Belt loaders must have at least one tire ______ both forward and aft.
One _____ is required when entering the operational safety zone.
Safety Stop
Ramp Service Employees must wear a _____ at all times when operating ground service equipment outside the operational safety zone.
Employees are responsable to ensure that all ground service equipment is in a safe condition and operating properly by completing a _____.
Daily User Check
Never walk or stand between _____ and or dollies when they are connected.
_____ connections are not allowed in order to prevent "drive-away" damage.
Three Point
A maximum of _____ carts / dollies / ULDs can be towed at any time.
The only _____ hand signal the Marshaller will use to signal the wing walker(s) when it is clear is a raised right arm to head level with the wand pointing up, left arm remains at side by knee.
Safe to Approach
Incorrectly parked aircraft can result in injury, aircaft damage, delays caused by aircraft repositioning, and improperly aligned jet bridges. These event are know as aircraft _____.
The aircraft _____ is conducted to look for signs of obvious damage that may have occurred at the upline station, enroute, or while servicing the aircraft.
OSHA approved _____ must be worn at all times while on the ramp.
Hearing Protection
Proper warm-up exercises, including _____, are important for maintaining flexibility and preventing injuries.
Aircraft movement into and out of a gate area takes plac in an area designated as the "_____".
Operational Safety Zone
The speed limit is reduced to a _______ inside the "aircraft Buffer Zone".
walking speed
the use of hand-held _____ are never allowed when operating company vehicales or in close proximity to aircraft fuel vent and / or while fueling equipment.
personal electronic devices
______ is a personal risk assessment system that, when used in conjunction with policy manuals, prevents incidents harmful to employees, customers, aircraft and equipment from occurring.
Threat and Error Management
Prior to loading any United aircraft, the _____ shall be printed.
Departure Staging Guide
PPBM procedures must be completed for _____ departing flights to ensure that bags do