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Rivonia Trial Crossword

Rivonia Trial  Crossword

Recruiting persons for training in the preparation and use of explosives and in _____ warefare.
How many accounts was Mhlaba charged for?
Who was found not guilty but later put under house arrest?
What was the defense lawyers surname who got arrested after the trial?
How many accounts of sabotage where 10 defendants charged on?
Who was found guilty on one charge of conspiracy?
8 of the accused were incarcerated on Robben Island Prison, who had the exception by being sent to Pretoria Central Prison?
Which government was hoping for the maximum sentence of the accused?
Where became the new site of struggle during the trial?
Who was the only accused discharged at the end of the prosecution’s case?

The Triumphal Entry Crossword


Who was with Jesus?
What was Jesus riding on?
Where was Jesus?
Who rode on the Donkey?
What were people going to celebrate?
What did the crowd wave and lay out for Jesus?
The crowd shouted “____________."
Where was Jesus headed with the crowd following?
Who was praising Jesus in the Temple?
Who hated Jesus and the good HE was doing?

The Rivonia Trail Crossword

The Rivonia Trail Crossword

A war tactic using small ambushes and targeting areas
The maximum sentence in South Africa
What did the defendants plead
Number of defendants
Deliberately destroying, damaging or obstructing something especially for military or political gain
A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful
Respect someone for who they are
The new site of struggle during the trail
How many were sentenced to life in prison?
Where were the eight sent
What was Bram Fischer put on trial for supporting

Rivonia trial crossword

Rivonia trial crossword

How many defendants were there?
The trialists were charged on two counts of_
Joel Joffe was an_
The apartheid government was also known as the_ government
The court sentenced the majority to_
Who was discharged at the end of the case?
On which island were the majority sent to prison?
What sentence was the government hoping to get?
Fisher was put on trial for supporting_
Many _ showed up to the court to see the defendant's daily appearances

Wonder crossword (Hard)


Auggie thinks of himself as an ______ kid
What was one of Auggie's favorite passions?
The main theme in the book
Auggie was learning from home with his mum, what is this called?
"I wish every day could be _______"
"You can’t _______ in when you were born to stand out"
When a crowd of people stand up and cheer or clap
Who was the teacher that designed a precept every month
What did Auggie dress up as for Halloween?
What was the name of the play Via was in?
Who is the Author of wonder?

Nina Simone Crossword


That's her last name
what was her nationality?
her real name was...
1933 was the year she was ...
2003 was the year she ...
What were the 3 types of music she sang?
What instrument did she play?
when she was a little girl she sang in a church ...
she studied ... music at a prestigious school
she took part in the Civil Right Movement so, she was an ...
she played an instrument, so she was a ...
she wrote her own songs so she was a ...
she sang songs, so she was a ...
this terrible period meant the separation of Black and White people in public places, it was called ...
it's the title of the song she wrote after the bombing of a church where 4 little girls died
that's the colour of her skin

November Fun Facts Crossword


November 3 is known as this day?
Mexican and Hispanic communities celebrate November 1 as
November full moon is traditionally called this because in the colonial era, this was the month to set traps before swamp frooze.
Abraham Lincoln gave this address on November 19, 1863
What is the day after Thanksgiving called that is a traditional start of Christmas shopping
This Canal formally opened in New York on November 4, 1825.
Celebrated on November 11th
November 19, 2021 this will be visible from parts of North America
November's flower
November semi precious stone
Parkers Brothers introduced the world to this game on November 5 1935
This US President was assassinated on November 22, 1963
Famed TV Journalist was born on November 4, 1916
November 18, 1963 this Telephone Company introduced to the public the push button phone
November 28 marks the start of
One of the astrological signs for November

Escape from Alcatraz Crossword


Collection of weapons
a device that contains a bag that releases air when squeezed
a fortress that protects an area of land
a fine-toothed saw used for cutting metal
a type of heated metal used to join together two pieces of metal
a serious usually violent crime that is punishable by a prison sentence
an appliance or aperture for ventilating a room or other spaces
a person found guilty of a criminal offense and serving a sentence of imprisonment
take over something and use it for a different purpose
a enclosed cage that ran around the perimeter of Alcatraz, where an armed guard would patrol
someone who helps someone else commit a crime
a small instrument played by stretching and squeezing between hand similar to a accordion and harmonica
Organize and carry out
carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts of something so as to establish the truth

Easter Time Crossword Puzzle ulc 2022

Easter Time Crossword Puzzle    ulc 2022

Jesus rose on the __________day
Roman Governer, Pontius
In communion we believe the __________represents body of Christ
Jesus went to the garden of _________ to pray.
Jesus rode on a _________as he entered Jerusalem
the crowd chose ________ to be released instead of Jesus
To teach his disciples humility, Jesus washed their______
People waved __________ branches and sang as Jesus entered Jersulaem
a brown sweet treat, dark or milk
Jesus was ________ from the dead
when Mary and the others went to Jesus tomb, the _______-was rolled away
in communion, the wine represents the ________ of Christ
They placed a ____ of thorns on Jesus' head
Judas was paid ______pieces of silver to betray Jesus
Jesus last words were, "It is ________."
tiny chewy sweets usually eaten at Easter
Judas betrayed Jesus with a _______
We take __________ for the forgiveness of our sins
Jesus _____ thousands of followers with a few fishes and loaves of bread

A Tell Tale Heart Crossword


Who is the person who was killed
Where did The narriator hide the old mans body?
Who killed the old man?
What time did the narrator sneak in every night?
Why did the narrator hate the old man?
What was the writer of this storys first name?
Who found the old mans body
What is the name of this story?
Who Reported The Killing of the old man?
How many people are killed in this story?