catholic Church
German priest who started the Reformation by nailing a list of complaints to a Catholic Church door
those who protested against the Roman Catholic Church
French Christian reformer who taught predestination and encouraged living good lives
effort to stop the spread of Protestantism and to reform the Catholic Church from within, a.k.a. the Counter-Reformation
religious order created to serve the pope and the church
the language spoken by the common people of the area

Renaissance Crossword

Renaissance  Crossword

means rebirth
an intellectual movement that focused on human potential and achievements
worldly rather than spiritual and concerned with the here and now
a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause or activity
show three dimensions on a flat surface
native language by dante
means "no place"
a famous writer of the elizabeth age
a craftsman from Mainz
a movement for religious reform
a pardon releasing a person from punishments due for a sin
a member of a protestant church founded on the teachings of martin luther
a member of a christian church founded on the principles of reformation
to cancel or set aside
relating to the church of england

Renaissance Crossword Puzzle

Renaissance Crossword Puzzle

an intellectual movement of the Renaissance based on the study of the humanities, which included grammar, rhetoric, poetry, moral philosophy, and history
often called the father of Italian Renaissance humanism.
the language of everyday speech in a particular region
Dante wrote his masterpiece, the _________, in the dialect of his native Florence.
pioneered by the German printer Johannes Gutenberg
a painting done on fresh, wet plaster with water-based paints
Using this law, Masaccio could create the illusion of three dimensions, leading to a new, realistic style
was the model "Renaissance man." He was an artist, scientist, inventor, and visionary.
drew the "School of Athens" (Write his first name)
this was the core of humanist schools. Humanists believed this enabled humanists to reach their goal
This is the final stage of the Renaissance. this period is associated with da Vinci, Raphael Sanzio, Michelangelo
The cultural rebirth that occurred in Europe from roughly the fourteenth through the middle of the seventeenth centuries, based on the rediscovery of the literature of Greece and Rome.
technique that allows an artist to show objects as they appear at various distances from the viewer
Title for ruler of Venice (leader)
Most important writer of the Spanish Renaissance (last name)
the habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant.
Country where Renaissance started
soldiers who fought primarily for money
This family took control of Florence
Dominated society and held important political posts and served as advisers to the king.
the shopkeepers, artisans, guild masters, and guild members.
Who was the most important member of the Italian family during the Renaissance
Wrote "The Prince", and believed human beings were motivated by self-interest
Someone who supports or champions something
Florentine sculptor and painter and architect

The Protestant and Counter Reformation Crossword Puzzle

The Protestant and Counter Reformation Crossword Puzzle

a German monk and the creator of the 95 theses
Martin Luther wrote 95 _______
a Jesuit who avidly attacked the Position of Reformers
the people of the religion that the 95 theses was directed to
a _______ is an opinion against what is generally accepted
the Catholics created the Council of _______ to solve the problem of the Protestant Reformation
the Christian Churches had different groups called ______
the religion that Martin Luther helped create
the Catholic Church made ________ to better themselves
the Catholic Church stopped the clergy's ________
Lutheran and _________ were the 1st Protestant Denominatons and they both had similar beliefs
the __________ ________ was like the internet of its time

Renaissance Unit Crossword

Renaissance Unit Crossword

English ruler, founded the church of England
scientist who believed the Earth moved around the sun-heliocentric-30x telescope
invented the printing press
earth moved around the sun
sculptor and painter works include David and the Sistine Chapel
everyday language of the people
paintings on wet plaster
sun moved around the earth
scientist who discovered the idea of gravity
paper sold to forgive sins
wrote The Prince
city with most artistic excellence
rebirth of the Greco-Roman ideas
sculptor whose workers include David and Mary Magdallan
Northern Renaissance painter, most works are of peasants
powerful family of bankers
considered the Renaissance man, inventor, artist
priest who wanted change in Catholic Church
English writer of Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet
reformer who founded the Calvinist Church
person who studied the Greek/ Roman classics also questioning attitude
Medici Pope who built up the Vatican with art and buildings-had trouble with Luther
reestablished scientific method
literally means any non-catholic Christian religion
to buy church positions
to hire one's relatives
Luther's protector
to reform the Catholic Church
items in front appear larger than they are

Renaissance Vocab Crossword

Renaissance Vocab  Crossword

Rebirth; Mostly because of a revival in art and learning
Movement focusing on human potential and achievements
movement that focuses on wordly instead of spiritually
church leaders who spend large sums of money to beautify rome and and other cities
when writers started to not write in Latin but in their native language.
means no place; a non existent perfect society.
a partial remission of the temporal punishment that is still due for a sin or sins after absolution; a pardon
a movement for religious reform, started by Martin Luther’s actions
member or follower of any of the Christian churches that are separate from the Roman Catholic Church.
the divine foreordaining of all that will happen, especially with regard to the salvation of some and not others
a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God
a city that with its surrounding territory forms an independent state.
Cosimo de Medici’s grandson who came into power in 1469
showing three dimensions on a flat surface
began using realistic style when creating the human body in art
created art with natural postures and expressions
famous painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist; was a true “renaissance man” and painted The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.
Advanced realism through paintings of classical scenes
wrote The prince about the imperfect conduct of human beings
most famous work was The Praise of Folly
wrote Utopia in 1516
Regarded as greatest playwright of all time; wrote plays that were performed at Globe Theater.