The Veldt crossword puzzle

The Son
The daughter
The father begins to resent this part of their home
Father asked him for his opinion on the nursery
The setting the children have the nursery set at.
The Father
Being able to smell what is on television, a projector, etc.
The mom
The animals in the African Veldt
The kids ate dinner alone here
The nursery can create exactly what the children desire because of this.
Father said the children need a break from the nursery, this is what he suggests.
Something being interpreted by senses.
The nursery was originally made to help them work of this disorder.
Mr. McClean found this in Africa as him and Mr. Hadley were exiting.
Holds the switches to all the machinery in the household.
The children were in this state when they found out father turned the nursery off.
Father chose this place to vacation.
The lions were making these noises as Mr. and Mrs. Hadley walked into the nursery.
The short-term for African Veldt

The Reconstruction Era Crossword

The Reconstruction Era Crossword

A term that describes a former slave who was released from slavery.
Amendment that abolished slavery.
Amendment that assured the rights of anyone, including African Americans, who were born in America.
This system of agriculture eventually led to legal slavery. his is when a tenant could use land in exchange for a portion of the crop harvested.
This Amendment gave African Americans the right to vote.
Northern whites who moved to the South and served as republican leaders during reconstruction for profit. Usually carried there belongings in a carpet bag.
Southern whites who supported republican policy throughout reconstruction.
To kill by hanging without due process of the law.
To attempt to take a president out of office for high crimes. would be to ______ him/her.
Laws designed to enforce segregation of blacks from whites.
Vice President to Lincoln; President after Lincoln's assassination.
Presidential power to keep congress from passing a law. President Johnson did this the most, using this power twenty-nine times.
A clan started by ex confederate soldiers that used violence to try to restore democratic control to the South, and to keep white supremacy.
Financial panic during Grant’s presidency which caused a market crash and many banks to close down.
President after Johnson; Union general; Often refered to as a "Great General, Lousy President".
A set of laws limiting the rights of freedmen in the South.
A social system used to keep blacks separate from whites.
The period after the Civil War in which the South was rebuilt and reorganized before being readmitted to the Union.
Act/Law passed in 1866 intended to protect the right of African American. This act was vetoed by Johnson, but still passed by Congress.
An agency set of to aid former slaves in adjusting themselves to freedom. It provided food, clothing and work for them.

Outsiders Crossword Puzzle

Outsiders Crossword Puzzle

a type of clothing that only the Socs wear and the Greasers envy
she was only 16 years old when she wrote the story
Dally sent Johnny and Ponyboy to this city after Johnny killed Bob
the main theme in The Outsiders
these people have long hair and live on the East side
the oldest Curtis brother
he had a horse named Mickey Mouse
he used to live in New York before coming back to Tulsa
it's the one thing that both the Greasers and the Socs have
her hair was fiery red, and so ws her car
the title of the novel we are reading
it always happens between the Greasers and the Socs
Mrs. O'Briant called Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally this (hint chapter 6)
these people are rich, drive hotrods and live on the West side
Mr. Syme's students called him late at night and asked him about the theme he was to write about. His name is (hint chapter 12)
Dally loved this person more than anything
Bob drove this kind of car

Night Crossword

Night Crossword

The prisioners ate this and soup
The only son
The youngest of the Wiesel children
Dreamed of going to haifa with Elie & Yossi
They walked here from auschwitz
Elies inheritance was a knife & a ___
The town were Elie Wisel grew up
Elie wanted his family to move here
The reception center for auschwitz
He tried to warn the jews in sighet: ___ the beadle
Elie had surgery on his ___
Elie's fathers first name
Jews had to wear this to be identified as jews
The german security police
The jewish new year
Jewish musicans were not allowed to play this composers music
This movement rescued the prisioners at buchenwald
Elie Wiesel grew up in this town
The germans arrested the jewish leaders on seventh day of ___
Resembled a large railroad station
Told Elie he had n9t been written down
They liberated the men in the hospital
Elie did not do this on Yom Kippur
It ___ during the entire evacuation march
German jew who headed the block at buna
A small town on the Czechosolovakian border
These people beatted up the jew
Mr. Wiesel diedbin this camp
Mr. Wiesel had this ailment when he died
Mr. Wiesel did not recognize this cousin

Lizzie Borden Crossword

Lizzie Borden Crossword

What was Lizzie's sisters name?
What was Lizzie's father's name?
What street did the Borden's live on?
What name did Lizzie go by after the trail!
What was Bridgett cleaning during one of the murders?
Where did Lizzie claim she was when the murders happened?
What name did Lizzie and her sister call the maid?
What room was Abby murdered in? 2 words
What month did the murders happen? Abbev.
Who was the house guest the night before the murders? 2 words
What body part was the father hit?
What did Lizzie's father not put in the house?
What was the name of Lizzie older sister who passed away at 2 years old?
What was Lizzie's mother's name?
What was the suspected murder weapon?
Who found Lizzie's father brutally murdered?
Who's claims they were away visiting friends when the murders occurred?
What was the name of the house the Borden sister's moved into?
What month did Lizzie die?
What did a witness claim the seen Lizzie burn?
How many days did the trail last?
Lizbeth befriend actress --- O'neil
What wasn't in the caskets of Mr and Mrs Bowen?
Where was the (said) murder weapon found?
In the children's nursery rhyme, how many whacks did her "mother" get?
What is thought to be Lizzie's first attempted at killing her parents?
How many days apart did Lizzie and her sister die?
The maid was from what country?
What city did Lizzie live in when the murders took place? 2words
What cemetery are the Borden's laid to rest at? 2 words

A Raisin in the Sun Crossword

A Raisin in the Sun Crossword

_______________________ Park
Beneatha wouldn't marry him because he was shallow
I tell ou I am a ______________________!
Source of Mama's money
Kind of store Walter wants to buy
Someone who is willing to give up his own culture and submerge himself in another
One For Whom Bread-Food-Is-Not-Enough
Walter's son
Ruth's with child condition
Walter's sister
City where Walter and Ruth live
Asagai asked Beneatha to _________________ him.
Daily job
Mama wanted to set aside money for Beneatha's
He ran off with the liquor store money.
He bought Walter bad news about the money.
Financial document made payable to Mama.
TRavis's present to Mama
Asagai's home continent
Life is a ______________________, going round and round
Representative from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association
Asagai's home country
Act division
A ___________________ in the Sun
Walter thought his wife should wear some ______________ in this world.
Ruth was going to have one
Ruth did it to the clothes
Those who cannot see the changes or refuse to think
Those who see the changes in the long line of life
Last thing Mama takes from the apartment
Beneatha did not believe in him
Beneatha's African intellectual boyfriend
Play division
Walter's wife
Mama got garden ______________
Pay-off; illegal money
What Beneatha wanted to study to be
Wlater's mother

The boy in the striped pajamas Crossword

The boy in the striped pajamas Crossword

What was on the other side of the fence?
What is the name of the camp?
Why were there people on the other side of the fence?
What was happening to Bruno's memory?
How many floors were in Bruno's new house when he moved in?
Who helped Bruno when he got hurt and cut himself while playing on the tire swing he made?
What did Bruno see when he was walking down the other side of the fence?
What was Bruno's new friend name?
What happened to Shmuel's father?
Who was the soldier that Bruno didn't like?
How were the maids to address Bruno's father?
What happened when Pavel accidently crashed the bottle of wine?
Why was Shmuel in Bruno's house?
What was the big news Bruno had to tell Shmuel?
How does Shmuel sit on the ground when he meets Bruno?
What did Bruno see outside of his window
What did both Bruno and Shmuel think about Lieutenant Kotler
How many floors were in Bruno's old house back in Berlin?
What does Bruno bring to Shmuel when he meets him?
Why did Bruno move away from Berlin?
What did Bruno call her sister?

Charlotte's Web Crossword

Charlotte's Web Crossword

Fern says that what's about to happen to the baby pig is an _____
What does Fern's father have in his hands as he is walking out the door in Chapter 1?
After school, Fern takes Wilbur for a walk in the ___ (Chapter 2)
Wilbur escapes from Mr. Zuckerman's ______. (Chapter 3)
How did Wilbur feel in Zuckerman's barn?
After he escaped, Mr. Zuckerman lured Wilbur back with ____.
Who told Wilbur about the loose board, leading to his escape?
At the end of Chapter 4, Wilbur hears a voice that tells him she would be a _____.
_____________ is a sneaky rat.
Wilbur was sold to Mr. ___________.

To KIll a Mockingbird Crossword

To KIll a Mockingbird Crossword

“It is a ____ to kill a mockingbird”
Who is Aunt Alexandra’s son
How old was Jem when he broke his arm?
What was most important to Aunt Alexandra ?
What is the garbage truck driver’s name?
What is the dog suffering from?
What is Aunt Alexandra good at?
Where does Miss Caroline come from?
Where is this story set?
Why was school cancelled in May?
What is Mrs. Dubose dying from?
What was Mrs. Dubose addicted to?
Jem treats Walter Cunningham with...
What is Jem’s favorite sport?
What is Atticus trying to teach Jem by sending him to read to Mrs. Dubose?
What does Mrs. Dubose leave for Jem after she passed away?
Where did Nathan Radley come from?
What kind of trees were in the Radley’s back yard?
What flavour of gum was found in the tree?
Who is the best checker player in Maycomb?
What religion are the Finch’s?
What did Miss Maudie grow in her backyard?
What color was the blanket that Boo placed on Scout during the fire?
What did Atticus hope to win for Tom Robinson?
What relationship did Dill and Scout have?
The main occupation in Maycomb was ________ farming.
What did Miss Maudie send home with the children?
What type of parasite does Walter Cunningham have?
What was the last treasure found in the tree?
What was the first story Dill told to Jem and Scout?
What was Miss Caroline’s last name?
What was the first payment received by Atticus from Mr. Cunningham?
What is Jem’s real name?
What is Scout’s favorite clothing?
How did Scout’s mother die?
What type of gun does Mrs. Dubose carry at all times?
What is another word for tuberculous?
Who were Atticus’s first clients?
What was Scout’s favorite food?
What book will Dill give Jem for touching the Radley house?

To Kill a Mockingbird: Part I Crossword

To Kill a Mockingbird: Part I  Crossword

morphine addict
highly respected housekeeper of Jem, Scout, and Atticus
Aunt Alexandra's grandson and Scout's cousin
Boo Radley's real name
The children use it to try to deliver a note to Boo
Atticus describes them as animals
The setting of this novel
"a fur-trapping apothecary from Cornwall whose piety was exceeded only by his stinginess"
An uncared for house that everyone is scared of because of the stories they've been told
A lawyer and father of Jem and Scout
Scout's young teacher from North Alabama
New boy who visits for the summer and befriends Jem and Scout
Dill's real name
Dill's aunt
The town gossip
Jem and Scout find mysterious gifts left here
She loves all of nature's beauties, but despises nut grass
Believes Scout should wear dresses and play with tea sets
Atticus will defend his client, __________-, in court
Atticus' brother, Scout's and Jem's uncle
Aunt Alexandra's lazy husband
What Scout does to Francis
Uncle Jack learns how to treat ____________
Mrs. Dubose's caregiver
Scout learns to dislike
Jem looses his
Dill tells Atticus that he, Jem, and Scout were playing
Visits the Finch home for lunch
Jem and Scout are surprised to learn that Atticus is skilled with a
Character call Tim Johnson a ______
__________ destroys Miss Maudie's house
Scout's full name JEAN LOUISE
Nathan Radley adds this to the tree

Mahabharata Crossword # 1

Mahabharata Crossword # 1

This Rishi gave a boon to Satyavati that a divine fragrance would emanate from her body
Aunt of Dhritarashtra who did not marry
He had given Bhishma the boons that he would die only when he desired to and no one would be able to defeat him in war
The son who agreed to exchange his father’s old age for his own youth
Dronacharya’s wife was the sister of ___________
The archer who shot arrows inside the mouth of a dog without hurting the dog
Karna learnt archery from him – Rishi ______
Place where Duryodhana proposed to set the Pandavas on fire as per his conspiracy
Bhima’s brother-in- law who was an asura
He convinced king Drupada for the marriage of Draupadi to the 5 Pandavas – _____ _______
He killed Jarasandha
He taught Arjuna how to dance
This person was denied entry in both the Pandava and Kaurava armies