Which implement cannot be used to remove calluses?
Cosmetic service performed on the feet by a licensed cosmetologist or nail technician?
A small scoop-shaped implement used for more effective removal of debris from the nail folds, eponychium and hyponychium?
Whom can remove ingrown nails?
What massage techinque is used most often in a pedicure service?
When performing a pedicure service, do not push back the ?
Foam rubber or cotton disposable materials used to keep toes apart while polishing the nails?
Toenail clippers, toenail nippers, curette, nail rasp, pedicure nail file, and foot files are all?
A concentrated treatment product often composed of mineral clays, moitsturizing agents, skin softeners, aromatherapy oils, botanical extracts, and other beneficial ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate, tighten, tone, hydrate and nourish the skin
Metal implement with a grooved edge used for filing and smoothing the edges of the nail plate in one direction?
Can stimulate circulation when applied?
What is an inorganic compound that degrates the protein in the callus cells?
A unique method of applying pressure with thumb and index fingers to the hands and feet?
Proper filing of this is straight across with rounded corners?
A dark, fine grained volcanic rock?
Another term for foot file?
An organic compound that has super-hydrating effects on the skin cells?
An organic acid that derives originally from the bark of willow trees?
Are usually water-based lotions that contain an abrasive as the exfoliating agent?
Products designed to soften and smooth thickened tissue?
Products that are put into the water in the pedicure bath to soften the skin on the feet during soak time?
Professional implement that are larger than fingernail clippers and have curved or straight jaw specifically designed for cutting toenails?
Similar in design to fingernail nippers, but are larger, much stronger, and used to trim the toenail as opposed to trimming the excess cuticle?

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