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Skeletal system Crossword

Skeletal system  Crossword

heel bone
larger bone of the lower leg
Movable bone of the skull
stationary bone of the lower arm
largest bone in the body
Collar bone
Bone of the fingers and toes
Forehead bone
smaller bone of the lower leg
Temple bone in cranium
lower back of the vertebrae
Knee cap
shoulder blade
cheek and the outer side of the eye socket
several tubular bones between the wrist (carpal) bones
Fused bones of the lower vertebrae
inside part of the hips
eight bones of the wrist that form the articulation of the forearm with the hand.
cluster of seven articulating bones in each foot
Most Superior part of the vertebrae
the five long bones found in each foot
tail bone
Ribs part of the vertebrae
uppermost and largest part of the hip bone
the breastbone
Upper arm bone

Muscles - Arm, Forearm, Leg, Hip, and Thigh Crossword


attaches to shoulder girdle and radial tuberosity and allows you to flex your forearm
deep to brachii and biceps and allows elbow flexion by lifting the ulna as the biceps lifts the radius
attaches to humerus and digits and its function is to extend the wrist joint
location/structure; runs straight down the thigh (middle), only muscle that crosses the hip, function; helps with thigh flexion-extending the knee and flexing the hip
aka tailor's muscle, longest muscle in the body, helps to flex and rotate your hip and flex your knee ex. Sit with on leg crossed over the other then it would be in action; anterior compartment of thigh- runs from hip flexor and over the knee joint
function; assists with extending knee joint and stabilizing the patella, attaches to outer border of the patella, location/structure; on lateral side of the thigh, largest muscle of the quadriceps
a large fan-shaped muscle located in the posterior hip, extending from the ilium to the proximal femur. is the prime mover of abduction at hip joint.
is a thick fleshy muscle with a quadrangular shape. It is a large muscle and plays a prominent role in the maintenance of keeping the upper body erect
a muscle of the posterior compartment of the thigh, and lies in the posterolateral aspect The primary function is flexion of the knee
calf muscle

Axial Skeleton Crossword


Skull bones are joined by
Only structure attached by a freely moveable joint
Protects the brain
Opening in the occipital bone
fibrous membranes connecting the cranial bones
2 bones that form the upper jaw
Lower jaw
Forms bridge of nose
2 cheek bones
Smallest bones in the face.
Curvature where you find the Sacrum
Curvature where you find L1-L5
Curvature where you find T1-T12
Curvature where you find C1-C7
Forms a cage to protect major organs (heart, lungs)
Ribs that connect directly to the sternum
Ribs that attach to the sternum by a common cartilage
Ribs that do not attach to the sternum
Flat, blade-shaped bone
Inferior and smallest portion of sternum

Shoulder Crossword

Shoulder Crossword

Shoulder blade
Injury that could cause shoulder dislocation
Most common dislocation in the shoulder
Most common dislocation joint
A way to diagnose a dislocated shoulder
The shoulder is this type of joint
A muscle that helps in shoulder shrugs
Collar bone
Breast bone
Funny Bone
Muscle responsible for extension
Muscle responsible for flexion
How many bones are in the shoulder
Smallest rotator cuff muscle
Rotator cuff that holds humerus in place
Clavicle separated from sternum
Inflammation of bicep tendon
Percentage of posterior dislocation
Partial or complete tear of AC ligament

Fractured Clavicle Review Word Search

Fractured Clavicle Review Word Search
Word Search

Held with plates and screws​
SURGICAL Healing 3-4 months
NON-SURGICAL Healing 4-8 wks
Isometric tricep exercises
fall on out stretched arm​
Acromioclavicular Joint
Rotator cuff exercises
Sternoclavicular Joint
falling onto shoulder
Subscapularis Muscle
Supraspinatus tendon
Glenohumeral Joint
Pendulum exercise
Scar Mobilization
Coracoid Process
Bicipital tendon
Work on R.O.M.
Grip exercise
Biceps Muscle
Wear a sling
Ice Shoulder
Direct blow

Shoulder and Upper Arm Crossword

Shoulder and Upper Arm  Crossword

Joint between the scapula and humerus
active stability by the shoulder is provided by what muscles?
Where the scapula articulates with the humerus
the trapezoid and the conoid make up which ligament?
tubercle on the clavicle
which muscle initiates abduction at the shoulder?
originates at the infraspinatus fossa
originates on the lateral border of the scapula and inserts at the greater tubercle of the humerus
inserts on the lesser tubercle of the humerus and causes internal rotation of the humerus
synchronization and pattern of movement of the scapula and humerus together is known as what?
When soft tissues are compressed between the greater tuberosity of the humerus and the AC joint, what occurs?
what increases contact between the glenoid fossa and the head of the humerus?
pectoralis minor and serrates anterior cause what scapular movement?
serrates anterior and trapezius cause what scapular movement?
elevates the ribs
has a clavicular and seternocostal portion
has ligamentous action at the sternoclavicualr joint
origination of the biceps brachii long head
insertion of the biceps brachii short head
branch of the subclavian artery
the axillary 2nd third travels under what muscle?
the subscapular artery supplies what muscle?

Shoulder Puzzle Crossword

Shoulder Puzzle Crossword

Number of joints in the shoulder complex
Lateral movement of the arm to reach overhead
The rotator _______ is a group of muscles that rotate the shoulder
The ________ is the bone between the SC and AC joint
Large, flat bone in the shoulder complex
Joint with the most range of motion
The opposite of shoulder flexion
Test for active range of motion in the shoulder
Test for chronic anterior GH instability
Acronym for the most common mechanism of injury for the shoulder
Spains at this joint can be classified by 6 types of severity
Test for inferior GH insability
Ring of cartilage in the glenoid fossa that helps stabilize the humerus
Chronic injury caused by overuse, shoulder weakness, or hypermobility
Treatment for many acute shoulder injuries is to ________ the shoulder in a sling
The most superiorly located muscle in the rotator cuff

Shoulder Review Bingo Cards

Shoulder Review Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

Spinal accessory nerve
spinous processes T6-T12
levator scapular
dorsal scapular nerve
teres major
axillary nerve
spine of the scapula
serratus anterior
force couple
glenohumeral joint
rotator cuff
glenoid labrum
scapulohumeral rhythm
lesser tubercle- humerus
musculocutaneous nerve
sternoclavicular joint


Shoulder/Elbow/Hand Review Crossword

Shoulder/Elbow/Hand Review  Crossword

____; Splint in extension
Deformity of the tearing at the 2nd PIP
Total number of metacarpals
______ Thumb compression of the ulnar nerve
A forearm bone
A fracture of the 5th metacarpal
Fracture at the distal radius
Upper arm bone
Little League Elbow;______ Plate issue
_____ elbow; overuse of elbow tendons
Muscle for elbow extension
Number of phalanges in one hand
Nerve associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Nerve associated with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Joint associated with an elbow dislocation
External Rotator muscle
Abductor rotator muscle
Range of Motion performed by the Trainer
A sprain to the AC joint; shoulder _____
A partial dislocation
Pain that can be felt in the shoulder
Muscle that covers the upper back, neck and shoulders
Mechanism for shoulder injuries; falling on a ____ arm
Rotator Cuff muscles; _____ group
Injection treatment for a rotator cuff tear
Muscle with two heads, elbow flexor
Bruising of the shoulder; shoulder ___
Shoulder socket; ____ Fossa
most common shoulder dislocation
“S” shaped bone
Weakest part of the clavicle; _____ 1/3
Percentage of posterior dislocation
Wrap for a separation/fracture
Muscle used for punching and pushing; ______ Anterior
Most injuries occur in this phase
Phase where there is considerable pull on the joint
A shoulder prevention technique
A symptom of a rotator tear; Supraspinatus ____
Phase 2; ____ stress to the medial elbow

Scapula Bony Landmarks Crossword

Scapula Bony Landmarks Crossword

Prominent ridge that runs diagonally across posterior surface of scapula
Thin edge of scapula closer to vertebral column
Flattened, expanded process at the high point of the shoulder
tubercle located on the lateral part of the scapula, inferior to (below) the glenoid cavity.
Lateral end. Surface of attachment for supraspinatus muscle of shoulder.
shallow depression that accepts head of humerus (arm bone) to form glenohumeral (shoulder joint)
surface of attachment for infraspinatus muscle of shoulder
Projection of anterior surface at the lateral end of superior border of scapula. tendons of muscles and ligaments attach.
where superior border meets the medial border
slightly hallowed out area on anterior surface of scapula, has surface of attachment for subscapularis muscle
where the medial and lateral borders join, at the bottom
prominent indention along superior border through which suprascapular nerve passes
prominent bony point at the junction of the lateral border of acromion and the spine of scapula.
region of the scapula from which the long head of the biceps brachii muscle originates. It is a small, rough projection superior to the glenoid cavity near the base of the coracoid process.
Thick edge of scapula closer to arm