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Hamlet Crossword

Hamlet  Crossword

Ophelia's brother
It is commonly considered to be one of Shakespeare’s greatest works.
Hamlet is the prince of which country?
It appears to Marcellus, Bernardo, Horatio and Hamlet in Act 1.
During Shakespeare’s time it was believed that ghosts or other spirits could take on any shape they chose for their own...
Hamlet needs to confirm the ghost true identity before he can act on his...
Hamlet's uncle
Hamlet's mother
Hamlet's relationship with Claudius.
Hamlet is very upset that his mom has...
It seems to have taken place before Hamlet arrived from Wittenberg. .
Hamlet's best friend.
Prince of Norway
Secretary of State and Laertes and Ophelia's father.
Another word for crazy.
One of Hamlet's former friends from Wittenberg.
One of the many themes to be encountered in the play.
In Shakespeare’s time, insanity was viewed as a ____ for sins committed.
The physical desire that a son may feel for his mother.
When the audience experience the pity, sympathy, fear, and horror the characters feel.
Something that is historically out of place.

Hamlet Crossword Puzzle

Hamlet Crossword Puzzle

Who kills King Hamlet?
The ______ tells hamlet who killed his father
What is Hamlets mothers name?
Who is Hamlets best friend?
Who was considered the “Yes Man”
Ophelia dies by ______
Who does the ghost appear to look like?
Where does the story take place?
______ kills polonius thinking it was Claudius
Who also wants revenge for their fathers death?
Who does Hamlet recommend to the throne?
Ha leg holds off on killing Claudius because Claudius was ______
The death of her ______ makes Ophelia crazy
Who speaks the first line of the play?
Hamlet and Laertes fight in Ophelia’s ______
Hamlet thinks the play “The Murder of Gonzago” will prove that Claudius is ________
In the beginning of the play, Marcellus states, “something is ______ in the state of Denmark”
Hamlet discovers _______’s skull in the churchyard
Claudius kills King Hamlet by putting poison in his ____
Rosencrantz and _________ escort Hamlet to England

Hamlet Review Activity Crossword

Hamlet Review Activity  Crossword

Where did Hamlet are Horatio go to college?
Where does Hamlet say Ophelia should go?
Who saves Hamlet's life?
What does Hamlet call Polonius?
How much time has passed since King Hamlet died and Queen Gertrude remarried?
Which character cannot see the ghost?
Who poses a military threat to King Claudius in the beginning of the play?
Who says the following: “Madness in great ones must not unwatch’d go.”
Who tells Hamlet that Laertes has challenged him to a duel?
Laertes ask Claudius for permission to return where?
What other Shakespearean play is mentioned in Act I of Hamlet?
Hamlet asks what friend to help him watch the king during the play?
Ophelia imagines herself distributing herbs and flowers after her fathers death. Which flower symbolized deceitfulness and false hood?
Who dies as a result of drinking from Hamlet's cup?
While philosophizing about the shortness of life, who does Hamlet hold up the skull of?
At the end of the play, who will be the new king of Denmark?
Who says, "Neither a borrower or a lender be"?
Who is the last character to die in the play?
Who speaks the final line in the play?
Who killed Fortinbras father?
Ophelia agrees to obey her father in terms of seeing Hamlet. True or False?
Who does Hamlet assume is hiding behind the curtain?
Laertes blames Hamlet for the death of his father. True or false?
Who does the messenger say the people want as their king?
Hamlet and _______ argue in regards to who loves Ophelia more
Gertrude realizes she has been poisoned. True or false.
Where does Claudius plan to send Hamlet?
With whom does Claudius employ his plot to make sure that Hamlet is murder?
Where does Hamlet sarcastically tell Ophelia to go?
What does Hamlet tell Horatio may be worse than death?

hamlet Crossword

hamlet Crossword

who is hamlets mom
who is ophelia's lover
who did Rosencrantz and Guildenstern help find more information about hamlets madness
who did hamlet kill on accident ( thought that the person was king cladius)
What was hamlet the prince of ?
who is Yorick?
hamlets bestfriend?
ophelias brother?
what is osric ?
who is the ambassador to the king of Norway?
Norwegian prince

Hamlet Act IV Crossword

Hamlet Act IV Crossword

Hamlet calls Rosencrantz a _______, when accusing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of being spies.
What country is Prince Fortinbras on his way to invade?
What country does Claudius send Hamlet to?
How does Ophelia die?
Who is leading the army from Denmark?
Who informs Claudius that Polonius has died?
Who captures Hamlets ship?
Where is Laertes returning from?
In an attempt to seek revenge, Claudius and Laertes plan to tempt Hamlet into a _______.
Who initially receives the letter from Hamlet?
Who does Laertes initially blame for the murder of Polonius?
What does Laertes "mob" call him?
Who dies at the end of this act?
When asked where Polonius' body is, Hamlet cleverly answers by saying he is being eaten by the _________
What is Ophelia holding when she enters the castle?

Hamlet Crossword

Hamlet  Crossword

Who was the ghost ?
he summoned hamlet to the duel
how did gertrude die
claudious tried to use this country as the most over the top murder weapon
one of the solders who summoned horatio
a apple a day keeps the princes friends away
trending thing to do
is vengence usually part of inherentance?
how did ophilia die
Ophelia, Fortinbras, and Laertes can be seen as what to Hamlet.
Who is Horatio?
Hamlet forges a letter to England telling England to kill
name of the castle
how does Hamlet come back into Denmark
who drinks the poison wine first?
Who does Claudius have spy on Hamlet?
Who does Polonius have spy on Laertes?
Country where Claudius presides
What country does Fortinbras' uncle tell him to fight in lieu of Denmark?

Hamlet Crossword

Hamlet Crossword

who is hamlets lover?
who is yorick?
hamlet is the king of?
who did hamlet kill on accedent?
who is hamlets mom?
who did claudius kill?
how did gertrude die?
who is hamlets bestfriend ?
who is the son of polonius?
who is the norwegian prince?
who helped the queen and claudius
who was sent by claudius to deliver news to the "impotent and bed-rid"
who is gertrude married to?
who made jokes about ophelias death?
who told hamlet to kill claudius?
where is the ghost of hamlet at?
how did gerturde feel after hamlet confronted her?
how did claudius and laertes plan on killing hamlet ?
a Friend of cladius , with the same kind of money?
how did ophelia die?

Hamlet Crossword

Hamlet  Crossword

Who does Hamlet fondly remember while looking at his skull?
Who was sent to spy on Laertes in Paris?
Where was Old Hamlet poisoned from?
What town is Hamlet from?
What was the ghost wearing?
Who accidentally drinks poison?
What play did Polonius part of in his past?
What was Hamlet contemplating when he said "To be or not to Be"?
How did Hamlet escape from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
In what scene of act 3 does Polonius die?
Where does Hamlet say Ophelia should go?
Who orders the play to stop?
How is Claudius related to Hamlet?
Where is Claudius that makes Hamlet not kill him?
What does Fortinbras seek to gain from the war?
How does Ophelia die?
What does Hamlet say he will not speak to his mother before they meet in the closet?
What does Hamlet compare Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to?
How old is Hamlet?
What did everyone think plagued Hamlet after his father’s death?
Who does Hamlet leave the kingdom to when he dies?
What does Laertes challenge Hamlet to?

Act 4 - Hamlet Crossword

Act 4 - Hamlet Crossword

Tells Claudius of Polonius' death
Where Claudius wants to send Hamlet
Not Rosencrantz but _______
Claudius sends the King of England a letter with instructions to ____ Hamlet
Hamlet compares himself to
Ophelia shows her madness by ______
Overwhelmed with grief
Dies by drowning
Sailors bring letters to Hamlet, the King, and
Escapes a ship
The way Laertes wants to kill Hamlet
Plan B to kill Hamlet is poisoned ______
What Laertes will put on his sword
Plots with Laertes against Hamlet

Hamlet Crossword

Hamlet  Crossword

Hamlets Father
Ophelia's Brother
Killed By Hamlet
Drowned In The Water
Hamlets Mother
One Of Hamlets Buddies
Uncle/Stepfather To Hamlet
The Scholar
Wanted To Reclaim His Fathers Land
Watched Over Hamlet
Instructed To Observe Laertes In Paris
"To Talk To The Audience"
Sent Hamlet Here For His "Safety"
Name Of The Play
Hamlets School
One Of The Officers
Seen The Ghost While On Duty
Author Of Hamlet
Name Of The Castle
Used To Kill King Hamlet