Resident Supervison Crossword

Implies that the attending practitioner has reviewed the resident note
"I have seen and discussed the patient with my attending Dr. X and Dr. X agrees with my assessment and plan"
What consult do you place when a patient needs a cane?
What CPRS tab do you access to verify if your patient had the flu vaccine?
What must me completed before prescribing medications in CPRS?
What injuries are typical with agent orange exposure?
What does the "I" stand for in our ICARE values?
What building is nursing services located?
When prescribing outpatient medications, the delivery method automatically defaults to what?
Where do you find service agreements and medical center policies?

Careers In Health Crossword Puzzle

Careers In Health Crossword Puzzle

A doctor who works with animals.
Health career that focuses on the relationship between the structure of the spine and nervous system and how it affects the restoration of health.
The branch of healing arts and sciences devoted to maintaining oral health.
An Osteopathic healthcare provider specifically trained to manage the needs and treatments of older people.
They do fieldwork to determine what causes a certain outbreak of disease or an injury and how to prevent it from reoccurring.
They examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and disorders of the visual system.
They measure blood to identify appropriate mechanical, pharmacological, and thermal manipulation of the heart to maintain a physiological state.
They care for children from infancy to late teen years in a hospital.
A physician who examines tissues, checks the accuracy of lab tests and interprets the results in order to facilitate the patient's diagnosis and treatment.
They collect blood for donation or for testing so the blood can be analyzed in a clinical laboratory.
They administer and score neurophysiological, psychological, personality and academic tests for patients with brain injury, neurological diseases, psychological health issues or learning disabilities.
They dispense medications prescribed by physicians and monitor patient health.
They analyze non-biological trace evidence found at crime scenes in order to identify unknown materials and match samples to known substances.
The study of the mind and behavior.
Devoted to the study of human movement with the foot and the ankle as their main focus.
They develop and monitor exercise programs to help people regain muscle strength and function.
Health professionals with specialized graduate degrees and experience in the areas of medical genetics and counseling.
They provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, reduce pain, and prevent permanent disabilities.
They seek to understand the aging process by studying what happens to our cells, organs and systems as we get older.
This career addresses the health of people living in low- and middle-income countries.

Medicare Terms Crossword

Medicare Terms Crossword

means that your doctor, provider, or supplier must accept the Medicare-approved amount as full payment for covered services
this visit is available once every twelve months after the first twelve months of Part B coverage
the percentage you pay for covered services after you have met your deductible
a fixed amount one pays to receive a medical service, usually at the time of service
the amount one pays annually before the plan begins to pay. This does not apply to services that require a copay
is long lasting, used for a medical reason, and typically used in an individual's home
the plan contract that gives detailed information about the plan, including: what is and is not covered, what an individual pays, etc.
a monthly summary sent to an individual to let them know what services were billed, what was paid by whom, and what amount the individual is responsible to pay.
in this type of plan you can only go to doctors, other health care providers, or hospitals in the plan’s network except in an urgent or emergency situation.
care that is usually given when an individual has decided that they no longer want care to cure terminal illness and/or one’s doctor has determined that efforts to cure an illness aren’t working.
a status for individuals starting when one is formally admitted to a hospital with a doctor’s order
a status for individuals getting emergency department services, observation services, surgery, lab tests, X-rays, or any other hospital services, and the doctor hasn’t written an order to admit them to a hospital as an inpatient
in a PPO, you pay less if you use doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers that belong to the plan’s network
the periodic payment to Medicare, an insurance company, or a health care plan for health or prescription drug coverage
services to prevent illness or detect illness at an early stage
the doctor you see first for most health problems
a written order from a primary care doctor for a patient to see a specialist or get certain medical services, often required by HMOs

The Total Health Care Team Crossword

The Total Health Care Team  Crossword

position requires employee to have goo medical terminology and administrative skills
with addition training in the ophthalmic field medical assitant can become a
provides basic nursing care to patients in nursing and retirement homes
lab tech who specializes in the formation,structure and function of cells
clerical and chairside assistant of dentists
provides special training to perform dental services including radiology, apply meds and patient education
skilled in performing EKGs in clinic/hospital settings
also know n as a medical technologist works under the supervision of a pathologist
trained to work in physician offices on both th clinical and admin side
professional nurse who completed a nursing program and passed examination
professional nurse with extensive training in labor and delivery
Registered nurse with a masters degree who works under the supervison of a physician
has basic nursing skills and commonly work in hospitals and nursing homes
specialized training in nutritional management
has associate degree and works under the supervision of a Registered Occupational Therapist
assist licensed pharmacist in preparing medications
extensive training in drawing blood from veins
trained in certain aspects of the practice to provide assistance; under direct supervision of physician
training in radiology procedures; assist radiologist
performs routine clerical, communication and reception tasks in a hospital setting

Patient Safety Goals Crossword

Patient Safety Goals Crossword

Use at least two patient __ when providing care, treatment and service
The goal of improving medication safety is to __ all medications and containers
The physician must be notified within __ minutes of a critical result being reported
When reporting a critical value, what type of clear communication should be used? (two words)
A desensitized staff member ignores or disabling warning sounds due to (two words)
One of the most important ways to prevent Hospital Associated Infections is by improving (two words)
A task perfomed by the surgical team members before a surgery begins which includes correct patient identity, site and procedure
Two licensed nurses must verify these ___ products?
The main purpose is to compare medications currently being taken to the new medications prescribed to assure they will not be duplicated or have negative interactions (two words abbreviated)
A patient is wandering the hospital alone with a bright yellow bracelet. What are they at risk for?

Hospital Billing Crossword

Hospital Billing Crossword

National Provider Identification
The note received from the insurance company after getting medical services from a doctor or hospital. It tells what was billed, the payment amount approved or denied by the insurance, the amount paid, and what the patient must pay.
Portion of the bill, as defined by the insurance company which the patient owes.
Advanced Beneficiary Notice
A person or persons whose account that has been sent to a collection agency for further action.
The cost sharing part of the bill that the patients have to pay.
A part of the bill that we must write off because of billing agreements with insurance companies.
A cost sharing part of the bill that is the patient’s responsibility to pay.
A coding system used to describe what treatment or services were given to the patient by their provider. Used for hospital outpatient services billed on an UB and professional services billed on HCFA 1500s
How much cost sharing that the patient must pay for medical services often before their insurance starts to pay.
A code used for billing that describes the patient’s condition. Also called ICD-10 diagnosis code.
Individual who is responsibility for the bill.
Patient class in which the patient requires a higher degree of nursing and physician care.
A person who is a policyholder of the insurance. Also known as the subscriber, policyholder, cardholder, or beneficiary.
Type of service used by doctors and hospitals to decide whether a patient needs inpatient hospital care or whether they can recover at home or in an outpatient area. Usually charged by the hour.
Any service received at a hospital or clinic that is not an inpatient status. Includes Emergence Room, Observation, and ancillary services.
A form used by hospitals to file insurance claims for medical services. Used when billing for hospital technical services.
Part of medicare that helps pay for doctor services, outpatient care, and other medical services not paid for by Medicare Part A.
Part of Medicare that usually referred to as Hospital Insurance, it helps pay for inpatient care in hospitals and hospices, as well as some skilled nursing costs.
Claim form used by doctors to file insurance claims for medical services. Used when billing for professional services.
Medicare Secondary Questionnaire
Hospital Billing (abv)
Professional Billing (abv)
After a patient is discharged from, the account status is changes from Open to
Hospital Account
A holding tank for accounts that we have identified has issues or needs follow up performed
Hospital Clinic System used by WVUH



I can not take _______________ inside the Hospital.
What do the initials ePHI stand for electronically Protected Health _________ ?
Abbreviation for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996?
Every patient has the right to ___________ with their medical treatment and conditions.
By law hospitals must train annually on HIPAA ____________.
Hospitals have ___________ and procedures to meet Federal HIPAA rules and regulations.
If you suspect someone is violating the facility's privacy policy , you should?
HIPAA security and privacy applies to everyone ______ in the facility.
HIPAA is governed by _____ and Human Services?
HIPAA was created with _____ standards for all patients.
Accessible __________ Health Information (PHI) is limited to only that information needed for performance of services.
Personally identifiable health information is protected by HIPAA includes photographic, electronic, spoken word and ______?
I may not post any identifiable information on______?
All information regarding patients must stay confidential. I can not even tell my friends or ____.
I may not share my computer log-in _____ with anyone.

Medical Terminology Crossword

Medical Terminology Crossword

Descriptive term that means away from the trunk
type of physician that specializes in heart conditions
medical term that describes inflammation of a tendon
joint movement in which the joint angle gets smaller
this joint movement only occurs at the shoulder and hip
This tool measures joint angles
A patient with an eye injury or disease would be referred to this specialist
the prefix term that means "arm"
the prefix term that means "ligament"
in the term for the disease fibromyalgia, the part of the term "myalgia" refers to
You are writing a note for a patient who is seeing you after surgery. This is a ______-op note
to describe the tissue surrounding a wound you would use the perfix:
the flu shot is an example of an injection that goes into a muscle. The medical term for this type of injection is:
The medical term for "under the skin"
You are writing a note and want to indicate that the patient has full active range of motion. What abbreviation do you use?
The note indicates a limit of ADL. What is the patient having trouble with?
blood in a joint cavity is referred to as:
A patch that administers medicine across the skin (i.e. nicotine patch) can be described as
suffix with the meaning "pertaining to"
a fast pulse or heart rate would be called
You would examine a patient's skin color for a yellow tint, which is also called
a condition of a crooked or bent vertebral column is also known as
Your patient just had ACL surgery. What structure was repaired?
You ask your patient, "what happened?" in order to determine the MOI. What does MOI stand for?
What is a common format for documentation?
which range of motion does the clinician perform for the patient?
what type of questions should you ask when taking a history?
this abbreviation is used to describe a patient with low back pain
this abbreviation is used when the patient has normal exam results or is within normal limits
This abbreviation is used when a patient is able to walk without assistance or bear their full weight
a concussion does not always result in a loss of consciousness, which is abbreviated as:
this abbreviation can be used to define either gloves (used during wound care) or a health screening prior to sports participation
this abbreviation is used to describe the primary problem or complaint of the patient
Pain on the inside of the knee may indicate an injury to this ligament
this abbreviation is used to describe the least amount or minimum range
When assessing the need for CPR, one would first check for breathing and circulation, often referred to as:
documented in the "plan" section of a SOAP note, the short term goals are abbreviated as:

Health Science 2 Puzzle Crossword

Health Science 2 Puzzle Crossword

Advances in medicine reach the general public through the
These facilities are equipped to handle a broad range of medical needs, including emergency and surgical services
Unlike general hospitals, specialty hospitals limit their practices to a specific age or condition.
Federal, state, and local governments operate these hospitals.
This type of medical facility often is the home to research and educational programs
these facilities house elderly patients who can no longer live independently because of heath or other issues.
those that do not require a hospital stay
meaning illnesses that will be fatal
or care for the terminally ill, is also often delivered in the home.
controlling symptoms and making the person as comfortable as possible while allowing them to die with dignity.
is both a health service and health insurance.
. One of the largest government insurance programs is
especially among the elderly who are more likely to have health issues
the government also provides insurance for those who cannot afford it
are the professionals who administer the health care. They all work together to make sure that all aspects of the patient’s health are monitored.
the doctor patients see regularly to maintain overall health, is the leader of the team. These doctors are known as general practitioners, or family doctors,
these professionals acquire more education and skills than a registered nurse and can perform some services generally reserved for doctors.
These health professionals are responsible for filling prescriptions and dispensing medications.
the study of disease
the relationships between social and economic elements, also shape health services

Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Crossword

Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Crossword

Radiologist: A medical doctor who specializes in ______
A CT scan is a two-dimensional view of ______ being evaluated
MRI is most valuable for images of the heart, large blood vessels, ______, and soft tissues
Patients with implanted metal devices such as __________, wires, clips, or prosthetic valves are not eligible for MRI's
Mammography is the method for screening for breast ______
PET scans provide color-coded images that indicate the degree and intensity of the ________ process
During an ultrasound, sound waves are reflected back into the ______
X-rays use high-energy ________ waves
Protection must be provided for testicles and ovaries to prevent ______-induced abnormalities
______ ______ declared he was scared of X-rays

Health Care Careers Crossword Puzzle

Health Care Careers Crossword Puzzle

Examines eyes for vision problems and defects
Provides total patient care by assessing a patients condition, administering medications, dressing changes, starting IVs, giving blood and other treatments
Doctors who specialize in the care of the teeth and mouth
A person who is responsible for the planning of individual therapeutic meals to help promote healing
Relating to or using the methods or principles of science
A physician specialty who specializes in the diagnosis of diseases and infections by examining cells, tissues, and body fluids of patients
Provde a therapeutic environment for the delivery of health care
An individual awaiting or under medical care and treatment
Create a picture of patient health status at a single point in time
The common name for a physician: a person skilled in the healing arts
A scientist that studies human genes
Manintain or change the health status of the patient over time
Use scientific and technical advancements to enhance diagnostic and therapeutic abilities in health care
Provide functions that support and document patient care
Also called heart beat
A person who dispenses and suggests medications to be used in the treatment of diseases and disorders
Tools you use for a specific task