Also called the three governors controversy. Due to the death of the 1946 governor's race winner Eugene Talmage and recent changes to Georgia's constitution , Three men had a legitimate claim to the office; The matter was settled by the Supreme Court in a special election in 1948.
1946 Governors Race
Controversial flag that flew over Georgia from 1956-2001. The flag was controversial due to the flag's prominent Confederate Battle emblem.
1956 state flag
Congressman; mayor of Atlanta; United Nations Ambassador; first African-American congressman since Reconstruction
Andrew Young
(1894-1984)- president of Morehouse College and mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; believed in peaceful protest
Benjamin Mays
(1954)- Supreme Court case that mandated the desegregation of public schools
Brown v. Board of Education
legislation written by JFK, but signed into law by Lyndon Johnson; outlawed segregation
Civil Rights Act
Governor of Georgia for one term; defeated Eugene Talmadge to become the youngest governor of Georgia; ended up losing to Eugene Talmadge in his quest for reelection due to his progressive moves such as eliminating the white primary and repealing the poll tax
Ellis Arnall
(1913-2002)-segregationist Georgia governor and US senator; son of governor Eugene Talmadge
Herman Talmadge
mayor of Atlanta; brought major league sports teams to Atlanta; helped desegregate Atlanta's city hall
Ivan Allen, Jr.
Governor of Georgia; white-supremacist; chased African-Americans from his restaurant with a shot gun; ended up appointing more African-Americans to government positions than all other governors before him
Lester Maddox
(1929-1968)- important civil rights leader; winner of the Nobel Peace Prize; gave his "I have a dream" speech at the March on Washington
Martin Luther King Jr.
First African-American mayor of a major southern city; expanded Atlanta's airport; worked to bring the Olympics to Atlanta; helped minorities gain equality in Atlanta
Maynard Jackson

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