Animal Kingdom Crossword

the largest group of invertebrates that have an exoskelton
invertebrates that live in damp places on land and breathe using either gills or lungs
invertebrates that have an exoskeleton and tube feet
invertebrates that have long, tube-like bodies that are divided into segments
invertebrates that live attached to a surface and has small holes in their bodies to filter water
skeleton is external
animal's with no backbone
endothermic vertebrates that have fur or hair and produce milk for their offspring
endothermic vertebrates that have a beak, two legs, and two wings
ectothermic vertebrates that live in or near water and have scales
ectothermic vertebrates that a can breathe their skin when they are in the water
vertebrates that live in the water and filter oxygen from the water through their gills
body temperature says about the same regardless of the temperature of their environment
body temperature that is close to that of their environment
skeleton is inside their bodies
animal with a backbone
made up of more than one cell

Vertebrates and Invertebrates Crossword

Vertebrates and Invertebrates Crossword

vertebrates like us
they produce milk for their young
both vertebrates and invertebrates need to breath in this gas
The phylum that includes insects and crustaceans
These animals fly, and belong to the class Aves.
Fish use these to extract oxygen from water.
An animal that takes on the temperature of its surroundings.
These animals have no backbones.
Used by land animals to extract oxygen from the air.
An animal that has a backbone.
Insects possess this type of skeleton.
Humans and other vertebrates possess this type of skeleton.
Frogs, toads, and salamanders
The skin of a fish is made of these.
The skin of mammals is covered by__________.
Able to maintain a constant body temperature.
invertebrate with 8 legs
invertebrate with six legs
Body symmetry equal on both sides
Symmetry in which body radiates out from a central hub

Animal world Crossword

Animal world Crossword

animals without backbone
animals with backbone or spine
animals those live on land and in water
animals that give birth to babies
animals live in water and has gills to breathe
animals that have scaly skin and lay eggs
animals those have wings and lay eggs
animals which have skeleton inside their body
animals which have hard shell covering outside their body
animals which can change their body temperature as the temperature changes outside
animals which can not change their body temperature

Animal Adaptations Review Crossword

Animal Adaptations Review Crossword

All living things have the ability to respond to _____________.
A __________ makes its own food.
____________ and ______________ make up the scientific name.
_______________ level of classification contains the smallest number of organisms.
About 97% of animals are ______________ they do not have a backbone
_________________ animals have a body temp. that is controlled by their environment.
__________________ have a body temp that is controlled internally.
Horns, antlers, and claws are structures for ______________
When an animal looks like another animal or plant.
________________ is a response to an increase in a mammals body temp.
A Canadian goose relocting in the winter is an example of this.
_____________________ is a response in which animals lose skin or fur.
_____________________ is a response that allows water to evaporate from an animals mouth and lungs.
During ______________________ an animals body system use much less energy.
__________________ or physical adaptations are body parts that allow an animal to survive in its environment.
______________________ adaptations are actions that allow an animal to survive in its environment

Vertebrates/ Invertebrates Word Search

Vertebrates/ Invertebrates Word Search
Word Search

produce milk
warm blooded
cold blooded
lay eggs

Animal Classification Crossword Puzzle

Animal Classification Crossword Puzzle

This animal classification lives in the water and lays eggs.
This animal classification has live birth.
This animal classification has eggs but can fly.
This type of animal classification can live on land and water.
This types of animal classification lays eggs and has scales.
This animal lives in the water but is a mammal.
An animal that is a vertebrate has this.
This type of animal classification does not have a backbone.
This is the largest group of invertebrates.
This is another name for the reptile frog.
Elephants, dogs, cats, and dolphins all have _______ birth.
Female mammals can give this to their babies.
This is another type of invertebrates.
This animal is an invertebrate and has 8 tentacles.
All mammals have this on their bodies. (Hint: You have it too!)
Mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles are all this type of classification.

Animal Kingdom Crossword

Animal Kingdom Crossword

To move at regular times of the year from one region to another for food, mating, or warmer temperature.
Having a body temperature that stays the same in both hot and cold weather.
Animals without backbones
An animal on or in which a parasite lives
Animals with backbones
A body part that sticks out.
Organs that allow fish to get oxygen.
Having a body temperature that changes with the temperature of the environment
An organism that lives on or in another organism
An animal with a shell, jointed appendages, and a body divided into segments.
Animals that have hair on their bodies and give birth to live young.
An organism that lives part of its life in water and part on land.

Animal Classification Crossword

Animal Classification Crossword

gives live birth and has fur
has damp skin
no backbone
uses gills to breathe
has wings and feathers
smallest classification group
cold blooded and lives on land
jointed legs
flying to a warmer or cooler climate
resting in the winter
largest classification system

Invertebrates Terms Crossword

Invertebrates Terms Crossword

In aquatic animals, this structure allows fish to breathe
animal with no backbone
organism with more than one cell. The cells work together
skeleton on the interior of the organisms body
skeleton on the exterior of the body
basic need of all living things
flattened organism with a digestive system and only one opening
Round, cylinder body with two openings
animal with joints on their appendages and legs and a jointed exoskeleton
An organism that filters the water for food; Think Patrick's best friend
organism that lives in or on another organism
animal with a soft body and no skeleton
the action or process of regenerating or being regenerated, in particular the formation of new animal tissue
cnidarians have stinging cells called _______________.
heart that circulates blood that forms a closed loop
when the end of an organism contains all nerve tissues and sensory organs
nearer the front, especially situated in the front of the body or nearer to the head
irregular in shape; containing no symmetry
body cavity that contains organs
relating to the upper side or back of an animal or organ
appendage that makes some invertebrates mobile
organism can be split into two equal halves and no more
___________ is a carbohydrate that forms part of the exoskeleton of arthropods.
body part of crustaceans made of the head and thorax
half of the crushing organ in an arthropod's mouthparts
an outer or enclosing layer of tissue
what happens between the caterpillar and butterfly stage
shedding an old shell, to make way for a new growth.
nerve cells are linked to one another in a web
a cartilaginous skeletal rod supporting the body in invertebrates
further back in position; of or nearer the rear or hind end
body plan where all parts are centered around a circular axis
back part of the body of an arthropod; part of an insect's body behind the thorax
the major cord of nerve fibers running the length of an animal's body
false body cavity
arachnid with 8 legs
these never go away in the summer; are considered a nuisance
tube where invertebrates get rid of waste
both digestive and circulatory cavity
a marine echinoderm with five or more radiating arms

Animal kingdom Crossword

Animal kingdom Crossword

A group that includes hydras and jellyfishes
Vertebrate that is warm blooded, has hair, a 4 chambered heart and gives milk to their young
A vertebrate that lives in water as a larva & on land as an adult
Every animal must do this to survive
An aquatic vertebrate with paired fins, scales and gills
Worms with segmented bodies
A vertebrate that has dry, scaly skin, lungs and lays eggs
Soft, flattened worms that have tissues and internal organ systems
Egg laying mammals are in this group
Warm blooded vertebrates with wings
Warm blooded vertebrates with wings, feathers and lay eggs
This group includes insects, crabs, centipedes and spiders
Unsegmented worms that have pseudocoeloms and digestive systems with 2 openings (anus and mouth)
Humans are this genus and species
Animals that have no backbone or vertebral column
A kangaroo is a ________ mammal
These animals are in the Phylum Porifera
Soft bodies animals that usually have an internal or external shell

Invertebrates Crossword

Invertebrates Crossword

Small insect, lives in colonies underground.
Small flying insect that can sting, carries pollen
An insect who has two front wings that are hard and protect the insect.
Has wings with colors and designs, eats nectar.
Kills cicadas
Males make a loud shrill droning noise by vibrating two membranes on its abdomen.
a marine bivalve mollusk with shells of equal size
a hard stony substance secreted by certain marine coelenterates as an external skeleton, typically forming large reefs in warm seas
Found in the ocean, has two pinchers.
Small insect that hops, it chirps at night.
has slender many-jointed antennae and a pair of cerci resembling forceps at the end of the body
breathe through their tube feet
Skeleton on the outside of an organism
Bites dogs and makes them itch
Small flying insect
Lives in the grass, hops, and can fly.
a crab with a soft asymmetrical abdomen that lives in a castoff mollusk shell for protection.
Aggressive insect who's hive looks like its made of paper.
Animals that do not have bones or internal skeletons.
Small insect that is red and that has dots over it, it looks like a half circle.
Lives in ocean, has five pairs of arms and first set in pincers.
Soft bodied invertebrates with a thick muscular foot for movement.
the periodic shedding of an old exoskeleton
An insect that drinks blood and carries malaria.
nocturnal insect related to the butterflies, and wings that fold flat when resting.
Long slender body, hands look like they are praying
a crab that lives on or burrows in sand
a sedentary marine coelenterate with a columnar body that bears a ring of stinging tentacles around the mouth.
an echinoderm that has a thick, wormlike body with tentacles around the mouth. They typically have rows of tube feet along the body and breathe by means of a respiratory tree.
long tube-like body with many sections
A mollusk with a single spiral shell into which the whole body can be withdrawn.
Has eight legs, makes a web
simplest invertebrate
Found in ocean, has ten arms, can change color.
Found in Ocean, shaped like star.
A bug that smells
Eats and lives in wood.
An aggressive insect that can sting you many times.
Small sea creature eaten by people.
A bug that looks like a stick.