Vote Melody Trujillo!!!! Crossword

highest office held by student government
home of the Sun Devils!
ASU mascot
College degree, typically takes 4-6 years to complete
An area of concentration in a particular field of study
Grade Point Average, a student's overall academic performance
degree some pursue after obtaining a bachelors degree, typically 2 years to complete
Highest degree you can receive in graduate school
First -year college student
A temporary job to gain experience, usually in the field of your major
The last exam you take in a course
The cost of attendance
Who you should vote for (hint its me!)
second-year college student
third-year college student
fourth-year college student
graduates, past students

Financial Aid Cross Word Puzzle

Financial Aid Cross Word Puzzle

If a student fails to repay a student loan on time, the student is in ____________.
The acronym for the amount of money a student and his/her family are expected to pay toward college expenses as determined by the FAFSA, also known as the Expected Family Contribution.
One of the standardized tests that students generally take junior year of high school that is used by colleges to evaluate an applicant’s academic skills and abilities.
The type of loan where the U.S. Department of Education does NOT pay the interest while you are in college.
The type of loan where the U.S. Department of Education pays the interest while you are in college.
The name of Federal low-interest loans for eligible students to help cover the cost of college or career school (HINT: it starts with the letter "s").
Federal loans that parents of undergraduate students can sometimes use to help pay for their child's college or career school.
Your primary area of study chosen for college.
The name of the campus office that makes the decision about your acceptance to their school.
An area of interest studied at the same time as a major; however, fewer courses are required.
Federal grant program providing need-based grants to low-income students.
Type of college degree given if you complete four years of full-time study.
Type of college degree earned if you complete two years of full-time study.
The acronym for the application that you will fill out your senior year to apply for financial aid.
The person at a college who helps students decide what classes to take, what major to pursue, and that makes sure student have fulfilled all graduation requirements.
The acronym for the report that a student receives after their FAFSA is processed. It is the report that is sent to your college, also known as a Student Aid Report.
The legal document a student loan borrower must sign when he/she receives a loan. This document lists the terms for repayment of the loan, including interest.
This type of college or university is NOT run by the state and is generally smaller and more expensive.
The office at a college that is in charge of your financial aid, bills, and payments (HINT: It starts with the letter “b”).
The total cost to attend college before financial aid, including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and other living expenses (Hint: Acronym is “COA”).
A program that allows students to take a part-time campus job as part of their financial aid package.
Colleges/universities that are ran and regulated by the state or federal government.
The general term for money you borrow from the government, a bank or another source that need to be paid back, usually over an agreed period of time.
Generally, a student that is taking more than 12 credit hours of classes is considered to be a _______ student versus part time student.
The period of time following graduation when a student is NOT expected to start paying his/her loans back yet is known as a “______ period.”
What we wish grew on trees!!
A kind of "gift aid" — financial aid that doesn’t have to be paid back and that is usually awarded based on financial need.
The name of the official document that your high school guidance counselor will send to your colleges that lists the classes that you have taken and your grades.

College Success Crossword

College Success Crossword

A requirement which must be met before a certain course can be taken.
An outline plan for a particular course.
A scholarship granted by the Navajo Nation based on G.P.A and ACT scores.
Your official record of course work in high school or college.
Anything related to the way you are paying for college.
Grade Point Average, a student's overall academic performance.
An area of concentration in a particular field of studying.
A half year term in a school or college, generally 15-18 weeks.
The placement of a high school student in a course that offers college credit if completed successfully.
It usually takes 4-5 years to obtain this particular undergrad degree.
Sometimes, immediately after obtaining a Bachelor's Degree, some students like to pursue their.....
To cancel registration in a course after enrolling into it.
College-level courses that give credit toward your high school requirements; and at the same time, you also earn college credit.
a supervised short-term apprenticeship for experience.
A student's standing based on academics compared to their peers.
One of the most common college entrance exams.
A requirement for all studnets seeking federal financial aid - pell grant.
Federally funded program.....campus job.
Money given to you for your studies
Money that is paid back to a student who met their financial responsibility to a school.

COLLEGE Word Search

COLLEGE Word Search
Word Search




This person will help you select your courses.
Any student not maintaining satisfactory progress toward his/her educational objectives will be placed on probation for a semester.
achieve the minimum cumulative GPA required.
people who have graduated from the institution.
completion of a program of at least two, but less than four years of college work.
A student who does not want to receive credit in a course
undergraduate degree offered by four-year colleges and universities
stock of all the books and other materials
provide all types of information
College Level Examination Program
an institution of higher education that grants degrees and certificates
a student who lives off-campus
attend two educational institutions at the same time
numbers usually containing 3 or 4 digits
a student must attend a class for one classroom hour
completion of a program of study leading to a degree or certificate.
required GPA, prerequisite and elective courses within the specified major, and/or minor areas of study.
successful completion of a prescribed program of study.
basic organizational unit in a higher education
could be several different things
procedure by which students choose classes each semester.
Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

College Crossword Puzzle

College Crossword Puzzle

This college degree typically takes 4-6 years to complete.
One way to pay for college is by using _________.
This degree is often awarded at community colleges and takes on average 2 years to complete.
A __________ is a degree offered at a university after you have obtained a bachelor’s degree.
Which college entrance exam is run by College Board and has a score range of 400-1600?
What type of financial aid must be paid back and often with interest?
The FREE application for financial aid required by most institioons of higher education in order to determine financial need for grants, loangs, and institutional scholarships.
A _______ is free money that does not have to be paid back after graduation.
______ allows you to work part-time on or close to campus in order to financially assist you while you are taking classes.
A field of study at a college is a _______________.

College Knowledge Crossword

College Knowledge Crossword

What college students must pay to attend class
People who have graduated from college are now that college's ________
Highest degree you can receive in graduate school
Traditionally a four-year degree
General financial aid application
College student's focus of study
Reward for completion of a college program
On campus student living buildings
Academic record
A place on campus to buy textbooks
Students on Honor Rolls receive good _______
The last exam you take in a course
A course you must take before being able to take a different course
Hands on science classes
Campus staff who can assist you in choosing your coursework and major (2words)
A person/thing that represents a college especially at sporting events
Money for college you don't have to pay back
Money borrowed for college you must repay
First -year college student
A class you can take that is not required by your major or minor
Groups you belong to outside of class, such as sporting teams, clubs and organizations.
A temporary job, usually in the field of your major

AVID crossword search

AVID crossword search

You need to have at least a 2.5 of this in every class
You declare this your first year of college
You can do this on campus if you live too far away
A group of people sharing a common interest
Something you can join in college
Someone you go to in college when you need advice
Someone in charge of a college
Someone in charge of a college department
The name of a four-year degree
a type of college graduating honors
One of the most important goals in college
A type of class you take in high school for college credit
The average time in years to complete an undergraduate degree
A way to get to school

College/Career Word Search

College/Career Word Search
Word Search

associates degree
community college
bachelors degree
masters degree
trade school
coast guard
work force
air force

College Crossword

College Crossword

A field of study
A college entrance exam that is run by College Board and has a score range of 400-1600
A type of financial aid that must be paid back and often with interest
A college degree that takes up to 4 year to complete
A degree offered after you received your bachelor's degree
A college degree that takes up to 2 year to complete
One way to pay for college
The free application used by institutions for higher education in order to receive financial needs like grants, loads and scholarships
A part-time job that allows you to work on or close to campus to assist you financially
Free money that you don't have to pay back after graduation
A field of study that you plan on learning along with a main field of study

College Success Crossword

College Success  Crossword

First-year college student
An official academic record from a specific school. It lists the courses you have completed, grades and information such as when you attended.
School official, usually assigned by your college or university, who can help choose your classes and make sure you are taking the right courses to graduate.
A type of degree awarded to students at a US community college, usually after two years of classes.
A degree awarded to undergraduates, usually after four years of college classes.
A class you can take that is not specifically required by your major or minor.
A form of financial aid from a non-profit organization (such as the government) that you do not have to repay.
A temporary job, paid or unpaid, usually in the field of your major. You may be able to receive college credit for this opportunity.
A form of financial aid that you must repay.
Your primary area of study.
Time set aside by professors or teaching assistants for students to visit their office and ask questions or discuss the course they teach.
A form of financial aid that you do not have to repay, in which students typically apply based on certain criteria.
A university that is funded by the government.
A college program that provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.
The required financial aid form filled out by college or graduate students who are eligible for government-sponsored financial aid.
A program created by the College Board which offers college-level curricula and examinations to high school students.