________ ________ was implemented resulting in a new practice environment that promotes efficiency and autonomy while increasing patient satisfaction and decreasing LOS
Split Flow
The Maternal Child Health Action Plan was developed to decrease adverse __________ outcomes related to nursing management of labor patients
In an effort to decrease 1:1 observation rates at UMCP, Christiano advocated for the hiring of a ___________ ___________ APN to manage 1:1 observation assignments
Behavioral Health
When clinical nurses reported the patient safety concern of _____________________ equipment, new defibrillators were purchased.
One intervention implemented to reduce CLABSI's organizationally was the implementation of a set central line ______________ change day
______-______________ call back's were implemented in peri-operative services to increase patient satisfaction scores
post discharge
Following a ___________ attack, leadership responded to staff concerns by adding a security officer to the ED lobby from 4pm through 5am.
Karyn Book responded to unplanned change when a patient with potential __________ virus disease presented to the LD unit by promptly implementing strategies to guide nurses on the LD unit
The tier 3 per diem program was initiated to help meet the organizations ______________ staffing needs
Additional CISCO phones were purchased and ___________ to all areas that use the wireless phone system to address the lack of phones and its impact on communication
The RN Staffing Committee advocated and implemented the Volunteer Secretary Program to allow for nurses and other licensed caregivers to provide ____________ patient care.
To meet community needs, nurse leader Jennifer Hollander successfully guided nurses through the __________ change of receiving a license for intensive care bassinets in the NICU
Leadership development is supported through mentoring activities, ___________________ planning programs and performance management processes
Clinical nurses on the ACE unit increased patient satisfaction by moving from hourly rounding to ________________ rounding
Clinical nurses used trended data based on projected births to advocate for _______________ FTE RN positions