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Nutrient Crossword


Your body's main source of energy CARBOHYDRATES
Unit of measure for energy calorie
Plant materials that your body can't digest completely fiber
Insulates you from heat and cold fats
Substances the body uses to build new cells and repair damaged ones proteins
Essential for life water
Chemical mixtures found in many types of foods vitamins
A solid inorganic substance of natural occurrence minerals
Aren't needed unless you aren't getting enough nutrients supplements
Fat like substance that helps the body cholesterol
Fuel you need to walk, run, recover,grow and stay alive energy
Milk sugar lactose
Table sugar sucrose
Usually solid at room saturatedfats
Body Mass Index bmi
Chemicals the body needs to work properly nutrients
Basal Metabolic Rate bmr

Activity A: Aquatic Ecosystem Crossword


_____ measurement of the amount of salt dissolved in water Salinity
when aquatic life gets enough photosynthesis it is referred as ___ photic zone
where no photosynthesis occurs aphotic zone
The very bottom of an aquatic ecosystem is the ____ zone benthic
near-shore area is named the _____ zone littoral
where there is no rooted plants farther from shore limnetic zone
a perimeter near the river ofter flooded flood plain
a combination of fresh water and land (very productive, natural filtration) wetlands
Where fresh water meets salt water (coastal) estuaries
nutrient rich water moving to surface in a vertical cold flow. upwelling

Ecology Crossword


an individual living thing composed of one or more cells Organism
organism that must obtain nutrients and energy from eating other organisms consumer
another term for producer autotroph
The complete destruction of every member of a species extinction
energy links between different organisms in an ecosystem food chain
very similar organism that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring species
a group of organisms of the same species living in an ecosystem population
organism that breaks down chemical compounds made by living things decomposer
organism that consumes only animal tissue consumer
the second level of consumer that eats herbivores secondary consumer
the place organisms live habitat
the non-living components of an ecosystem abiotic factors
the study of the relationships and interactions of living things with their environment ecology
animals that hunt for other living animals predator
organism that can produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis producer
the primary level of consumer that eats producers primary consumer
the living components of an ecosystem biotic factors
a community of organisms in an environment ecosystem
another term for consumer heterotroph
the animal hunted by other animals prey
the overlapping of food chains in an ecosystem food web
organism that consumes only plant tissue herbivore
organism that must obtain nutrients and energy from eating other organisms consumer
the part of the Earth in which life can exist biosphere
the third level of consumer, generally a carnivore tertiary consumer
organism that consumes both plant and animal tissue omnivore
the role of an organism and what it needs to survive in its ecosystem. niche
the interaction between two organisms that require the same resource competition
all living components of an ecosystem community
a major ecological community occupying a large geographic region biome

Aquatic Ecosystems Crossword Puzzle


What measures the amount of salts dissolved in water? salinity
Which aquatic layer has enough sunlight for photosynthesis? photic zone
Which aquatic layer is below the the photic zone? aphotic zone
Which aquatic layer is located at the very bottom of a body of water? benthic zone
What is the shallow, near-shore part of the photic zone called? littoral zone
What part of the photic zone is home to a rich amount of invertebrates? limnetic zone
What are the areas of land that are flooded with water for part of the year called? wetlands
What are the areas that are located near a river and are periodically flooded called? flood plain
What forms when freshwater from land drainage meets water from an ocean or inland sea? estuary
What is the vertical flow of cold, nutrient rich water towards the surface of a body of water? upwelling
What transports warm water rich in dissolved gases from the surface of the ocean to the depths of the ocean? downwelling
What are aquatic ecosystems with a salinity of 0.5 to 30 ppt called? brackish
What is an isolated, U-shaped body of water called? oxbow lake

The 6 Key Nutrients Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

Stores energy for the body fats and oils
Vitamins and minerals can be found in this food group Fruit
Regulates body functions Water
Carbohydrates can be found in the ... group Grains
Support function of the heart Minerals
what are the two types of carbohydrates simple and complex
saturated and unsaturated are ..... a type of fat
a potato is an example of a ..... carbohydrate
which nutrient is the building blocks of our body protein
which type of carbohydrate is considered 'the good carb' complex carbohydrate
fish is a good source of ... protein
What nutrient is our body mainly made up of? water
What are substances found in food that your body needs for survival, development, energy and growth? nutrients
Meat is an example of fat and protein
What is our main source of energy? carbohydrates
What provides insulation for our body? fat
Which nutrient helps our body use energy from food? vitamins
Which nutrient regulates activity of the cells? minerals
Calcium and Iron are examples of... minerals
What nutrient hydrates our body? water
Do I need all 6 essential nutrients to live yes

6 main nutrients Crossword


what source does Complete proteins/fat come from? Animal
what source does incomplete proteins/fat come from? Plant
an example of a food item high in trans fat is? Cookies
what part of your body does water hydrate? Organs
what do carbohydrates,protein and fat all provide energy
folic acid is an example of a? Vitamin
Iron is an example of a? Mineral
plant sources of essential nutrients are sometimes refereed to as an? Alternative
what nutrient helps with tissue repair and growth? Protein
which vitamin assists in bone development? Vitamin D
OJ is a significant source of what vitamin? Vitamin C
olive oil, canola oil, fish oil , soy bean , tree nut , peanus and avacodo all contain what type of fat? Unsaturated fat
beef, chicken, pork, eggs,milk,cheese,yogurt,sour cream, cream cheese and butter all contain what type of fat? Saturated fat
out of all the six nutrients which one is exemplary of Milk? Protein
Carbohydrates are usually found in what type of product? Grain
Products with alot of sugar contain what type of nutrient? Carbohydrates
this is not a nutrient because it does not get absorbed by the body. Fibre
what type of mineral strengthens bones and teeth? Calcium
packaged foods have a high content of what? Sodium
when considering the six nutrients... it is important to maintain a... balance
other than drinking water, what food group can you get the MOST water from? fruits and vegtables
other than from the food you eat, what is another form of vitamins and minerals? supplements
which nutrients protects organs? fat
if you drink soda excessively what mineral deficiency could you get over time? Iron
the mineral, calcium is best found in which food group? Milk and alternatives
in our food and nutrition class, what beverage did we learn could cause a deficiency of essential nutrients? soda

Healthy Life Crossword


Regular physical activity that burns calories and builds muscle is called? exercise
The word that means you decrease or limit the amount of time spent on doing an activity. Reduce
When something appears larger, smaller or different than what it actually is than it appears __________. distorted
They are more than just vitamins and minerals. They're packed with fiber. Vegetables
Which meal is most important for kick-starting your metabolism? Breakfast
What nutrients biggest job is to build, repair, and maintain body organs? protein
Which nutrient is the major source of energy for your body? Carbohydrates
What nutrient acts as an insulator and supports important body organs? Fats
What is essential for your body, but not a nutrient? water
___________ are a unit of measurement of energy. calories
_______ provides roughage to your diet. fiber
_________ help to keep you healthy and help your body to grow and develop. minerals
Fats, Carbohydrates, and protein are the three major? Nutrients

Chapter 2: Principles of Ecology Crossword


scientific study of all the interrelationships between organisms and their environment ecology
relatively thin layer of Earth and its atmosphere that supports life biosphere
any living factor in an organism's environment biotic
large group of ecosystems that share the same climate and have similar types of communities biome
any nonliving factor in an organism's environment, such as soil, water temperature,and light availability abiotic
group of organisms of the same species that occupy the same geographic place at the same time population
biological community and all the nonliving factors that affect it ecosystem
physical area in which an organism lives habitat
organism that captures energy from sunlight or inorganic substances to produce its own food autotroph
exchange of matter through the biosphere involving living organisms, chemical processes, and geological processes biogeochemical
total mass of living matter at each trophic level boimass
heterotroph that preys on other heterotrophs carnivore
symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits and the other organism is neither helped nor harmed commensalism
process in which fixed nitrogen compounds are converted back into nitrogen gas and returned to the atmosphere denitrification
heterotroph that decomposes organic material and returns the nutrients to soil. air . and water, making the nutrients available to other organisms detritivore
simplified model that shows a single path for energy flow through an ecosystem food chain
model that shows many interconnected food chains and pathways in which energy and matter flow through an ecosystem food web
heterotroph that eats only plants herbivore
organism that cannot make its own food and gets its nutrients and energy requirements by feeding on other organisms heterotroph
anything that takes up space and has mass matter
symbiotic relationship in which both organisms benefit mutualism
role, or position, of an organism in its environment niche
process in which nitrogen gas is captured and converted into a form plants can use nitrogen fixation
chemical substance that living organisms obtain from the environmentto carry out li nutrient
chemical substance that living organisms obtain from the environment to carry out life processes and sustain life nutrient
heterotroph that consumes both plants and animals omnivore
symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits at the expense of another organism parasitism

Macronutrients Crossword


This makes you poop Fiber
Forgotten nutrient water
You get this from red meat Proteins
Whole grain products and vegetables are sources of this Insoluble fiber
One of the three nutrients used as energy sources fats
Teeth and bones contain the most of this calcium
this unit is used as a measure of the energy released by food as it is digested by the human body Calories
A type of food required in large amounts in the human diet Macronutrients
This is measured using calories Energy
Fats or fatty acids that are liquid at room temperature Unsaturated fats
A metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilogram Grams
A simple carbohydrate hat makes things sweet Sugar
This can come in a simple or complex form Carbohydrates
A substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life Nutrient
The process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth Nutrition
Calories derived from food with no nutrients Empty calories
Identifies the proportion of nutrients in food Nutrient density
Lack of proper nutrition Malnutrition
A simple sugar that is an important energy source in living organisms and is a component of many carbohydrates Glucose
This is made of just one or two sugar molecules Simple carbohydrates
The process of increasing in physical size Growth

Food and Nutrition Crossword


The starches and sugars present in foods which are made up of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, which are used to store energy for the body. Carbohydrates
An indigestible complex carbohydrate that is found in the tough, stringy parts of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Fiber
The amount of energy required by the body to maintain minimum essential life functions. Basal Metabolic Rate
Nutrients that help build and maintain body cells and tissues which are made of long chains of molecules called amino acids. Proteins
Substances in food that your body needs to grow, to repair itself, and to supply you with energy. Nutrients
A fatty substance that does not dissolve in water. lipid
Units of heat that measure the energy used by the body and the energy that foods supply to the body. Calories
The long stiff fibers that make up the walls of plant cells which are made of long chains of glucose (sugar) molecules linked together. Cellulose
The kinds and amounts of food and drinks a person usually consumes (eats & drinks). Diet
The total of all the chemical reactions an organism needs to survive. The process of chemical digestion and its related reactions. Metabolism
The Nutrition Label helps you determine the amount of calories and nutrients in one serving of food. Nutrition Label
Special carbohydrates that are found in foods like rice, wheat, corn, potatoes, and peas. Starches
Specific chemical compounds which are the building blocks of proteins. Amino Acids
When the amount of calories you consume is EQUAL to the amount of energy calories your body uses during activity during a day. Energy Balance