What is the name of the pharmacy documentation system within Epic?
Who's job is it to prevent falls in the hospital?
What is the name of the standardized tool used by Nursing & Therapy Services to assess patients' mobility?
Boston AM-PAC
Utilizing benchmarking data, what is the amount of money projected to be saved by optimizing utilization, preparation and delivery of several high-cost medications within the pharmacy department?
>2.5 Million dollars
What HIGH PRESSURE quality outcome does nursing staff tackle with the Skin Care Champion Team?
How far apart are the "footprint" stickers on each unit (used for Project Walk)?
25 feet
What is an ADE? *hint* Pharmacy related
Adverse Drug Event
What is it called when a safety event does not reach a patient?
Near Miss
A 1% increase in Hand Hygiene compliance decreases acquisition of ____ by 4.4%.
A 1% increase in Hand Hygiene decreases aquisition of C.difficile by ____%
Amount of cost-avoidance attributed to HAPU prevention program since implementation in 2013: ________
8.4 million