coping Skills Crossword

Something you do to get your mind and body active; to stay healthy
Please _________ your name at the top of the paper.
Your learn how to do this inside the lines on your paper when your are little
You can write your thoughts in this place
You go to the theater to watch this
When words come out of your mouth
You watch this after you finish your homework and before bed time
You use your ear buds to listen to
When you are sleepy in the middle of the day during the summer you take a
When your room is messy you need it ________it
You can do this with your hands or a machine to make clothes
when you sit in a quiet place by yourself to focus on calming down
Some times you do this when you are mad, sad or even happy
It takes less muscles in your face to do this; opposite of frown
You use your legs to do this
You need money to go to the mall and do this activity
You need a book to do this activity
you go outside and plant a
an artist likes to
Not your family
inhale then exhale
you do this at church, when your are in trouble and just before you eat
Beyonce can sing and
Sometimes you just need to play a fun board
You __________ a cake in the oven
When someone is crying that you care about you may want to give them a

Noun Crossword Puzzle

Noun Crossword Puzzle

Large amount of water. (common)
Something you access online. (common)
Somewhere you go out to eat. (common)
A popular fizzy drink company. (proper)
A popular chocolate company. (proper)
A popular shoe brand. (proper)
A popular fast food outlet. (proper)
A popular caffe. (proper)
A vehicle that you drive. (common)
An item of clothing that you put over your clothes to keep you warm. (common)
A job that you create paintings or drawings in. (concrete)
A person in court who decided the outcome of the defendants. (concrete)
Something that is in the sky. (concrete)
An animal that you own and take care of. (concrete)
Something that you write with and can rub out. (concrete)
When someone dies and you are very sad afterwards. (abstract)
When a person offers to look after you or offers you things you need. (abstract)
When you put food into your mouth you can do this. (abstract)
When you are vey upset about something. (abstract)
When a person or people typically live in a country that is corrupt or poor they live in _______. (abstract)

Lifeskills crossword

Lifeskills crossword

You can show responsibility at home by ____ your parents around the house
What month is Responsibility
When you show responsibility at work you could - ________ them before taking a sick day
What are the only things you need to bring home?
What can help you keep track of your homework?
What can you get rid of to keep organized?
When you show responsibility at school you could _______ with teachers about assignments before school instead of last minute.
When you show responsibility at home you could do your_________ before being asked
What is a way keep your locker organized
When you respect others dignity and work together with others what kind of responsibility are you showing?
When we take care of the earth and various equipment, what kind of responsibility are you showing?
What is a way to keep track of important papers when you are traveling to and from school?
What is a way to make sure you don't lose folders and notebooks forever/
What is one organized way you can study with out having tons of worksheets?
When you turn in all of your homework on time what kind of responsibility are you showing
When you pay your bills on time, what kind of repnsibiltiy are you showing
Who can show responsibility
When is the best time to organized Your school school things ?
What is a device to keep all of your online papers safe and organized?
What is a way to easily locate notes and folders?

Lab Safety Crossword

Lab Safety Crossword

In case of a fire, you should know the location of this important piece of equipment.
You should always ________ the day's experiment before you begin, paying close to safety issues.
Secure loose or dangling _________ before beginning a lab.
Wearing this will protect your clothes.
In case of a fire in the lab you should _________.
What you need before you bring an animal to the lab or classroom.
_______ one chemical with another can be dangerous. Never do so unless the textbook or your teacher has specifically asked you too.
Never work _________ in the laboratory.
Never pour water into this; instead, slowly pour this into water.
If a chemical comes into contact with your eyes, wash them for at least ____________ minutes.
Handle scissors, scalpels, knives, and other _________ objects with extreme caution.
When heating something in this type of glassware, never point it at yourself or anyone else.
Never _________ any liquid while in the lab, unless specifically instructed to do so by your teacher.
Know where this communication tool is before you begin any lab; you may need to find it in case of an emergency.
Report accidents to your teacher, no matter how _________ they may seem.
Some of these are corrosive.
Only _____ lab equipment as your teacher instructs you to do so.
Don't wear ___________ in the laboratory, closed toe shoes are the best to wear.
This kind of glassware is dangerous to use because it has stress points where the glass may break.
_______ carefully to your teacher; they may tell you important information regarding the lab or equipment.

Billie Eilish songs Crossword

Billie Eilish songs Crossword

Let me let you go
your love feels so fake
you just want what you can't have
you've been uninvited
go trip over a knife
you really know how to make me cry
when we all fall asleep, where do we go?
my V is for Vandetta
heart made of glass, my mind of stone
would roses bloom?
6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
what makes you sure youre all i need?
i like the way they all scream

Elements of Art Crossword

Elements of Art Crossword

colors that are next to each other on the color wheel
when a color is mixed with white
when a color is mixed with black
when a color is mixed with gray
what you get when you mix primary and secondary colors
the lightness or darkness of tones or colors
this ranges from black to white when working with value
this color scheme comes from a single hue mixed with tones, tints and shades
these are the main 3 colors needed to create all other colors
these colors are created when you mix primary colors together
this is created when light his an lets us see the _____ of an object
these colors are opposite one another on the color wheel
this element of art is a point (or dot) moving through space to create a shape
patterns of repeating lines that fill a space
two dimensional objects that are drawn (ex: circles, squares, triangles)
three dimensional objects that are drawn using lines
this element of art refers to distances around, to and from or between areas
this can be positive or negative on your paper when sketching
The many different ways, or views, that can be used while sketching
you give the illusion of this by adding details to the surface of your artwork

Sports Crossword

Sports Crossword

This sport is referred as football in England
Is an American sport, to score you do a touchdown
You use a club to hit the ball into a hole
You use a heavy ball to knock down pins in an alley
A game where you to dribble the ball and shoot the ball into the net
You use sticks and a puck to play this sport
In this game, you can score something called a Homerun
A sport where you run on a track
A sport where you jump as far as you can
This sport requires you to jump over fences while running
A sport where you shoot a bow and arrow at a target
This sport take place on ice and you move around on the ice
A sport where you race in water
This sport is where you race in a boat
A sport where you dance on ice
You slide on a snowy hill on two boards on your feet
A sport where you fight others, often referred as Taekwondo
An activity where you go down a snowy hill on one board
An activity where you ride on a horse's back
An activity that requires a boat and paddles

Financial Literacy Terms Crossword

Financial Literacy Terms Crossword

one who takes risk and initiative to set up their own business
tax paid on business profits
amount of pay you ear before any deductions are made
these are taken away from the tax amount you owe
the principle states that you cannot make a profit from insurance
amount of pay you take home after all deductions
an entrepreneur must be will to take this in order to set up a business
this principle state that you must tell the whole truth when applying for insurance
this type of checking account pay customers interest
to designate oneself as the payee by signing a check
a written order used to tell a bank to pay money from an account to a check holder
Electronic Funds Transfer
a check written to this person
not enough money in the account to cover the check
this type of account one person can make withdrawals
this type of account are owed by more than one person
things that are necessary
things you would like to have
when you set money aside for a "rainy day"
The amount of money you allocate to pay for items
everything you need, want or do requires what
when you take money out of your bank account
the amount of money you have available in your account
person identification number
check returned to drawer's account and funds are withdrawn

Workplace Safety Crossword

Workplace Safety Crossword

You must be 16 years old to work on a ___________ site
__________ hazards are germs that come from living things
Helps you learn the policies, rules, and procedures to help do your job safely
. Someone who works closely with you on a day-today basis and makes sure you follow safety rules
_____________ Health and Safety Act
A biological hazard often found in hospitals
Someone who helps other people and works without pay
What you do frequently to your hands before working with food
Things that should be followed in order to stay safe
Minor injury that could result from picking up heavy boxes
It is your ______________ to work safely and report hazards
Hand protection needed when working with food, chemicals, etc.
What you do when you don’t understand instructions or if you think your work is unsafe
To avoid a serious shock, this should never be mixed with water
Workplace ___________ Materials Information System (WHMIS)
Head protection
What you wear in a science lab to protect your eyes from chemicals



To manage your stress through different ways that make you feel better.
What it's called when people talk to a mental health professional.
This is done out loud, when something is funny and can make you feel better.
If done at park or gym or home, this activity relieves stress and is good for you.
People go on these atleast once a year, for break from their job.
Feelings of high stress, panic, worry. Sometimes including physiological symptoms.
These are the familiar people in our life that help us cope with the stressful times because they know us well and listen.
To share and express your thoughts and feelings to a person who will listen.
What can happen if your body gets run down from stress and lack of sleep.
You should get about 8 hrs each day to maintain health and happiness.
Time off from work, doing nothing but enjoying yourself.

Life skills Crossword Puzzle

Life skills Crossword Puzzle

Something you use to remember to do homework
Something you use to wake up on time
_______ is the best policy
Come to class ______
Making sure _____ is done when it is due.
Don't ______ just do it right away
Make sure your _______ for the day
______ to do you best
________ to make sure that you are ready for the day
Keep your ______
Use a _______ To help you
Use _______ on your IPad
Keep your _____ clean
Put your stuff in a ________ spot so you don't forget it
Use ______ to keep your stuff organized
Write things down to ______ them
Don't _____ anything that you may need later
Don't _____ your time doing something unnecessary
________ things out you don't need
Put things away Immediately so you don't ______ them