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Judical & Juvenile Crossword

Judical & Juvenile Crossword

Illegal violation of the law
A legal dispute between citizens (hint: divorce)
A serious crime with severe punishments
A less serious crime with a smaller punishment
A crime that can lead to the death penalty
Person who is the "wrond-doer" in a case that has the right to testify to defend themselves
A person who is arguing against someone in a civil or criminal case
The amount of time a judge serves
There is a judge and jury in this court
Only a judge, no jury in this court
Act that would be a crime if committed by an adult (example: burglary)
Act that would not be a crime if committed by an adult (example:smoking)
Determines if enough evidence exists to indict a person
Citizens whose duty is to determine guilt or innocence of a person charged with a crime
Courts make sure that everyone is protected from abuse by the government
A citizen under the age of 17
The state's highest court
Second highest ranking court
A trial by one's peers

The Law and You Crossword

The Law and You Crossword

S/he oversees and referees a trial
some one accused of crime and standing trial
Attorney for the people
attorney for an accused
group of people deciding a case
process of asking for another trial
local law
state law
formal accusation
final part of trial
negotiating a lesser charge or sentence
court calendar
meeting before going to trial
s/he maintains law and order in courtroom
complaint bringer in civil trial
type of law involving foreign countries
law involving loss or damage of property
law involving harm to a person

U.S. Government Crossword

U.S. Government Crossword

a politically organized body of people usually occupying a definite territory
the powers shared by the federal and state governments
the powers that the constitution neither gives to congress nor denies to the states
the powers given to Congress rather than to the states
people who are chosen to speak and act for their fellow citizens;elected by a state
people who are chosen to speak and act for their fellow citizens; elected by a district
relating to a crime
advisors to the President
two house legislature
a case relating to the rights of citizens
interprets laws to see what they mean and whether they are constitutional
a system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other two
a trial where a group of tweleve people listens to the evidence and decides who wins the case
listed powers for Congress; the great laundry list of congressional chores
the House of Representatives accusing the President of wrongdoing
a group of lawmakers which is divided into 2 smaller groups
action by a President refusing to approve a bill passed by Congress
law making branch
an idea for a law that has been written down
more than half
executes or carries out laws
less than half
there is no jury so the judge gives the verdict
asking an appellate court to review a case

Legal terms Crossword

Legal terms Crossword

_____ law is for disputes between individuals
________ law is for wrongs committed against the state
lying in court while under oath
Mens ____ the mental element of a crime (2)
Actus ______ the physical element of a crime (2)
the party being sued in a lawsuit
the party suing someone else in a lawsuit
compensation paid to a successful litigant
a previous legal decision that courts rely on to make future decisions
one of the words in ADR
a written statement under oath
when a higher court reviews the judgement of a lower court trial
a formal accusation of a serious crime
money given to the court to ensure that the defendant will return to face trial
_______________ law, used in English Canada, has been developed through case decisions by judges, not by legislation
____________ claim: when the defendant in a civil action sues the plaintiff right back
_____________ judgements are made if the defendant in a civil action doesn't appear for the trial
a formal meeting before a lawsuit begins in order to disclose information or facts
to collect money or property via a court order
testimony given by a witness who tells second hand information, generally not allowed
Habeas __________ a court order used to bring a person physically before a court in order to see if there is enough evidence to proceed to criminal trial
a court order to stop doing, or to start doing, a specific act
a resolution process where an impartial third party assists to voluntarily reach a mutually acceptable settlement
release from incarceration after serving part of a sentence
temporarily, or indefinitely, stopping a judicial proceeding
a civil injury or wrong to someone else
_____________ damages: compensation for future lost earnings, or pain and suffering
_____________ damages are compensation for lost wages or expenses before a civil trial begins
an order to appear in court to testify as a witness

criminal justice Crossword

criminal justice Crossword

violation of the criminal laws of state, the federal gov't or a local jurisdiction.
the principle of fairness, righteous, truthful.
justice in terms of the distribution of privileges within a society.
society taking precedence over individual rights
civil law
criminal law
the systems opponents work together to achieve social product
assumes that the components function to serve their own interests.
oppurtunity for bail
information is gathered
issue written by a judicial officer directing law enforcement
money; getting released
written accusation submitted to the court by a grand jury
the first appearance of the defendant before the court
criminal proceeding, the examination in court of the issue
served with other sentence
served at the same time
scientific studies of causes and prevention of crime
written accusation submitted by prosecutor

The Judicial Branch Word Search

The Judicial Branch Word Search
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Judicial Review
Habeas Corpus
James Madison
Supreme Court
Grand Jury


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Mock Trial Vocabulary Crossword

Mock Trial Vocabulary Crossword

to clear from charge or accusation
to hear and settle a case
An act that violates the law
Written declaration made under oath
An assertion that must be proved with evidence
A defendant’s defense against charges
Transferring a case to a higher court for review
Hears court appeals and reviews decisions
Objecting that admits facts of an opponent’s argument that denies they sustain pleading
To call the accused to answer the charge
Someone’s specific attorney
Responsible for the case
Assessing the cause of death and examining the cadaver
Money in exchange for release of the arrested, in guarantee that they’ll come to trial
Court attendant who keeps order
Responsible of proving a charge or allegation
Facts or evidence in support of claim
Hall for trials and court
Laws of a nation dealing with rights of citizens
Summing up important arguments, after seeing evidence
Filed in court against someone, by a plaintiff
When someone is officially guilty of a crime
Someone who investigates suspicious deaths
One who gives advice on legal matters
Group of people who make decisions about legal cases, and the time when this happens
When the accused is charged and judged
System for those who commit (or are accused of) crimes
Witness is interrogated/extends testimony
Award as compensation for loss/injury, usually money
The accused party
Questioning a witness
Fair treatment of anyone in court
Anything giving information on the case(documents, testimony, items)
Document or article that is inspected; a form of evidence
Crime that is more serious than a misdemeanor
Formal charge for crime
Court order that prohibits a party of from specific action
Witnesses must leave the room when someone is appealing to the judge
One who hears and decides on court of law
Right to interpret and apply law
A jury of 12-23 people
Sits at civil and criminal cases

Court Terms Crossword

Court Terms Crossword

The release of a person before their trial so they don't have to wait in jail. Most of the time money will be payed to guarantee them showing up to the trial.
Prove that the person accused was somewhere else when the crime took place.
Lying on the witness stand. This can cause the witness to get charged.
Think out a plan beforehand.
A crime that is usually involving violence and you go to jail for over a year.
A person under arrest to be brought before a judge or court, especially to secure the person's release unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention.
Private relations between members of the community rather than criminal, military, or religious affairs.
A system of law concerned with the punishment of those who commit crimes.
The part of English law that is derived from custom and judicial precedent rather than statutes.
When the person accused pleads guilty for a lighter sentence.
Decides lawsuits brought before the court.
Group of people selected to hear the evidence in the trial and render a verdict.
Instead of sending the accused person to prison the court releases the person into the community under monetization.
Institute legal proceedings against a person or organization.
The punishment ordered by the court for a defendant convicted of a crime.
The decision made by a judge or jury that determines the guilt or innocent of the defendant.
A person called upon from either side in a lawsuit to give a testimony before the court jury.
Court authorization to conduct a search to make an arrest.
A law passed by legislation.
the official power to make legal decisions and judgments.
The dispute point between parties in a lawsuit.
Information received by other people that cannot be confirmed (rumor).
To place a paper in the legal custody of the clerk of court to enter into its files.
Information presented in testimony that is used to persuade the judge or jury to decide the case in favor of one side or the other.
Officially tell someone that they can or must leave.
A person who has filed a petition for relief under the bankruptcy code.
A tribunal presided over by the judge in civil or criminal cases.
A judgment of guilt against a criminal defendant.
A state that does not have any evidence to prove it happened.
Property of all kinds including real and personal.

Creamy Crossword Pot

Creamy Crossword Pot

The legislature in a city government.
To cancel an act or law.
To make into a law.
A committe that works on bills between sessions.
The act of making or enacting laws.
The process of passing legislation.
The executive head of state in the U.S
A state official that is second in rank to the Governor.
Money for investment.
Funds reserved for a specific use.
A minor crime.
A serious or violent crime.
The highest judicial court in the county or state.
Pertaining to young people.
A trial court in the Georgia court system; hears both civil and criminal cases.
The current office holder.
The ability or right to control people or things.
A person from a legislature district.
An accounting period that is one year.
An elected or appointed member of a senate.
A person elected to act and speak for others.
Failing to do what law or duty requires.
A government in which citizens rule together through elected representatives.
Income received by the government through taxes.
A constitutional right to reject a decision.