When a patient wants to talk about activating Power of Attorney paperworks, We call ______ ________.
Care Management
When our shredder is full, we call ______ _______ to come help empty the box for us.
Enviornmental Services
who do you call if you need a new badge?
Who scans in patient's Health care power of attorney document? _______.
Medical Records
_____________ always come first.
Our ________ walks our registered patients to their appointment around the hospital.
BSP, Medic Clinic, and Access Community is all _____ ______ coverage.
Charity Care
Z34.90 is the diagnosis code for what kind of patient's Pre-admission created? ________
OB Birth Suites
SSU is short for ______ ______ ______
Short Stay Unit
Which module in EPIC does Registration utlize?
Prelude or ADT
Who helps patient aquire insurance benefits?
Financial Counselors
MA is short for?
Medical Assistance
_____ _____ is where you verify all insurance coverage on patient's account
Response History

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