What sort of political system is Australia?
Who is the leader of the opposition?
Bill Shorten
How many times is a bill read in the lower house?
What does the Governor General give?
Royal assent
Who is Australia's Prime Minister?
Malcolm Turnbull
What is the name of the federal upper house?
What is the lower house of the state parliament called?
Legislative Assembly
What is the name of the second largest amount of people in the lower house?
How many levels of government are there?
What must all laws must abide?
Who does the Governor General represent?
How many people are located in the Senate
Seventy Six
What type of associations influence the government?
Pressure Groups
What is the lower house of the federal government?
House of Representatives
When was the Commonwealth of Australia?
What do 18+ citizens have the right to do?
What can the public sign to influence the decision of a law?
How many member are there in the House of Representatives?
What type of Parliament is there in Australia?
How many chambers are there in Australia's Parliament?

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