First Ten Amendments
Bill of Rights
What five freedom is missing : Religion Speech Press Assembly
Right To bear arms
Second Amendment
A formally Concluded and ratified agreement between countries
Type of government in which all power belongs to a small group of people
The chief executive of a state goverment
The chief executive of a nation
A meeting of supporters or members of a specific political party or movement
The floor leader of the second largest group in a legislative body
Minority Leader
The chief spokesperson for the majority party in a legislative body
Majority Party
Apply to higher court for a reversal of the decision of a lower court
The official power to make a legal decisions and judgments
A court that is authorized to hear any type of a civil or criminal case
Trail Courts
Highest Judicial officer
Chief Justice
A law or regulation made by a city or town goverment
A law enacted by the legislative branch of a goverment
Ruled that a person's Fifth Amendment rights begin at the time of arrest
Miranda v. Arizona
A group of laws that refer to disputes among people or organizations
Civil Laws
No one is above the law
Rule of Law
Based on the Constitution and on Supreme Court decisions interpreting the Constitution
Constitutional Law
A system for calling up people for compulsory military service
Selective Service