Puzzles and worksheets similar to Vo-cab words Crossword

Toilet crossword


when a mama and dada go there own " " ways
i am busy in the toilet
it is " " when someone sees me in toilet
be great full that you didn't see me in toilet
i found something precious in the sink
later that day in the toilet
i could take care of a toilet
different sources
an argument about a toilet
i got so much " " in my head
NEeeeeded to BEeee Donnneeee

1 Samuel 1-14 Crossword


I hunted my fathers donkeys in this mountain region
For the Lord will not ______ His people 1Samuel 12:22
I judged Israel all the days of my life
I cried out to the Lord and He answered my prayer
We have military and financial control over our area
The Lord came to my house, I fell on my face before the Lord and was broken up
I am king what tribe of Israel am I from
A flask of this was used to anoint the king
I am the king's son
Israel became this to the Philistines
Jonathan ate this in the forest
How often did Elkanah go to worship and sacrifice
Eli's sons are described as ...
Samuel ministered to the Lord wearing this
I am commander of King Saul's army
My name means "the glory has departed from Israel"
The Lord of Hosts
King Saul always took this kind of man for himself
What body part of Eli was broken
What kind of priest did the Lord say He would raise up



Where do I wash my body?
I need to sleep. Where do I do this?
What is the light called on my desk?
What do I use when I am online playing a game with my friends?
Where in the kitchen do we store milk?
Where do I sit when I study or write a letter?
Where do I release excess fluids from my body?
What do I use to unlock my front door to our house?
Where do I keep all my story books?
What device is used to tell the time of day?

About me Crossword


The thing I wanted to be when I grow up in Grade 1
My first crush at Reddford
Then name I said was my 'middle name' when I was younger
My BTS bias
Which place did we go to to watch a movie?
Who did I have a crush on the longest
What is my favorite colour
When did I stop doing swimming lessons?
What can I sometimes be afraid of?
What is the third language I am learning?

Ancient Egypt Crossword


The name of the King of Ancient Egypt
I am the location of three pyramids
These images form the written word of Ancient Egypt
This famed beauty was the last Queen of Ancient Egypt
My black or green skin suits my role as the god of the underworld. Who am I?
I travel through the sky during the day as the sun. Who am I?
I am the mother of the eternal king. Who am I?
This sea borders Egypt to the North
This is the number of dynasties throughout Egyptian history
The process of preparing the King for burial

verb Be Crossword


How old...........you?
I.........ten years old
My name.......Tom
This.........an apple
That.........a pencil
It...........a book
There............a chair

Who <3's/ will miss Carly most! Crossword

Who <3's/ will miss  Carly most!  Crossword

What is my Zodiac sign?
Last name of the famous Carly I was named after?
Which restaurant did I get so full at, I had to step outside? (classic)
Color of my eyes?
Favorite musical artist?
Name of my childhood Orthodontist?
City I was born in?
Who did I play in the Classic Christmas Spaghetti Dinner Play for St. Jude's Church Choir?
What did I collect as a SUPER YOUNG kid?
College I graduated from?
Fill in the blank, once at age 3, I once threw up on a Disney ___? (my dad was proud)
What is the origin of my last name?
City I'm moving to in Florida?

Drama Skills Crossword


What is the term for the way someone walks?
What is the term for using the space to show relationships?
How would I use my face to show emotions?
What's a Vocal Skill that shows the audience where I am from?
In vocal skills, what is high and low?
What can I use to make sure all of my cast members are seen?
What is one way to make an actor think more about their character?
What could be used to show the audience a key moment?
What is the term for how straight your back is?
What is the term for a hand movement?

Unit 1-6 word search Crossword


Everyone looks _________________ from way up here.
There were _________________ kinds of soups in the soup kitchen.
It was a ________, but it sounded real.
I had a _____________ of every bodies name.
I ____________ the work because it seems impossible. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
Why did we _________ the game? Now it is moved next month.
Joe had to _______ his answer to make it sound more clear and concise.
That ad was _______________ because that food in the ad tasted bad.
I _______________ my items to my new home. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
It was _______________ to me that my brother stole the cookies.
I ___________ the fact that I was a spy. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
You ______________ me when you said you didn't take the cheese. (Hint: add a suffix at the end)
I like to _______ after school to chat with my friends.
The Atlantic Ocean is _______ compared to the island.
The ____________ ruler ruled all of north star.

New Hope Thanksgiving 2021 Crossword


Something weird about me is that I don't wash my belly button.
My favorite hobby is to ride horses.
My dream date would be to stargaze and have a picnic.
My favorite candy is a whatchamacallit.
My favorite holiday is Christmas.
My Zodiac sign is a Cancer.
My favorite music is pop.
My hidden talent is that I am very good at gymnastics.
My favorite food is Peanut Butter.
My dream job is to be a Nurse.
My favorite season is Winter.
My favorite animal is a dog.
My favorite band is Citizen Soldiers.
My favorite drink is Mnt. Dew.
My favorite store is 5 Below.
My dream vacation would be to go to Hawaii.
My hidden talent is that I can grab things with my toes.
My favorite color is Teal.
My Zodiac sign is a Libra.
My favorite color is Pink.
I like all music.
My favorite fast food is Culvers.
My favorite color is orange.
My Chinese Zodiac is a Rat.