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The Ultimate Retail Puzzle Crossword

The Ultimate Retail Puzzle  Crossword

Hair Concets
It parts the hair
Hair growing system
Arguably the best hairspray
Hair styling foam
Regis signature line
Let your guest _________ the product
Ingredient in Original Sprout
Redken 03
Leave in conditioner ___ _ 10 (2 words)
Biolage styling goo
Pomade adds
Selling a product with a service
Good for course, curly hair
For day two (2 words)
Popular Paul Mitchel shampoo
Shaper or Shaper plus
When you're culing
For men
Before your guest leaves the chair
The price tag should cover the ________
Use for texture (2 words)
After party is this
Smells like citrus (2 words)
Gold Redken bottle (2 words)
For hard water
Ice makes

Redken Brews Crossword

Redken Brews Crossword

Redken Brews is a ______ inspired line.
Smooth finish, cream pomade
There are ______ pomades in the line
______ gives you a gritty lived in feel
Maneuver is a ______ control
Outplay is a ______ control
Disheveled is a ______ control
______ has an undone finish
Workhard is a _____ controll
_________ strengthens and nourishes hair
The 3-in-one has ______ inside
Disheveled is a ______ cream
Shake, rake and ______
Work hard is a ______ paste
Workhard will give you hold, texture and ______
Maneuver gives a ______ finish
Maneuver is ______ based
Manuever ______ hair
Out play is a ______ pomade
Outplay has ______ salts in it to provide a gritty lived in texture.
Brew works were inspired by the most ______ looks
Same great product in packaging that is great for ______

S2 Cost Cutters Bingo Card

S2 Cost Cutters Bingo Card
Bingo Cards

Any Sexy Hair Product
Design Line for Men
Any Boilage Shampoo
Design Line Conditioner
Deep Conditioner Service
Paul Mitchell Product
Redken Product
Combo Sale
Any Hairspray
Design Line Shampoo
American Crew Product
Wet Brush
Any Styling Oil or Serum
Matrix Product
Matrix Shampoo
Any Styling Product
Any Finishing Product
Any Gel
Redken Conditioner
Paul Mitchell Shampoo
Paul Mitchell Conditioner
Waxing Service
Any Tea Tree Product
Any Liter Product


Product Bingo

Product Bingo
Bingo Cards

American Crew Puck
Tea Tree Shampoo
Solutions Product
Any Beard Product
Any Paul Mitchell
Sexy Hair Styling Product
Any Hair Spray
Solutions Children Product
Any Mizani Product
Bed Head for Men Product
Sexy Curly Hair Product
Grit Product
Any American Crew Product
After Party
PM Skinny Serum
Any Strong Sexy Hair Product
Any Conditioner
Any Styling Product
Product Salesof 4%
2 mins or less In Betweens
Any Shampoo
HC Time 12 to 16mins
Nioxin Kit
Cuts per Hour of 2.6


Retail Bingo

Retail Bingo
Bingo Cards

Amika Shampoo
Moroccan Conditoner
Any Travel Size Product
Any Tool
Paul Mitchell Brush
Designline Moisture Liter
Redken Hairspray
Biolage Shampoo
Weightless Dry Leave In Oil
Triple Effect Leave In
Designline Pomade
Mend the Ends Liter
DL Leave in Protein Boost
SL Shine Mist
Moroccan Color Care Cond.
Amika Phantom
DL Ultimate Radiance Liter
Matrix Total Result Liter
Big Sexy Hair Product
Kenra Color Shampoo
Kenra Color Care Conditioner
Biolage Raw Shampoo
Biolage Raw Condtioner
Amika Liter


Lawton BINGO

Lawton BINGO
Bingo Cards

Signature Style
Clean Cut
Great Shape
Color Touch
Lighten Up
Lighten & Brighten
Prebook Guest's Name______
Redken Product
Matrix Product
Paul Mitchell Product
Designline Product
TIGI Product
It's a 10 Product
Nioxin Product
Kenra Product
Sexy Hair Product
American Crew Product
Men's Product
Styling Product
Leave In Conditioner
Anything in a Puck
Any Liter
Any Shampoo or Conditioner


Laundry Crossword


What is it called to divide clothes into different groups?
What do you call the process of using chemicals to clean clothes?
Before you wash clothes, you should empty these.
This product will remove color and stains from white fabric.
What is the safest water temperature for washing and rinsing all clothing?
Dark colors should never be washed with ____?_____ colors.
What is the biggest problem with NOT cleaning your lint trap?
A special soap used to wash clothes
What do you use to remove wrinkles out of clothes?
You can use this hair product to remove ink from clothes.
You might have to wear these clothes to work.
Use these to store dirty clothes
__________ the washer will not get clothes clean. Fill washer 3/4 full max.
Read this before you sort the laundry. (two words-no space)

Great clips word search

Great clips word search
Word Search

Customer return
Customer Count
Paul Mitchell
American crew
Wait times
Sexy Hair
Tee tree

Product Bingo

Product Bingo
Bingo Cards

Sol Tea Tree Shampoo
Sol Nourishing Leave-in Cond
Sol Fiber Cream
American Crew Fiber
Men Sol Leave-in Cond
Redken Meneuver Working Wax
Sol Clarifying Shampoo
American Crew Firm Hold Gel
American Crew Forming Crew
Sexy Hair Curling Creme
Sexy Hair Root Pump
Bed Head Workable Wax
American Crew Pomade
Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel
PM Ext Body Sculpting Foam
PM Super Skinny
Sexy Hair Tri-W Leave-in Cond
Bed Head Pure Texture
Joico Ice Spiker Gel
Redkin Molding Paste
Grit Firm Style Gel
Grit Cleansing Style
Sol Crazy Curl Creme
Sol Afraid Knot
Mizana Miracle Milk
PM Super Skinny Shampoo
PM Extra Body Daily Shampoo
PM Extra Body Daily RInse


Product BINGO!!!

Product BINGO!!!
Bingo Cards

Amika Hairspray
Weightless Leave In
Designline Shampoo Liter
Designline Conditioner Liter
Amika Shampoo
Amika Conditioner
Moroccan Oil Mask
Moroccan Oil Travel Size
Biolage Shampoo
Biolage Conditioner
Redken Styling Product
Amika Travel Size
Designline Hairspray
Moroccan Mini Gift Sets
Sexy Hair Styling Product
It's a 10 Condtioner
A Product from the Cart
Paul Mitchell Brush
Any Puck
Amika Show Off or Room Spray
Paul Mitchell Styling Product
Bond Ultim8 Step 3
Any Kenra Product